The Illuminati Agenda

The Syrian Migrant Crisis



Written Sept 14


   When you deal with the Illuminati you have been look beyond the surface to a hidden agenda. First you must know their prime agenda for the local geo-political area and then work backwards to arrive at the Truth. You were told years ago Syria was the key to global conflict, but not one of you listened. Assad is a pawn who takes his orders from the Illuminati soon to be the new world order that has tentacles in all places on earth. Every country, every political system, every banking system and every public corporation of key worth is under their control by proxy. What do not still understand is that they control both sides which lead countries no matter how rich being brought to bankruptcy through war in the name of political justice, which is fabricated under false flag events. The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, the World Trade Center and you still have not learned.

   The goal of the Illuminati is to reduce the population of this world by 90 percent and destabilization of the European theatre is now in place. All major wars are planned by this group. All funding is provided to both sides from one source, although to the world they seem separate. Look behind the paper money and the string of corporations controlling strategic metals, gold, silver and diamonds all have proxy owners with interests that excise control as a important stock holder with a small but significant holdings again as a name means nothing, but to hide a monopoly. All of which points to the bank of England and the puppet master who controls the Federal Reserve of the United States for profit. Not one of those in Congress will audit the Fed or Fort Knox, if suggested they would be killed.

   The West has allowed Assad to slaughter his own people. Rather than remove him, they cower to the threats of the Russian military in place but tell the world lip service. The West has allowed millions to move towards Europe knowing that cannot the EU cannot absorb the population without a push back from their own citizens. The picture of a dead boy wash up was an opportunity to gain the sympathy of the world and it worked. To show you the prejudice of the world millions floated down a river in Africa and millions more died in the fields of Cambodia and the world look away. And now one boy changes the world? You are being set up.

   Thousands are drowned as migrant boats are sunk for profit. Hundreds of thousands have died and now one child changes the prospective of worldwide view? Oh, how so easy it is to manipulate the public through simple picture and media storm. Europe does not want the migrants so the manipulate border crossings and put up endless delays and then ask other countries to relieve them knowing millions are coming and the borders will be shut. Assimilation in rich Middle Eastern countries not addressed. Yet the media states they are welcomed.

   The ambient population has been told it is politically correct to welcome refugees as this seems temporary. The conflict by design is to move millions. Along with climate change, this is beyond what Europe can absorb. Who is going to pay for this humanitarian event as stock markets and economies are crushed simultaneously? Again all of this is by design as the public tax coffers are drained. The goal here is to create hate and discord within the general population towards the once was the welcome Syrians. This is the plan and as I see it, it is moving unhampered.

   The Illuminati has honed its skills over the centuries as politicians come and go. This is their power and the key. You know them as the secret government. Allow local events to develop and feed it from afar, and then through influence guide a path of the citizens in a direction as if they freely choose it. Time is your ally. In Syria the gas attacks killing thousands yet the source was not Assad, why?

   The world has been asked to take in millions of refugees at the sight of a dead child. The choice is to assimilate in Europe instead of the neighbors who need aid. Again under the guise of help for a nation of migrants in peril, it is the move that will destabilize the civilian structure of Europe with hate. This is their goal. This will lead to war as migrations overwhelm Europe and the borders close. The option when the EU and America reach the brink, force Assad out, but the Russians will respond, again by design. This will usher in WW3 as all look back as to the cause.

   Your solution is to allow Assad as he is a puppet and a coward to stay in power after leveling a military target with no casualties to glass with a short warning, but his ultimatum and state to the world in front of Putin, stop the abuse of his citizens and return the migrants. This is their home, not Europe and the wealth of the West is driving most instead of fighting for their freedom. This will hold the Russians in place and divert some migrants back to their own until the next plan shortly there after. You can save the world only if those that depend on you are first.

   This is only one of thousands of plans in the end times.


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