Traitor or Incompetent

Which is it?



Written Aug. 18 11:59 pm EST


   As in the few days that have passed, since the collapse of Kabul, it has offered clarity of the Biden Administration in the handling of the withdrawal of Americans and hard assets in Afghanistan. Now it comes under scrutiny, just like the defund the police policy. All know, the NSA and CIA were tracking the vehicle movements of the Taliban, as they moved towards Kabul weeks ago by satellite. All know, our intel groups saw in real time, the Afghan troops surrendering, even when encountering a small force of the Taliban, rather than fight. Cowards. All know, Biden did not give the order to engage the Taliban on the few roads by drones to slow them down, nor did the Afghan Air Force engage to protect their own. Infrared showed minimum amount civilians in the travel path towards Kabul. You need to ask why? Was there a deal already in place, that compromised the State Department and the American Embassy in Kabul?

   No matter what the media states, the CIA knew weeks ago, the Afghan troops were the cowards they are, and were running. Instead of the media narrative, would not run and protect. How is that working for the Afghan people? Biden had a choice, to remove all State Department personal and destroy all intel in a timely fashion. You need to ask, why were Americans put in peril, when there was no defense in place, to protect there escape? Again, Biden had a choice, remove all American military technology from Afghanistan, as to prevent the Russians and Chinese back engineering our weapons. Biden failed here or was it by design? Maybe that is why Hunter was paid. The Taliban have no interest, as they conquered the country with AK 47s, trucks and captured American weapons, which you paid for. They will sell the equipment to the highest bidder. But your intel told you this, and you left the equipment there.

   You gave no orders to destroy the opioid drug production or fields, why? So Taliban opioid farmers that kill over hundred thousand Americans is a diplomatic problem? With your green new deal, you now have to negotiate with the Taliban for the element Lithium needed for advanced batteries. Brilliant strategy, idiots. So what about the trapped Americans?

   Biden did send back 3000 troops to ensure an orderly withdrawal, after he gave the order to remove them a few weeks before. The problem was, they could not set up defensive points on the perimeter of Kabul in time, and had to fall back to the airport fences. The Afghans had one job, to slow the Taliban, instead they offered no resistance. One thing you can say about Trump, he has no cowards or eliminates them. So I pose this, being associated by design with racists or letting a country with 38 million fall, you choose. Oh, and now you have to pay for millions of refugees.

   Biden as we see, is spineless, hew hides. And in his limited wisdom, has currently authorized a back door negotiation to safely allow embassy personal to be removed. As if this, will not be discovered. Pallets of cash wins freedom, your money. You ask, he would not give money to the Taliban. Wrong, he wants to avoid public executions in the name of Allah, especially Americans. Currently, this is a public relations nightmare and the Democratic Party knowing what is to come in 2022, would rather bribe the Taliban, than lose face with the American public. With money the Taliban will seem to be humanitarians, as if they would give up their hole card for respect. These are your leaders.

   So either Kabulí leaders and its protectors ran by design, or Bidenís leadership is locked in an old age fog. Consider this, the Russians and Chinese are next, Taiwan will fall. Try and stop them it is war, sanctions and your financial markets and manufacturing plants come to a halt. You have empty threats, but you allow your citizens, to think, it has a bite. Yes a bite with no teeth. Biden you know how to bite with just gums donít you? They see through you. They see a plucked eagle, and he is your only sorry hope for now. He hides in Camp David, just like he learned during the campaign to avoid questions and stay in his basement. This is your reality, and it is going south.


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