The Incident at Benghazi

The Libyan Attack


Written Sept 12 2012

Update  Sept 11 2013



     Events in the world have played out in the Middle East raising many emotions among mankind so where does the truth lie?


   Events in the world yesterday have played out raising many emotions among mankind, an ambassador dead and his colleagues, the Libyan guard that died protecting them, the anniversary of 9/11 and the video, so where does the truth lie?

    What you are analyzing in real time, there is a need to step back and observe the greater picture to what has occurred here. Let’s deal with what you the public and media know. There was a film made, defiling their faith and the Muslims revolted. Riots occurred and American and Libyan lives were lost, more important hate continues to build around the world. For the Muslims know this, The Almighty or as you know Allah speaks, “When I sent Mohammad to you it was to build a love for Me your God. He was just a messenger and you are not to put a man in front of Me as an idol. It was not his words that inspired almost a billion people to follow, but My words delivered through the Holy Spirit to My prophet Mohammad. This act of murder, a sin in My eyes was inspired by the dark one and carried out by those who follow him. I need you to discern the truth for you are all My children. Hate comes from the dark one do not be fooled to believe a film caused this, it was planned and the fallout points to you. I have never asked you to kill in My name, so why do you carry on? Take time to meditate in quiet and talk to Me one on one and then you shall receive the truth. Do this for your Allah, Do this for yourselves.”

    First look at Secretary Clinton’s face during the initial announcement with Obama as she knows an insider betrayed her. The ambassador was moved to that location for safety reasons as this was the anniversary of 9/11 and the riots have been building for days in Libya and Egypt so staying at the primary embassy was a security risk. Only her senior staff was briefed on the location and someone betrayed her.

    This was no ordinary attack as live satellite intel showed positions men and the attack pattern. Even with eyes in the sky they could not overcome the assault force. The US military is well aware of whom carried out this attack and it was not of Muslim origin as you are led to believe. They knew the ambassador was there and maintained a sustained attack. Navy seals knew the positions of the attackers as intel was transmitted unimpeded with the latest weaponry and safe rooms they were still over come. A fire fight into a fortified positions lasting hours what common civilian has the ammo and training for this fight. The seals were trained snipers and knew the lay of the land with the latest night surveillance systems, but were hit with flash genades blinding them and satellite feed. The compound had the latest in electronic motion surveillance and an armory to hold off hundreds of civilians. The Libyans guarding them were killed, the protesters caught off guard did not even film a propaganda films as they knew the danger. This was not sanctioned by insiders within the Libyan government nor planned by the people. The attack was too precise, on a significant date with high profile murders executed where none were left to tell tales. Secretary Clinton knew the source and purpose, thus briefed Obama, but they cannot go public as how can you point the finger at a friend. To do so would end his presidency. So now what? Let’s step back to the film.

    It is up to you in the media to trace the money trail of who funded this movie, arranged for the sets, and hired the staff. Who had possession of the film after shooting and what production studio did the dubbing, more important what was the source of funds? Who uploaded the film to You Tube and who promoted it? Trace the IP addresses. In America there is freedom speech, but when this freedom put Americans at risk and in this case caused many deaths, it is an act of terrorism. The people who funded this, produced this and promoted this did this to incite hate, terror and murder towards this country. All knew how this would go over from past tries and this should be dealt with the full force of the law of the United States. This act was not from the Moslem world, and has infected millions with hate. This laid the foundation for the murder of the ambassador and points the finger blame to the party that reacted. The action achieved this, stirred hate in America towards a people caught up in the drama. Was this done to force our hand in the Middle East, yes? Was this made to make Obama look indecisive, yes? Did Romney jump the gun blindly and as he was advised that this opportunity was a win-win, yes? Now ask just were did he get his info were this was his opportunity to question the foreign policy as events had not yet unfolded?  

    This film was created to show the violence of Islam and was allegedly created by an Israeli-American; suddenly in a Jewish dominated film industry everyone one knows nothing and traces of the producer in an industry that knows all leads to dead ends. Actors who were lied too, lines dubbed all with the designed purpose to incite hate in advance. Who creates a film costing thousands if not millions in the end with payoffs and drops it on You Tube? This was by design knowing that insulting a spiritual prophet of God, and he was one of many, you take away that one thing which is still theirs, faith.

   You have crushed their countries in a mountain of debt and in return you use dictators to exploit the wealth of the people by selling resources at bargain basement prices only to see corporations bleed their own people. What you need to understand is that oil contracts when signed are for a minimum of 30 years. Where volatility is removed, but every incident, war, is taken advantage of, and when profits are waning, they are created. They, the elite have played you and it is happening here again.

   The NWO failed to push Iran over the edge when they assassinated one of their scientists. They failed to push the world to respond to the slaughter orchestrated by the Syrian government as they were sent a message. The Arab spring was meant to send hope to the people, but the media painted it with fear. Fear is that another country would get the oil contracts “UK” as they insured the dictator remains in power no matter what he does or backs as long as the oil flowed. Fear is that arms sales would go to another country to supply Egypt. The people through Arab Spring changed this, but the people were not behind this assault, how could they? The location of the ambassador was classified and locals were used protect the site thus to keep a very low profile a minimum number of protesters. There was no team of marines to protect. Ask yourself why?

   Some in the media are right, this was planned and the date 9/11 would ring home. The team was highly trained, well equipped and knew there target was inside. All the people turned there attention to the embassies where the ambassador should have been, he was killed under orders from NWO. Clinton and Obama now know the line has been crossed, the decision on what to do is in their hands and may God be with you.

   As for Romney, in the world of real time foreign policy, does not have a clue. He still thinks it was and act of aggression against America from Moslem extremists. This was an inside job made to exploit the hate towards Moslems, the film was produced to incite hate and violence using a prophet of God and it is the producer you should go after not the victims. Oh that's right, you disconnect from victims. This is who you are bed with and all of America will see this.

   The NWO has just started to flex their power in the world and war in the Middle East is the goal, where millions could die in any escalation. Look at the deceit, murder, finger pointing and anger that was achieved with a film that insults a faith, a date, and a well timed hit. This is what you are dealing with and it is going to get worse. If they have no concern for an ambassador, seals, an American embassy, then what do you think they have in store for you? You need to look beyond the veil and start to realize the truth and this will set you free.

   Now you have to ask yourself candidate knowing the type people who are backing you. What will you do if you lose and the hundred of millions that back you are lost? Know who you are dealing with.


Update Sept 16:


   As the world reels from the tragedy of this event and leaders grasp the opportunity to mold future events know this, the Almighty speaks, “I am the God of Abraham and the same God called Allah, make no mistake no man will hurt My children. I sent the prophet Mohammad to inspire millions and no one shall be the cause of hate and pride. I created you and can destroy you, remember these words as you carry out your deceitful ways on earth honoring another.”

   The Sunday morning news program shows a certain leader sweating, his words evasive, and actions of war under the guise of peace. Russia and China may not stand idly on your action that you call self protection, but starts the 3rd world war on technology they will never get, are you thinking clearly? The US will know the second weapons grade material is developed through there Neutrino detectors and its location. More would have to be made to make a crude bomb, but that will never occur. To bring world to the brink, incite the Moslem world to hate with a film as this was not the spark, but the cause let’s make no mistake. Look at what that false flag attack did to America, but this time many in the media and most in government knows the attack was not from a Muslim backed terror group or the Libyan people as this one stinks of covert action. The world now sees how power is maintained in this world by the elite and that NWO does play by the rules. Do not be sucked into their plan. If so, you are choosing be careful.


Update Oct 01:


   As the US Government comes clean with the incident at Benghazi, some republicans are blaming the administration for not informing the public in a timely manner as to the true source of the attack. They are asking for resignations of Ambassador Rice and accountability of the administration. What is behind this?

   The Republicans are well aware of who carried out the attack on the embassy as key party members were leaked information from the Senate Arms Committee. They know this attack was orchestrated by a so called friend of the United States, but no one will reveal the country of origin fear the backlash of a naive population. They will say no; this is not right.

   The republicans know the Obama administration cannot point fingers, and this is being used as a weakness. Know this America, your government is telling you the truth. The attack was planned, coordinated and well armed. The intel does not point to any terrorist group in the Moslem world, but leave all options open. The truth, these were well paid mercenaries that carried out the planned agenda of the group whose tentacles lead back to the NWO. Al Qaeda does not have the intel or organized firepower to take out a classified target that has advanced weaponry and eyes. Did they brag they were responsible or film at 11, no. This is your clue and this is all you will get. As all that speak on this event seem to stutter with good reason as they fear a slip or innuendo.

   Republicans if you want to point fingers at the true cause of this attack then state it with all of its repercussions as you know the answer, otherwise observe the protocol of national security and go back to the election. Playing the American public with inside knowledge of national security issue will not be allowed.

   It is time to move on as you know in your heart with an attack like this, look which country had the most to gain and possessed real time classified information on the location of the Libyan ambassador and the safe house. Be careful if you dig too deep, there are risks.


Update  May 10 2013:


   Benghazi has risen again in the news, but it is by the brave that you get confirmation of what went on behind the scenes. You were told and did not believe it was a rouge Israeli group behind the attacks as they are busy now attacking Syria, which you were told, is key. How, could the Marines be sent to fight an “Ally” and its paid mercenaries? What about the dead, replace the bodies when our brave saw who was killed? Remember there was a live satellite feed visible and infrared, so where is the tape? So the order was given to abort or sit on it and push the decision to confusion at the highest levels as no would question the decision or so it seemed.

  An attack on our embassy where the lives of American are risk does not need approval, you go. This is what the brave do everyday in an emergency. It is only the weak, the coward that sits on fence when a fire fight occurs where seconds count. Commanders which are you, cowards or pawns of the new world order?

   They hit a semi harden target, which was suppose to be not harboring the Ambassador. This was secret, but leaked as the New World Order infests every agency and government and work in collusion. They hit the safe house as if given the location. They fed you the media a lie as they own your corporations by proxy. Just how long is it before you realize you are the fool, but you think you are so wise with your arrogance and pride?

   It is here today that things will change on earth as this update has fallen on deaf ears. You seem to think this is a conspiracy story as if you have inside knowledge on the covert tactics used by the shadow Israeli Government. Were you a witness at Benghazi or just fed info? In fact the witness that were there have been silenced. The plan to enslave this world has been in place for several thousand years with each detail planned carefully by the dark one, but to you he doesn’t exist. Oh, but the Masons and the Illuminati worship him as real and their king, so are you out of the loop? Secrecy is the key.

   Many of you in the media were hand picked as you would conform and you have, but you don’t see this. You present the real issues that affect the people, but only to a point and offer valid counter points. Stray too far in any direction or go to rogue and your news show time slot is moved in favor of one is more willing to follow orders no matter what spin is presented to the public.  Your gut shows you one thing, but your conscience moves you a safe perch. Look at you, as you cover the safe or assigned stories as you have a policy to follow. As atrocities grow, your voice will be silenced as you have silenced that which comes from God. Watch in disbelief.

   Know this; the words written here did not come from me the writer, but from the Almighty. It is He that detailed the Truth of what happen in Benghazi for the world to know as He sees all. Now you can trust your earthly feed or trust God. The time has ended for you in the media to mislead the population of earth on certain subjects. Your job from now on with dealing on certain “conspiracies” is to stay quiet with no comment that would sway the weak of mind. Ignore this command from God and expect the wrath of the Almighty when you least expect and trust me your loved ones will know why, as it shall be another preliminary plague. Billions of souls are at stake and your words or interpretation of world events will not lose another soul. Heed the warning, as you will be held responsible, for the loss. You have a choice, fear God or fear the NWO. When you cry out and lie, God brought this upon us, know that you brought his upon yourselves as you dismissed these words.

   This will be your folly unless you dig deep and stay quiet until an appointed time. Know, this all on earth make mistakes, this is what makes us human. The goal is to realize the error and make adjustments. It is here that you grow. It is here that Jesus will back you if you ask, but you must ask to start. Yes, I am mixing Church and State as we are all one.


Update on Sept 11 2013


  This for the media in the US as you are confused, but learning. As the Syrian crisis occupies this nation, many of you reflect back on Benghazi on this anniversary were innocence Americans died for this country, respect as I bow my head. After a year, certain facts have become solid. Exactly how do call yourselves the voice of the Truth when you cannot see? You now know the CIA was blocks away from the attack armed and informed. You now know all military rescue efforts were told to stand down just like 911. You know the site was under satellite and armed drone observation. This was the US Ambassador that represents this country and you hear that we will abandoned one of our own? This is not what our military does, like the proud, the few, the Marines. Others disobeyed the order and ran to support the embassy expecting back up, but there was none, why? In fact the safe house if they had escaped was compromised as its location was leaked. This is a fact. You watched as several top level state department officials were removed as few knew the location of the ambassador, but it was leaked thus the attack. Now the US military fears nothing and a group of militants attacking one of our own, they will crush this. If the ambassador dies kill them all. This is what Delta force or the Seals do. This is what they train for. This is the action they live for. Now I ask you with all your wisdom and truth what group of mercenaries if introduced attacks the US, now remember an embassy is considered part of the United States why would we stand down? There is only one answer, this was a false flag attack and the mercenaries were contracted through multi levels as not to lead back to the shadow Israeli government. This is the Truth as you will not hear it from the State Department but their actions in the aftermath confirm your fears. You are being lied to, get use to it. More important trust nothing as the world will shortly be caught up in turmoil.

  All of you forget there are two sides in Syria on who has control and one seeking, when the rule of a country is at stake, then those who are suppressed will use any means necessary to further the cause, any means. The world was told by the UN report both sides used WMD but the numbers were reversed as they lied by offering a partial truth. This is how your world works. Now remember everyday that passes when the time period is set, is a blessing. All proceeds according to the Holy Will of the Almighty as all warnings I give are subject to change determined by the actions of humanity, but still have to occur.


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