Indecision is your Weakness

Snap Shot of Euro-Asia Conflict



Written July 29


   All you see the steps and rhetoric as now the medium range missile INF treaty has been allegedly violated. You are being lied to, with the real cause bringing this now into current world events. As these events, now escalating, all point fingers, but most involved are in denial. I told you Russia cares not for peace or diplomacy and millions will die as new steps will be small as to not alert the world of a serious threat, but as one that can be solved through diplomacy. The goal is to always present hope of peace, but move forward as those who want peace when pressed freeze at critical points. They are well funded and you push sanctions as if they care. They will control your countries as earth changes and political unrest within your nations divide the populations now ripe for invasion as your economies implode. They are waiting for winter.

   Testing medium range cruise missiles in violation of a 1987 treaty is now a problem, but the US news state this has occurred since 2008. You realize, either the military complex are incompetent as they sat on this for years and now raised concerns late in the game or some in control have an agenda that is not in the interest of the United States or the news is being used to further divide this world as now seen in “certain” parts of the world. The times are changing as governments will not bind along old political allegiances. Many will choose a different path and will be bound by money and the power of the NWO.

   As the earth changes escalate, spy satellites will be disabled, blown from orbit and electro magnetic terrestrial surges will create windows of opportunities for an unprovoked attack and this is known by both sides. Medium range cruise missiles hundreds of miles off shore when launched after a surge will exploit weaknesses in radar defense systems that will be sporadic in operational status shall hit pre-selected targets. Yes those cities in the US to be nuked as been agreed upon by both sides, but truly are one.  They will not tell you this. The Western world when selectively will not act until all meet, “many who are comprised” giving a delay the will be exploited by the Bear. Europe will fall as their current concerns is gas and peace. How shallow in the aftermath.

   What is sad is that these words will be dismissed. The problem, millions of innocents that depend upon their inept leaders will pay the price. Even more frightening, the war will be brought here on a limited basis in the US. This is what you will not expect.


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