Insight to the coming End Times




Written Sept. 22 11:59pm EST


   Many of you are confused about the up coming events that encompass the End Times, so those who question will be given guidance if you choose to listen. What has to be understood is that no one man has all the answers until after the Warning. Also that no one can decipher all the secrets still not revealed in the Book of Revelations. Events will pass quickly to the surprise of all. I will now list in order of all coming major events excluding Godís signs and miracles except for the Warning and then present a follow up detailing each event. So letís put some order to the coming events as to offer a guide to Godís faithful.






   For those asking how the 4 Horsemen or Riders fit into the timeline of events, they cover the time from the opening of the First Scroll at the beginning of the Tribulation, through the Warning, the Rapture and some of Bowls over laps areas of the Great Tribulations or Chastisements.


The Tribulations


   The Tribulations are misunderstood by mankind as you assume the intensity and the rate that has risen on earth in the early stages should be ignored. The key factor is that the West and the United States have seen these changes last and it is here that you again assume the 7 seven period is just beginning. It is beginning for you. Tribulations have affected the 3rd world countries first as life is so fragile. Droughts and deluges wipe out thousands overseas, but here we have written it off to Climate Change. Bangladesh, Mumbai are under reported. It has started in the rest of the world as our Lord Savior Jesus opened the first Seal on Feb. 22 2012, but the few know this.

   The Bible did not say a sign would usher in the End Times, but that Christians would be persecuted. They have been in the Middle East. Christians by the hundreds have been beheaded in a religious war with those hiding behind the Muslim faith. Look around Christians within your places of worship as the pews or seat increasingly become vacant. The sad part is that most still disbelieve.

   There will be talk of brother against brother and mothers against daughters. This has been occurring in the EU for the past few years and is now here in these United States. Racists, immigration, BLM is just the beginning as the elite that controls the media or those associated with the Illuminati. They would be talk of war and this is the case with North Korea, Syria which was called the key and the Russian threat on the eastern border of the EU. These are facts.

    The Earth Changes have been escalating over the last decade and only now are those in these United States are concerned as it is affecting their home, but has crushed other areas of this world for the past 5 plus years with famine, severe lightning storms, mud slides and typhoons that commonly hit 200mph in the Pacific now starting to occur in the Atlantic. The media has screened this info, but ask why, if Global Warming is the true cause.


The Warning


   Mankind refuses to accept that God the Father Almighty is trying to reach His Children. You doubt that hurricane after hurricane scouring the coast of the United States is just a new trend. Really, have you compared the intensification over time of the present hurricanes to the past history? Have you addressed the Harvey now Jose, have reversed direction and meandered? You refuse to believe the signs in the sky especially the one that may come on the 23rd as revealed to the faithful who has briefed me. The timeline always changes to remove doubt.

   You refuse to believe that accidents are not accidents. You were told murder will be common place and it is. So as turmoil paralyzes the Vatican as the time is ripe for a comet will explode just above the Atlantic off the South East coast of the United States visible for 2 weeks. The blast wave will shake the core of every human on this earth as it will be of a spiritual origin. You will know the power of God the Father Almighty as the skies roll back like a scroll. Almost all caught outside will perish. Billions will die in Africa, Asia and South America if already not dead due to famine. The air will be toxic and all surface water polluted for 2 weeks. This is the Warning.

   All will need ten days of food and water on average, and blankets to survive the temporary dip in worldwide temperatures as sunlight will be blocked by dust. Expect at least 30 below zero in the United States. For all your lives will flash before you in a quiet 15 minutes with your Judge and Savior Jesus, and it is here that you will know there is a God as all lies of human origin will be revealed. All who have loved ones in nursing homes or assisted living facilities bring them home with you or lose them when the time comes. Choose wisely.


The Rapture


   Many have the idea that one will be taken in the field and another left in a blink of an eye. This is true to some extent. What you need to know is no man or religion can guarantee your safety. Only those that are in a state of Grace will be lifted. The Almighty chooses not a preacher from a pulpit. Many with minor sin (venial), but still good people will be taken by any means necessary, which means they may die in the chastisements or as a martyr rather than the soul lost to the dark side.

   Know this, only a Roman Catholic priest can forgive your sins no matter what your religion tells you. As all religions was a manís choice and not authorized by God the Father Almighty with Jesus as its head. You were told in the Bible only a true pope can bound on earth as in Heaven. This was made clear, but so many off shoots emerge over time.

   The Father would never inspire a new religion or version against that which is led by His Son. But another would inspire those to create an abomination with subtle changes. This is mankindís folly as you will preach and convert and our Savior will say I do not know you. This is written. Unless you are the Pope before Francis who is the false prophet, no change is authorized by mankind and no man has the right to rewrite the Word of God, the Bible. Mankindís interpretation is not Godís, know the difference.

   For those who listen to the preachers that say you will be saved in the Rapture, there is no guarantee. The changes are here now and you are still here until removed by the disasters. You will see area after area destroyed and your brethren who believed in the words of man are lost. Do not let fear encompass you, as this is the plan of the dark one. For once, break the bonds of a man made religion and call to Jesus who will welcome you home. This is your best choice.


The (Great) Chastisements


   Shortly after the Warning and the Miracle at Garabandal, mankind will continue to fall into darkness as the dark one still not in the public eyed, but through far reaching tentacles of the global organization, the Illuminati tightens his grip on humanity. You were told the antichrist would rule and he has. Do you not eyes as to his works? What you donít know is that he continues his current patterns by influencing from the shadows until the time is ripe. No where in the Bible does it say you will see the antichrist for years in the public and in the flesh, but it says he rules.

   Shortly the quakes will level countries as in Mexico and is hinting Greece and Crete soon to follow and some nations will disappear. Great signs in the heavens as the skies go crazy with auroras. This due the magnetic fields of Niribu or Planet X aka the 12th planet unifies with the earthís magnetic field as the distance between them closes now rumored to be less than 26 million miles. Electrical storms will produce bolts several dozen miles producing spectacular displays and fear. Outages common place as power surges are the norm.

   Storms will scour the coastlines to where the landscape is uninhabitable as witnessed in Barbuda. Meteors will pelt the landscape. Red dust will spoil clean water. Billions will perish in disbelief. The increased earth wobble will slosh the oceans to where the ocean will recede from coast lines and then return washing away populated areas for miles inland increasing in intensity.

   Flies and other insects crawl every crevice of your bodies. The women will lose it and seen as a liability among men with means. This is why it was said a woman will belong to no one as a general statement. Many will abandon the Father, as this is written. The Great Chastisement as it nears its end unleashes the 7 Trumpets, which is covered in the next section.

   In the Bible, the dark one asks for more power during the End Times and was given this by Jesus. This is written. Mankind only changes its path when faced with death and destruction of all property. Warnings given yet you continue to ignore the Word of God. Like in the days of Noah and Moses, evil will be wiped from the face of the earth. The sad part is that it will take may innocents especially during the Third World War delayed only in that the US Government still has not fallen to the Illuminati like the EU, Russia and China.


The 7 Trumpets


   The trumpets usher in the final bowls of destruction upon mankind as they fail to come to their knees to respect God the Father Almighty, who gave them life. It is the stress in the earth crust when relieved that will make the prophesized sound of a trumpet, but they usher in the bowls of destruction. This is Godís plan even though you have a scientific explanation. Make no mistake of who is in control, the Almighty and the bowls are unleashed.

   First sores will blister upon the elite and unfaithful with painful sores oozing a scent, that repulses all. For the beautiful your lives will change. The second and third bowl delivers the next blow, the red dust in Niribuís tail is now within earthís gravity is captured as iron oxide covers the earthís surface random in nature and concentration. It poisons a third of all life that exists in the seas and fresh water. The fourth will deliver heat and scorch the animals, crops and people, but they will harden hearts against their Creator. The fifth involves earth wobble plunging into temporary darkness the northern part of the globe while giving the southern globe a temp perpetual sunlight. Crops on a global level will wilt from lack of sunlight in the north and in the south burn. The sixth involves the false prophet and the antichrist as they now are revealed to the world to do what they were allowed to do. They will perform miracles and fool the world for 40 days. The final bowl destroys the earth as you know to where it is uninhabitable except for he chosen. Place a crucifix at every entry of your home. Even with this mankind refuses to kneel to the power of the Almighty God the Father. So be it. The Cleansing shall begin.



3 Days of Darkness


   The final cleansing of the earth except for satanís elite army will take place during the 3 Days of Darkness. All dark souls that have been loosed from hell shall reap a harvest and they will claim there own removing most evil, setting up a purified earth for the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior m Jesus Christ. Do not open your door to a friendly voice as you will perish in the deception.

   As Niribu magnetic attraction pulls earth closer, this event will eclipse the sun for the entire earth as it is caught in its shadow. The gravitational repulsive force still unknown to main stream science, but key to black budget anti gravitational technology at Skunk Works builds like a compressed spring. On the close approach the earth will flip its poles as earths north aligns with Niribuís South and North poles. The oceans will rise out their basins as the poles outshoot the magnetic push that flips the planet 90 degrees past normal vertical and will dampen like a decreasing pendulum and then fix in position. As the normal magnetic influence of the sun is displaced temporary.

   The push back or tipping point is where the repulsive gravitational force overtakes the weaker magnetic attraction reversing the direction of the earth out of the shadow of Niribu and its path rises above the ecliptic plane where the earth resides, but our planet is upside down in the solar system. So when daybreak occurs the Sun rises in the west, stunning those who are left. As the influence of Niribu due to distance the earth widens it flips again softly aligning with the sun. This is the final harvest of removing all dark souls that will not be destroyed in Armageddon. It is here, the 3 days of darkness that every dark spirit will be allowed to roam the earth to do they please, for it is the time of satan. At this particular time, today more 75 to 90% of those you see today will not exist a year from now. Now do not allow the media to fool you, as there will be similar temporary days of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere, but do not confuse it with the 3 days of darkness. They are showing you multiple sun dogs to explain away the double sun. This there plan.


The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ


    For all that doubt the power of God when that is evil is swept away in front of your eyes in some cases especially with the elite bunkered down your flesh will be swept away. Loved ones who are in a state of grace will watch in disbelief. Jesus speaks, ďFrom the day I ascended into Heaven in front of My Apostles, I told you I would return the same way, upon the clouds. All of you on earth will see Me at the same time as I descend in Glory with My Angels and the Saints in Heaven. I will gather My 144,000 and will advance to the place of Armageddon. It is here that you see the power of the Son of God as we cast the all of the last remnants of evil into the lake of fire. With all but the antichrist left My Mother will apply Her heal to crush the head of satan to where he is chained for a thousand. This is written and this prophecy will be fulfilled.Ē




   This event will not be reveal, but that you know that the 200 million man army will be slayed. Then the 144,000 lead by our Lord and Savior Jesus will His army through the gates of the new earth in triumph. This is written. This will be fulfilled.


   In closing know this, it is only prayers that will lessen the chastisements and open God the Father Almightyís mercy. No man, no politician, no scientist has a clue when this is a spiritual event.



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