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Bob Lazar's Conclusion: 

   “The disc’s reactor uses a fuel which does not occur naturally on Earth. This fuel is a super-heavy, stable, element with an atomic number of 115 and does not appear on our periodic chart. Element 115 has a two-fold purpose: First, it is the source of a gravity wave that is unknown to Earth’s scientists, the “Gravity A” wave. Second, it is the source of the anti-matter radiation which is reacted to provide power.

   The Gravity A wave emanates from the nucleus of element 115 and actually extends past the perimeter of the atom. The propulsion system of the disc amplifies and focuses this Gravity A wave to cause space/time to bend, much like space/time bends in the intense gravitational field of a black hole. The ability to direct gravity to cause space/time distortions allows the disc to cross vast expanses of space/time without traveling in a linear mode at a high rate of speed.

   This mode of travel is one of the two methods of propulsion used by the disc. In this mode, the disc’s gravity amplifiers are in the “delta configuration” and are pulsed sequentially in a rotational pattern. This amplified Gravity A wave is so powerful that the only natural occurring source of gravity that could cause space/time to distort this much would be a black hole!

   The other mode of travel is the “omicron configuration” and is used for short-range travel near a source of gravity such as a planet or a star. When a disc travels near another source of gravity, like Earth, the Gravity A wave, which propagates outward from the disc, is phased shifted into the Gravity B wave, which propagates outward from the Earth, and this creates the lift. The gravity amplifiers of the disc can be focused independently and they are pulsed and do not stay on continuously.” 


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The Reactor:

   “The power source is a reactor which uses element 115 as its fuel. In this reactor element 115 is used as a target and is bombarded with protons in a small, highly sophisticated particle accelerator. When a proton fuses into the nucleus of an atom of 115, it is transmuted and becomes an atom of element 116. Although we too can transmute elements here on Earth, it is typically not done in this fashion, or at anywhere near this level of efficiency. Furthermore, we have yet to produce anything heavier than element 112.

   As soon as each atom of 115 is transmuted into 116, it immediately decays and produces a radiation unlike that which we normally observe in nuclear decay. Each atom of element 116 decays and releases two antiprotons (anti-hydrogen), a form of antimatter. Antimatter can be produced in particle accelerators here on Earth, but only in minute quantities and only stored for short periods of time.

   The flux of antimatter particles produced in the reactor are channeled down an evacuated, tuned tube (which keeps it from contacting with matter that surrounds it) and reacted with a gaseous matter target. This Total annihilation reaction is the most efficient and energetic nuclear reaction there is. The more familiar nuclear reactions are Fission, producing energy from the splitting of atoms as used in nuclear reactors & atomic bombs, and Fusion, the fusing or combining of atoms (typically hydrogen nuclei) to release even more energy. Fusion is the reaction that powers the sun and other stars and is what gives hydrogen bombs their “punch”. These two more common nuclear reactions are dwarfed by the efficiency of the annihilation reaction used in the alien reactor.

   The reaction between the gaseous matter target and the antimatter particles produces a continuous release of tremendous amounts of heat. This heat is converted directly into electricity by use of a Thermionic Generator. The Thermionic generator used in this reactor is so efficient, that there is no detectable waste heat produced. This is an apparent violation of one of the basis laws of thermodynamics. Similar, but not nearly as efficient or powerful, thermionic generators are used as power sources in our satellites and space probes.

   As amazing and efficient as all this seems, it is only secondary to the primary function of the reactor. The antiparticle flux emitted from the transmuting element 115 is not the only energy radiated during operation. This is the point at which the gravity A wave is first produced. The gravity wave emitted by the 115 reaction appears on the hemisphere of the reactor, propagating up the tuned wave-guide in a fashion very similar to the way microwaves behave.

   All of the actions and reactions inside the reactor are orchestrated perfectly like a tiny little ballet, and in this manner, the reactor provides an enormous amount of power used to amplify the gravity a wave so it can cause the requisite space/time distortion for space travel.”


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