The Call for Impeachment




Written Aug. 24 5pm EST

Updated Aug. 28 11:59pm EST


   The Elite or new world order that controls various important aspects of your government, financial systems, and media have accelerated its attack against God and this nation. As those who control this world, your time is short, as written in the Bible. Stormy Daniels proceeded to blackmail Trump (which is a crime), as the other just arranged to sell her story of an affair, which was a personal choice to a tabloid, maximizing the payoff due to the proximity of the presidential election. Both were pushed by agents of the DNC as this was a backup to crush Trump if the Russian collusion did not work. I have told you, when a crime is committed, who does it benefit leads to the head of the snake. What they did not expect was Trump to arrange for a payoff out of his personal finances and corporate funds to buy a tabloid story as an investment.

   Currently Mueller is squeezing Manafort and Cohen for their past crimes of greed that have nothing to do with Trump, and Mannford’s crimes while in partnership with the Podestas and the DNC, which was given immunity. But you are led to believe, Trump is guilty of a crime, yet the crime has not been revealed or he is indicted. An indictment on Trump although he can be, would crush the Republicans during the Mid Terms even though, he cannot be prosecuted. This tactic of accusing and then dismissed, would be the final nail in the coffin for Trump, but with no evidence, they continue with the bluff. This is business as usual. Remember I do not bluff.

   The public should be worried as almost all in both parties behave the same way, and over 50% have hidden financial crimes. This is a fact if you check overseas banking records and money transfers. Trump’s CFO was given immunity, but is not accused of a crime. So what would make him turn?

   The new world order has means, which shall not be spoken about. The CFO was interviewed weeks ago, but if a crime was committed by Trump, it would have been leaked news. Campaign finance violations are specific. Did he use public funds donated to the campaign to payoff Stormy? No, he is rich. Did he funnel funds from a newly created shell corporation to pay this off? No, his finance teams are very smart and avoid potential future pitfalls. As he could not trust the lawyer and Stormy, so the true source of the funds if leaked would lead back to Trump’s personal finances. This is where they stand. As for buying a tabloid story it was a “business investment”.

   Few of you understand the new world order and true evil as designed from the beginning of time. You are like babies on the spiritual and intellectual scale with the age of the universe and you think your small minds can comprehend the supernatural powers incased in a very polished, rich, diplomatic man speaking several languages, the exact opposite of when Jesus walked this earth? This is why he is the antichrist, satan incarnated in a mortal man, but he will conquer a perceived death and walk again.

   Trump was set up by the DNC, Hillary from the start and Obama looked the other way while those under his command broke the law. Manafort was brought to trial for past crimes associated with the DNC. This is why they were given immunity. The hope was Manafort would provide evidence against Trump, but Manafort was a new comer recommended and not trusted. He was told only what he needed to know to run the campaign, but then dismissed as Trump was told trust no one.

   Cohen again was used and was considered expendable. Stormy was paid from Trump’s personal accounts, thus not a campaign violation. Cohen recently has been caught lying about the meeting in the Tower. This story will unravel. Cohen had a host of crimes unrelated to Trump and like the coward he is he is throwing s..t against the wall hoping something sticks to reduce jail time. As a cornered animal he will do anything to avoid jail. In his case, he is being told he will reside with the general population, where he will be seen as soft fresh meat for the taking or constant rape by the hierarchy of inmates and some guards. This is why he is talking. Jail in the end times is certain death. This is what he faces and any lie will be used as hope. This is his agenda.

   The point as claims against Trump was engineered, phony stories to seek the DNC paid phony dossier and the media backed it. Thus gave the background to use FISA to observe certain people, and the problem is no indictments from those observed. Disruption of the campaign was the goal.

  The Stormy scandal was timed within weeks to affect the election, which was extortion or black mail, which is a crime and she violated the terms of the agreement of non disclosure. But, no one sees these crimes. A normal person would have took the 150K and disappeared unless offered a counter deal? If you check her financial records expenses that are paid, you will see they do not match income received. This is your clue that will lead back to the DNC. When you get too close, she will expire.

    The new world order arranged the demise of Trump, and then on the counter side have arranged for the other side to fall amid scandals and lies shortly. The point, induce race riots at first and then left against the right, only you the general public are the fools as your leaders and media lead you astray, watch as it unfolds. The right has guns, thousand of rounds of ammunition, land and supplies for years. You will be displaced from your coastal cities with nothing but your bodies. You do the math.

   This is a warning to all of you in this government and the media that answers to the new world order. Your efforts to remove Trump, is in the hands of mankind, but all hell will break loose if it succeeds. I have told you, the goal of the new world order is to enslave mankind, but you do not see this with the many warnings and insight here.

   The public will see signs of the End Times before the Mid Terms and if you on the left are elected, you will wish, you were not due to public backlash from your lies about Climate Change surface. Who would benefit from being exposed to Russian collusion or paying off women for not revealing sexual encounters when exposed? This is the source. So you can proceed down this same path or change your ways. This is your choice.

   I have warned you months ago, McCain was a lead agent in the Republican Senate for the new world order and was given time to change. This is why he wears the boot as he is under house arrest for crimes against this nation like Hillary. She wears a boot also. Check it. He has chosen as what he though was a medical miracle would save him. God the Father Almighty is the author of life and death, not mankind’s medicine.

   To McCain, please resign your Senate seat as a start of your repentance with the few weeks you have. What is perceived in the media and among your friends is not your true persona. We are not here to destroy you as a man and your legacy, but you need to change in your last days, which will be truncated if you harden your heart to this message. Tell the truth as they cannot kill what is already dying. This is up you and if you succeed in this final battle, glory will be yours in Heaven. Just know many will be given the same test, next on the list of high profile humans is the Clintons and the Bushes, but many on the lower levels will expire before hand with little notice. Again choose. Update McCain has expired.

   The sexual accusations that have surfaced in Pennsylvania are just the beginning in the Catholic Church and will expand. The desired effect is to convince the faithful to leave the Church on their own free will. Those who are true will endure as they see past this deception. Man sinned, not the Church built by Jesus and the Almighty’s Laws. What you need to realize is the pope (false) only admitted to the sex scandals when confronted and then asked for the faithful for forgiveness. Few did, and the Father did not. Francis, a black Jesuit answers only to satan as he is the false prophet predicted in the Bible, and the Church was warned by the Third Letter of Fatima. The Church leaders at the time were cowards to reveal the Truth and the one Pope willing to reveal this, was killed. This is what the faithful face as more leave disillusioned and fall into the web of satan disguised as socialism, humanism and communism, but again this world is still blind and cannot see this.


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