Illuminati Update

Global Conquest through Illegal Immigration and the Flow of Migrants

French Terror Attack



Written Nov 13

Updated Nov 15


   Many on this world take for granted their liberties and freedom, but this will shortly come to an abrupt end as witnessed in France. The sad part is that those you elected are part of the plan almost all discount as a conspiracy theory. This is why they exist, as few believe they do. Those that control the world, created the wealth disparity in South and Central America as they exploited nations for their natural wealth. Mexico & Venezuela has oil, Chile minerals like copper, Brazil has exotic woods, Central America has bananas and the list goes on. Those oppressed are in extreme poverty looked towards the United States as a land opportunity for their families. Corporate farms and menial jobs that no American would take was offered knowing babies would be born, taxes not paid as many jobs were off the books. This was ignored as profits for the rich came first and the impact on local and state governments would be the burden of the people, great plan. The problem as time moved on is a point would occur as the population rose to where this would affect this nation and resources causing a division. This is the plan.

   In the Middle East a designed war has uprooted millions and millions more from other countries seeking the wealth of the EU. Greed is driving the migration as the men that should be fighting for their nation runs like the cowards they are. Although you as the common man cannot comprehend a plan built upon from the dawn of time, watch as it unfolds.

   In the United States illegal immigration is seen as a real threat to those who built this nation. As they do not see assimilation, but change and this is the truth. So how can those who were exploited as low paid workers become accepted citizens of this nation?

   All illegals must register with the Dept of Immigration. By the way there are over 30 million illegals in the US, the number was down graded by design. Upon registration they will be allowed to stay and work in this nation under a work permit and they will wait their turn as those who are legal to become a citizen. Yes, this nation loves the cultural diversity, but all will be required to have a basic understanding in English both writing and speaking. You are agreeing to become part of this nation, not change it due to numbers. They will pay a large fine to replace unpaid taxes and off the books revenue lost to this nation in the quality of life. This is not an option.

   You say we have contributed to this nation and this is true. What you fail to say is you jumped the line. Your children have overwhelmed school systems and property taxes compromised. With no insurance in health and cars well among some, not all, you know the result. Those who employed you won. You won. The American people lost as the cost of cheap labor is over shadowed with far greater costs to society. Only if you do not register then you get evicted from this country. This is your only choice. Felons and traffickers have no choice.

   All those who see the window closing that continue to come across will not have amnesty once the law is considered and then passed. Thus this move will prevent the final rush. Those who hire and exploit illegals will be fined the difference between what they are paid, taxes and 10,000 per employee. This will increased by CPI plus Ĺ of the prime rate to compensate for inflation.

   America is not about separating families. America is not about offering refuge for those looking to improve their lives by squirting the law. America is not about hate against any immigrant who builds this country. America is about the law, put in place to absorb those who contribute that can be managed. Because you are escaping poverty does not give you the right to invade another country for personal gain. Again this is a choice of greed at the expense of those you hope to live with. A few hundred thousand was over looked now that it is several 10 of millions as the media lies and the cities suffer. We have heard 11 million for the last 30 years. All see the changes in your neighborhoods and it is time to face the truth.

   America is about offering an opportunity, but you pay your taxes and not skirt it with multiple families in a home with a fixed property tax for an average family in America, which overwhelms school, medical and transportation systems. This is why you Rubio and Cruz will never lead this nation as the truth never spoken in the media, but is simmering in the homes of America. Leadership includes responsibility for the actions of people that broke the law, no matter what the reason as the Cuba excuse died in the early sixties. In Russia or China, you the immigrants when caught would be shot. Any resource that you do not pay for is stealing for if the hospital saves your life how many of you when you make it pays the past due bill? Contribution is on all levels not the few you choose as this will divide this nation. This is what you need to understand.

   This country welcomes all, but because you are here gives you no right. So if you steal (theft of services) and donít get caught for years we have to respect this? Yes, you stole your position rather than go through the immigration process and waited your turn. Let one of you politicians now back an illegal. This is what the Illuminati wants a race war. This is slowly succeeding with Black America as they have ignored the warnings and you will be, shortly the next focus.

   In Europe events will quickly spiral downward as no nation will be able to absorb the flow of migrants who are being assisted. A flood where the native population becomes the minority and the culture of a nation of thousands or hundreds of years morphs under change of the unwanted. Quality of life declines and as the earth changes increase quickly there will be a fight over resources. Nations will divide as the ambient population forced to accept the migrant will drain critical resources and blood shed will encompass Europe as prophesized in Revelations. As nations fight internally the weakness will be exploited by the Bear. A cloud of darkness will fall upon Europe and in the ďchaosĒ the new world order will rise. This is the plan.

   Assad destroyed his opponents and their supportive population as the West stood by and watched for years. Only token efforts of support came from the US, while Israel planted poison gas to force a harder stance in America pointing the finger to Assad. The Illuminati allowed a situation to get worse as they took advantage of an opportunity created by inept leaders. This is their power. Millions are on the move towards Europe. What is funny is that Moslem would rather embrace the West, what does this say about the hatred. The few control the destiny of the many even in the Middle East.

   In America illegal immigration is just that against the laws of this nation as there is no spin. But America is compassionate and under stands by the needs those who came here and welcomes them for what ever reason, but there needs to be order and the realization that your move to circumvent the system cost America and their needs to be parity on both sides. You do not have rights, but you have American compassion as this is most important. The change for you the immigrant starts here and now for your politicians now have no choice, but to solve this were families are not divided and this nation can move forward as all follow the law.


Terror Attack in France


   Shock has hit the Western world, not with the public as people die everyday, but you in government and the media outside of the loop. Again I ask you to look below the surface of what you are told from official sources. There was no chatter or leads from buried moles as all are known. Weapons delivered in a country where none are allowed. They were not detected even with the sophisticated camera surveillance equipped with facial recognition. This attack was carried out by those in the new world order meant to destabilize country by country and its leaders inept. Fear and a population seeking safety will give up their rights willingly for a false safety and you were told this. The fingers of blame again will point to the Middle East, but it is a lie as any covert action points to a false source.

   What they will not tell you is that some of the dead attackers were the victims as they dressed them laid them out with weapons and the true attackers slipped out with the general public. The guns and bullets used to kill them are the same used by elite police force. The patsies tied to terror were left to die. They are laughing at you.

   You, the leaders of the world know I am telling the truth, but you can not admit this to the world. I understand this, but you see the pattern and most of you will fall with out a fight and some killed to make an example. Is this how you as a world leader want to go out? The Truth will be revealed and the world will know at the Warning, that few of you as leaders have no balls. This is the Truth and this is how you will be remembered. you are a Coward, who has betrayed the human race.


   Oh by the way, happy Friday the 13 as you worship with human child sacrifices to your dark leader, how pathetic, who will be allowed to conquer this earth to a point and then crushed. Illuminati, I will smile as you are destroyed by God the Father Almighty for the pain you have brought to this earth. You still can defect.  




   You the Illuminati in your arrogance have called for my death by any means. You have sealed your fate as you have made a decision aligning yourselves with the dark one and so you shall live with him in Hell. You will not touch me, but watch as you some of you die in accidents and cancer. Some of you will be taken off world as a slave, true karma. As many of you fall, I hope in your wisdom will have you choose another from the light. It is war between the light and the dark.

   The French leader speaks to the world as if he is in control of events that just crushed his nation. He will be ruthless. As I see it, the terrorists were ruthless as your citizens lie dead and as you say the attackers blew themselves up with no clue who did this. Citizens escape as the terrorists reload? Just how when it takes a few seconds to change clips or you imagine all were empty simultaneously? Secure the borders for drama, another extreme response when you say you have killed them. You secure your nation, but fail to secure the area around the stadium where your president was. Just who is in charge? You sound like the UK and Russia with the alleged terror attack on the plane crash. To the media this is BS. Enough of the lies, just tell the truth or are you so afraid of the Illuminati? You say many take credit, why not. As they hate the West and what is one more lie to make themselves be perceived greater than their resources. For if they did carry out this attack then you really need to worry. It is one thing to fall to the new world order as sellouts and another to the Arabs. By the way the death toll is greater than what is being reported as true carnage would incite fear, so under national security, the number has been reduced and the wounded omitted from the news as of 12:40 am 11/14 Eastern Standard Time.

   Some have asked why a metal band concert? The mercenaries hired for this job would blend right in with this tattooed young crowd as the explosions covered their trail and easily just walked out. Did they have help waiting as they exited? Yes, as they infiltrated the emergency workers. Should you patriotic members of the CIA and MI 6 worry? Yes, this is only the beginning.

   To the media, there comes a point to where you need to walk away instead of promoting the lies. No country allows a soccer game to go on when suicide bombers are in place. No terrorist conveniently carries his passport while trying to carry out a covert attack. No tragedy reports high numbers of causalities from inside sources only to dial them back as you are now told to suppress the true carnage. There was no chatter. There was no inside informant information. Yet there were weapons that some witnesses identified. There was 20 minutes of shooting close range with automatic weapons and grenades thrown. But the death toll fewer than 90? 4 attackers killing 1 a minute, lets be real. 1500 people in a sold out event and news that a little over a hundred rescued, what happened to the rest? Isis, where they not Sadaam's Republican Guard and now you see them as invincible? Who is the fool in global political events?

   Now questions, did the French government have insiders working for the new world order? Yes at the highest levels, but their president is under siege to conform and join a group that will eventually control the UK and EU.

   My voice is directed at you as it is your hands that this world can be changed. Our leaders are cowards as they only offer words; they know their families could be killed. People respect your opinion of the air, but in candor among friends make only small comments to plant the seed and not endanger your families. This is your task to save the world.


   More questions, as you the public ask, why the conspiracy angle when ISIS admits to carrying out this attack and a migrant Syrian passport was found? The leaders of your world have constantly used events whether staged or real to mold public opinion through the media and many of  shortly will realize that for centuries mankind was lied to promote a select group of super wealthy elites that now has a stranglehold on your world. Their combined wealth in the hundreds of trillions is off the books.  They control your banking systems, many of your leaders, the way you receive your news, arm the opposition and now more important has infiltrate your social media to where your opinions you think come from like minds are intelligence plants as the earth changes escalate.

   Secret organizations are nothing new, but few of you ever think that they could control the world as you will choose them freely to achieve safety and security of the ways of your lives. So letís closely examine the events in France.

   The stadium hit by terrorist wants to inflict total devastation yet the first bomber was stopped during the 1st half after everyone was inside. The tactic used here was the bomber was told he is going to test the security of the stadium and offered a large sum. When stopped at the gate the aggression was too high to be a test so he left, the bomb was remotely detonated. The others were already in place and froze causing minimal deaths and they suffered the same fate. This was used in Iraq when test subjects went to their assigned spot the cell did not work, poor service area to call in. They used the public phone and their cars blew up. The bomber when true to mission would have been in line when all were trying to get in and executing the plan then thus inflicting hypothetically the greatest toll from the carnage and death seen with their own eyes.

   In the concert all that is needed is to shout a few phrases drop a passport then present this to the media and you believe it. The investigation has no facts, but you jump on designed leaks. Again there was no chatter. No facial recognition hits as they took off their masks in defiance, leads from moles and all that could talk are dead and worse most are in pieces, how convenient. The goal here was to divide a nation as the migrants overwhelm your nation, but not now and you will vote to give away more freedom another goal to achieve safety.

   ISIS was given a golden opportunity if the world thinks they did it, let it be. It is a win-win for them. They are seen as crushing the French and taking many lives, this is why the death reports were dumb down, which the French will say there were double counts the usual excuse was at fault. The job cost them nothing as it was done for them. And the best part for them recruiting will go through the roof. This is why ISIS who had nothing to do with this attack or the Russian plane took responsibility.

   The Illuminati use events staged or natural to cause division and herd a population in a pointed direction. Watch as it unfolds.


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