Hurricane Patricia




Written Oct 25


   This is a simple reminder of what is in place with the media. Most of you who are aware of events to come, were surprised with not the intensity of Hurricane Patricia upper level winds sustained measured at 235 mph, but the way the media downplayed this 200 mph event as no big deal. Super Typhoon Soudelor was the fifth for the year in the western Pacific basin where sustained winds are equal to or over 150mph, although Patricia was in the eastern basin. Category 5 storms were rare and now common place. Global warming is not selective to certain areas as these storms are now expanding to the eastern Pacific and soon the Gulf and Atlantic basins were fear will be the dictate of US coastlines. No need to think a new weather trend is evolving on earth, these are extreme events. This is being conveyed to the public by the media. Their job is now to report on the changes in moderation instead of suppression, but allow events to be seen as an extreme event.

   You see the changes, yet so few of you connect the dots as the governments of this world in collusion are down grading the Richter scale and deleting earthquakes especially where they are swarming. Only when the signs in the skies or shortly before make it obvious that there is something in the inner solar system that will affect the survival of billions people on the line will you be told. Scientists have an approximate date on when Niribu will present in the skies and they are also tracking the debris field. Timing of an announcement to the last moment is the present choice. Unless there is a curve and then they will react as surprised when they knew all along. You the common man are expendable. They will present the experts, but all still in the dark ages of science since planetary motion, orbits and the laws of gravity will be rewritten and you want to listen to them. They are lying to you. Control is their goal. Control of the common man is their focus, who for once should think for themselves, but you won’t as you think the government has the key to your survival. Women do not be fooled as you are coerced into moving away from family. Once in place those with power will hook up with younger woman and you will be given a choice put up with it or leave. You should leave.

   As the islands in the Caribbean sink and the Gulf and Southeastern coasts get slammed with constant storms and coastal property value sink only to become uninsurable only then when your pocket hurts will you listen, by then it will be too late. Please examine the trends.

   In America the quake swarms are growing in Alaska, Puerto Rico and the San Francisco metro area, beware. Remember when it starts, it will happen quickly and the rich will pull their support in bonds, currencies, stocks and coastal real estate, then locales in fault and flood zones. The warning of Niribu is being prevented except in the movies so they can divest themselves quietly and when the news breaks your 401 Ks will be almost worthless. It is all about the money.

 All of your leaders are in the know, all of them. Good luck as you put all of your trust through your voting process susceptible to fraud to support leaders with no back bone. They are actors. When, they have to face Putin backed by the dark one in war? When, they have to face earth changes that kill millions of Americans lives? When, they face the fact no one is coming because disasters are everywhere? Your leaders will cower. Do you trust anyone in the political field to make the right choice if or when missiles are launched twenty miles off the US coast?  No time to consult focus groups or their inept political advisors selected for support and money as opposed to intelligence? Yet this is what they do to garner your vote. Seconds will count and looking out there no one is qualified. It is time for another backed by the Almighty after the Warning brings you clarity in your life on earth.


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