The Hunter Debacle



Written Mar. 30 11:59 pm EST


   As the case of the lap tops has become much clearer within the media. You have only been told the contents are real, but nothing really has been revealed. Yes, Biden does not discuss the business dealings with his son Hunter, as he does not need to know if questioned. What about the photo ops? He was told to pose and be friendly, for Hunter it solidified his influence over his father for those in the picture or gathered in the room. Yet he has complete deniability by design. Second, the laptops were a plant and meant to be found. This may come as a surprise, but it is a brilliant move by the Biden Family.

   All can assume Hunter received money for access to the Big Guy and is not Obama the only one over Joe. Again Joe wears an invisible KKK hood, nothing for Barack. What was done different here, was that Biden is still in office and the family could not create a charitable slush fund like the Clintons did.

   So Ukraine, Moscow and China and other nations created phony jobs and Hunter labeled themselves as consultants that Biden’s son and brother would oversee these same countries and you the public would focus on those funds if ever caught. What about Trump asking Putin for proof on Biden? What about Biden calling Putin a Butcher when his son got paid by Putin through the proxy wife of mayor of Moscow? It is a game, but you refuse to realize this.

   I told you, both Putin and Biden who are on opposite sides, answers to the same one. Did not the Bank of England fund the German Bundesbank controlled by Jews that funded the Nazis in WW2, check it. The world was in a depression, but Germany who had to pay war reparations, built a formidable army. How? Only you the general public is in the dark with your hopes and dreams.

   The plan was to allow financial totals to be leaked to the media and you ask why. Again if there was a political downside, Biden can claim no connection and the public would look to go after the funds admitted. This is the key. While Hunter would still communicate favorable actions towards nations through a proxy Biden advisor, as if it was coming from his internal staff and not from his son. This was and still is the plan. Biden can say, my advisors gave me that idea, which would be true, only that they were conveying Hunter wishes for those who paid him by proxy. This is the deceit of your leaders.

   What was on the laptops was by design, mostly embarrassing. If treasonous they would have been revealed by the FBI. Sensitive parts would have been erased and the most compromising details never to be seen. You were meant to find them by design, as you just focus on just that. The Bidens have amassed billions in offshore accounts as VP and now even more as president. This is why Macron and Germany’s leaders all forged there own side deals. All kept secret by banks controlled by the new world order and this is your problem. You were told Putin was using the Ukraine war as a test to hone his skills. This is true. When WW3 really starts many months from now, it will include China, your world will change forever.

   The media needs to focus on the end game, instead of your focus on so many side issues. You can go after Hunter, but you will not touch Joe. Hunter will be pardoned along with Biden‘s brother in the name of a Republican witch hunt. Not one you is going to take that chance. The goal is to destroy this nation and place it under the control of the new world order, focus on that.

   The media showed you Biden by design reading cue cards. Who does that? Your leaders are made to look weak by design, even though Biden is. You were told his cognitive abilities were taken by the Almighty. This is a fact. Harris will suffer many embarrassments, as she nor Pelosi will lead this nation. Who ever is put in charge will answer to the new world order, no matter what the people of this nation say or how they vote. Heed this.

Quick Answers: You asked who is feeding Biden his agenda, it is Blinken who answers to another. Where do I get my telepathic information? The Almighty, you can ask Him if you dare.


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