The Japanese Quake

March 2011



Written March 13 2011

Updated March 24

Updated May 11

First, before I proceed with this paper my sympathies to the families and the nation of Japan of all those that were lost in this terrible disaster.

   This disaster has lessons to be learned and were meant for the elite as the general population still considers this just another quake, as many have not connected the dots between the events in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and New Zealand. As emergency meetings of COBRA in the UK were convened to contain the elite of the world on the verge of panic. The surprise, the Japanese quake and tsunami gave the world and more important the elite held on a tight lease a small glimpse of what is in store for their countries. This is not a minor passage as was promised by the Bush Administration and the Republicans as all watch the politics occurring within the United States, they lied. Tidal waves sweep miles inland destroying everything, the nuclear reactor did not shut down as predicted all caught on tape. The usual spin in the first few days with death tolls in the hundreds, but towns of 10 thousand were sweep away and the low Richter scale rating the intensity of the quake deliberately reduced by the USGS on a quake closer to a 9.5 than 9.0. Even though they felt compelled to move it up from 8.9 to 9 as if this adjustment was to improve accuracy. The hope the public does not notice something is wrong or panic. Did the 9.2 off of Sumatra tidal wave cause the same damage? No. With all the cell phones and video cameras no one captured the 50 ft plus tidal waves moving inland, although a wave cresting as it comes ashore cut before the cars passing in front was swallowed? Those who did have streaming video was first screened for any apocalyptic view and was not allowed to be seen by the world. There was bus on top of a 3 or 4 story building at least 3 miles inland. What was admitted is that the coastline moved to the east, thus compression of the Pacific basin and knowing what is going to happen in Indonesia, they stated the land sunk.

   For all caught in this web of deceit, there will be no to little warning of future events and when it hits home, remember those news clips you have seen over the past several days. As time goes on, the tidal waves will be higher, go further inland and strip the landscape of most structures and vegetation. Can you live with the knowledge of saving a few and their life style at the expense of all others including your family? If you talk in public, your body is found in a dumpster. You can not warn others, but you will know your silence may contribute to the death of your countrymen. The worse decision if you make it, will be to join by invitation the elite and politicians in the bunkers. Confined with this group will be a true hell like experience. Most good hearted people would be welcome death instead of the company of those have no concern for others, where only the strong survive. You have been told this is not the start of the great quakes that will level most of civilized Japan, the wait will confuse all with many false starts. This is yet to come. Just know the nuclear disaster was lessen by those who care for Earth even though outcome is still unknown. It should have exploded and disbursed a deadly radioactive cloud as few of the fail safes worked. Your lesson take the nuclear plants off line when in doubt.

    For the leaders in my country, the US, this is only going to get worse and no panic due to fears are without merit will be more devastating than this glimpse you are seeing now. The tidal waves from the North Atlantic Tsunami will cause more destruction and move further inland where lower Maryland, Delaware, Philadelphia, Southern and Central New Jersey, New York City and Long Island will have few survivors in the impacted areas. The UK will be a civilization primarily remembered in books, films and the memories of the lucky and well connected as most England and Wales will stripped clean and a million bodies will call the channel home. Is this the status quo you want? Obama, behind your back you have few true political friends that will stand by you in distress, trust your wife more. Almost all of them want you out of power and you are being protected what do you have to lose? If you make that move, you will never look back. You said you want to make a change that counts, this is your chance. You have spoken the words, now walk the walk. Set the nation free. Will they try to make you look weak and inept, yes, but this is no different than the present day tactics. Many understand what is going on and the numbers will grow exponentially. This is where you have to maintain your faith in God.

   The constant earthquakes along the southwestern edge of the ring of fire, repetitive tidal waves and the quakes around May 1 plus or minus 10 days that will sink parts of Indonesia and Singapore, along with constant second sun sightings and other surprises will eventually quiet even your most vocal opponents. This is what you can count on.

March 19 Update:

   Have those in control learned a lesson with the nuclear disaster, no. They are depending on the caring for others as not to let their mistakes impact millions. This was the case in Japan by neutralizing certain aspects of the fissionable core. None of the corporate utilities and their executives are willing to shut down in the mitts of a geological threat. So you will have a choice act with responsibility with 4 nuclear plants to start along the lower Mississippi river or it shall be done by default. Small tremors will cause breaks and leaks to get public attention outside of your control, increasing in severity until you are shut down permanently. All far sooner than if you choose to take protective measures and think about the fines. You do not have a choice nor can you delay. The bonus, you will be a timetable to shut reactors in Japan to protect their people and still provide power up to the end. The alternative is suicide.

March 21 Update:

   The public is now learning the Japanese people were out of the loop for decisive information that affects loved ones, learn from this. Information held back as to the severity and danger, so why the backlash to US help? Japan was informed of the Earth changes from those in power behind the scenes in the US over a decade ago. This event caught both parties by surprise in the timing and the triple source of destruction. Japanese Officials in the know are keeping their mouth shut as per agreement with the previous administration, but those in the US are painting a picture that not all of the truth is being told about the nuclear disaster. Japan is incensed that it must protect the cover up while being shamed in front of its own people that they are the source of information suppression as they are doing what they were told to do. It is their ocean that has been polluted, their loss of life and industry suffering while others in the know just watch and offer support in front of the media, but truly is a token effort behind the scenes. A rich country that has limited resources at the gas pumps and supermarket selves? This tells you supplies are just in time and in a real emergency affecting the whole country, there is little to fall back on for the general population. This will be tested soon.

   In preparation for the Great Quakes you need to remove spent fuel from the pools within 9 months and bury in a geological safe area (not Japan) away infiltration of sea water. This is not an option.

March 24 Update:

   Most of in power have taken the message as a joke as if we can not read your intentions, and for this you shall know who is in control. Choose money and your ? or do the right thing. All those responsible for holding back the removal of the spent fuel rods and the damage they will cause to Japan and its people, shall find that same radioactivity is surrounding you bunkers in your time of need. Now you ask, what about the innocent inside the bunkers? They were given a choice for safety, will you tell them the truth? They will have the same options the population of Japan has. If just 1 more reactor is breached in an Earthquake releasing misery, you will feel their pain, suffering, sores, cancer and then a slow death and this is a promise.

May 11 Update:

   The government of Japan has sent a message through US and world media agencies stating that the use nuclear plants will and continue to be a part of their energy future. So what we have is a government that knows what is coming and chooses to continue the same policy that endangers their countrymen. In your culture you state their is honor and respect for what is right, where is that honor now? You know the reactors are venerable, but you continue the policies of silence setup by the elite. No one will search for the buried in earthquakes in a radioactive zone. No one will take your refugees. Like the others you underestimate what is at stake and you assume you will finish on top. Again not on my watch, the Earth changes will deliver new quakes to where you have no choice, but to shut down or be forced from government as incompetent. You better start constructing alternate sources of power now, as you have little time left. The choice, honor or shame with the decision that you as leaders make.

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