A Policy no Politician Dares to Put Out




Written Apr 25 12am EST


   As the status quo rejects deportation in order to get the votes of Latinos, Hillary and Kasich have no plan. The truth is that they will say anything to get elected, but will not present a plan to the American people until elected, but this may change. The point, once in you can negotiate from a position of power. For the Latinos, they will continue to live in fear as promises are made like the past with Obama, but nothing is delivered. Obama was your only hope and the Supreme Court will most likely shut him down. You need to know as children born in this country of those who arrived here illegally this nation will stand by you. With this you need to understand what your parents did was wrong and you as an American citizen must protect your parents and this nation. So there will be a one time compromise.

   Your parents sacrificed all for you, to give you a better life. But as An American citizen this can not precede as in the past when the economics of this nation have changed. No longer can the public systems put in place to provide education, healthcare, and public services as this takes away from the citizens that earned it legally. This is what you need to understand. The border is not about racism as some of you paint this in the media. It is that your parents skipped ahead in the line of immigration and you expect your illegal parents have rights.

   Go to a movie a skip the line and more important open the back door to let others in. This is the point. If Mexicans skip the line and access the movie free, is this racism when pointed out? No, it is criminal activity. No matter how you spin it. It is out of control and will stop with compassion for those here, but it ends when a solution is proposed and passed by Congress.

   With the gift of immunity and due process the current plan to sneak across the border must end. There is a process in place to immigrate to this country and no one who crosses or is found without papers once the immigration process dealing with the illegals are finalized will stay. There will be no exceptions with border crossings unless Congress grants it. If you do not have the money, then get a sponsor family that will cosign your debt. The Latino community will help their own otherwise the will be subject to deportation. It is up to you as the Latino must come together to help their own. This is not a problem for our nation to pay for. Agree to this and America will work with you choose another way then.

   First you know where I stand on illegal immigration and the truth as illegals you have no rights. What needs to be addressed is the 30 million plus illegals in this nation as the 11 million in total is given to suppress the backlash on the true numbers. Yes you provided hard labor in the fields where few Americans would go. Yes you provide slave labor to the rich, but you take away from our poor. This is why you are here. So what should be done?

   First those with American children born before the release of the plan will have their parents first vetted for work residency. They will pay back taxes. Limited social security benefits based upon their contributions, full benefits for their children after 10 years on the books. They will be placed in line for citizenship dependent upon a background check with law enforcement. Common social services like driverís licenses will have a surcharge to reduce financial burdens on the states. All in the work force will be required to know basic English, which you will pay for, provided as overtime to the public education teachers to reduce predatory fraud as a primary or secondary language.

   You will have sponsors, if you fall on hard times as there is no welfare until you are a citizen if needed. You have no rights to bring another or sponsor until you are a citizen. Again as a citizen you can sponsor another until they are a citizen. They will receive no benefits and health costs are absorbed by you. It is mandatory that all who have children born must here register. Those who are independent can as you move to the back of the line. There will be a six month mandatory registration period, you have a choice. Those who fail will be deported and their cases reviewed over time as they wait in their home country. The cost of deportation will be added to your fee to reenter this country. Those physically incapacitated will be omitted. This nation wants to embrace all and those who have lived here and contributed are recognized, but there are laws. This will be a one time deal, embrace it or leave.

   The United States has a duty to address hard working illegals that entered this country as most have contributed. But this nation must protect those of you are our own first. You will have a pathway, but you will not get a pass. You fled poverty, not oppression. You crossed the border seeking wealth and a goal for some was to have an anchor baby so you can stay. Now your children see nothing wrong with your decision and you use them to negate your illegal passage. Letís pass this, but agree anyone else after the release of the plan illegals caught have no chance to immigrate. Plain English, if caught or you have no papers; you have no chance to become a citizen. Those who want to work here on farms, hotels, construction industries can apply and get a permit with a time limit. You will pay your taxes, but as a transient will not have health benefits provided by your employers. You have a choice, donít come or apply for a work permit. If you are a citizen then you can form a union for basics rights. Emergency visits that are life threatening, which means you will die if not treated in a 24 hour period as you can go home will be on the system, births are on you along with the bill.

   All in America has heard your pleas as this nation has a heart. Are you still here? The problem is that you live in fear. This is what we need you to solve. No one wants your parents deported, but we need them on the tax roles. This is the bottom line. We can forgive you, but you need to pay your bills and be self sufficient. If you ask the American people to except you, then for this one time you need to pay your bills. This is it. Upon your response immigration policy will be put in place. Remember as an illegal you have no rights, but we as Americans will forgive the past for those who contributed, once. Talk to your leaders and media and make it happen. Trust me there will be a wall as Central America crumbles shortly during the earth changes. Millions will seek refuge in the nation, but how much do you expect this country to absorb before those in need here die as resources are passed to you? We help our own first. Then we offer a helping hand to others period.


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