What is Behind the Recent Increase in Tornadoes?


Written May 29 1:30 am EST

   The science of tornadoes is not complete, as it is air pressure that changes its form with a cone signature as pressure increases towards the earth‘s surface, thus the conical shape, tapered towards the bottom due to compression. This is not in the text books. As the forces are aligned with atmospheric pressure, and increases as a function of a measurement of an elevation reading to the base of ground zero, coupled with increased wind speeds as the radius of rotation shrinks due to conservation of inertia. This is nothing new. So what has changed?

   What you have not been told of, is the effects of the incoming pole shift. The elite will allow you to believe, your world is changing due to climate change. Tornadoes have increased due to heating from the core of this earth, and a secondary source. This is behind the increased water vapor available in our atmosphere, and extreme flooding now just inundating the US. This has been censored with events occurring around the world, as the media has hidden that which has occurred worldwide.

   Your scientists have never questioned, why there is a greater increase in ocean temperatures in relation to the increase in air temperatures? The answer, the heat source is not from the sun, but the turmoil within the earth’s core, due to an outside gravitational and magnetic source, causing turmoil within the earth‘s core, now so close, as affects are now increasing exponentially.

   The key to the increase is two fold. We have earth wobble, forcing warm humid areas over the southern parts of our nation north, and artic air pushed south, but with the daily rebound, this changes the direction of the winds, causing upper level shear and rotation within thunder storms or super cells. This is something new, as the push back and recoil creates spin that will only increase.

   As the month of June approaches, tornadoes will increase, or maintain the downplayed record levels of May as an anomaly, but many occurrences are dropped from the records by design. This is an extension of the USGS policy put in place since 2003. Where they dumb down the intensity of earthquakes and the amounts of occurrence are removed by designed. All to dumb down what really affects the future of this world. What you see is tight shots and approved pictures of destruction in rural communities with little focused on cities.

    You as an civilian will never be told the truth until necessary. I ask, believe the lies you have been fed, or chose another path. Your leaders speak as they are holier than thou. You or your leaders have no clue, as to the plan of God.

   The Almighty has given powers, and again you think, you are in control. Merkel stated there are dark forces in play, yes and she answers to them as a diversion. The UK will fall after the tsunami that will level more than half of its territory. As Brexit was designed to fail, that nation will fall under the new world order. This is your future, but few choose to change it.

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