Judgment Time

The End Days


Written Dec. 25 12am EST

Let’s reflect on this day, the birth of Christ and look beyond the gifts, the spirit of compassion during the holidays, and the love of family and friends. Yes, that is so important in these times of division, but focus on the true picture. On a day that represents Christmas, the Son of God was born as a balance against the sins of mankind to save the children of God.

For all who cannot understand a virgin birth, let me explain that which was Holy. The Almighty created all life in what you call the universe and beyond. Mary born without sin as to be a pure vessel for carrying the fetus created by the power of the Holy Spirit infusing the Spirit of God representing the Son, Jesus and DNA into the egg of a human Mary. What History does not tell you, is that Mary never went through labor or did the infant Jesus yet to be born, pass through Mary’s vaginal canal. Jesus just appeared in the manger as Mary’s abdomen shrunk to the disbelief of those present. This is the Truth. This is the Miracle and Power of God.

The cleansing of this world has been delayed by my request until today, in which we honor the birth of Christ who died for sins. You were told a sign would be blood in the streets of Europe. This is now true with the riots and terror attacks in France, Belgium, UK and the various countries of the EU. You were told there would be a rise of schism within the Roman Catholic Church. This is true as Benedict was forced out, Francis talks of acceptance homosexuals, and never exposed sexual crimes of priests until it surfaced in the news. Upheaval in earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and volcanoes exploding underwater are now here, but still at a level to allow denial. But it is at a pace for those who see the signs to move forward and those who are evil will be removed along with the good.

Many of you will be unprepared for the up coming events as you were told that satan now controls your earth dictating to the new world order and Illuminati. Your mind and in many times the subconscious states especially in America, all is not right. You have a very slow inflation in America and the Fed (new world order) uses rate hikes to control this, when inflation starts to devalue the net worth of acquired assets. Current policy of the Fed, which is connected to the deep state chose to push you, the common man into a recession to increase debt. While allowing what would balloon to millions to immigrate here illegally, unimpeded. So I ask, a flood of uneducated workers as the economy contracts is a smart idea and we the taxpayers have to pay for your ineptness? They need to go.

The Almighty speaks, “ Your world has come to a point where the scales of sin have tipped to the extreme. I as God your Father Almighty seek to save all of you. Few are listening to those I send. So as in the time of Noah and the Time of Moses, I will give power to my servants to cleanse your world, by what every means they choose. Many unusual events will take hundreds, then thousands then millions. Look to the skies as I will send the double suns and you will know the Warning is just around the corner. It will be followed by the Great Miracle and then as few listen The Great Chastisements shall come. I as your Father beg you to change your way as I do not want to see My creation destroyed. And now I will turn it over to My Son, your Lord and Savior.”

Jesus speaks, “It is through Me you will live. I am all your soul needs to move from your retched earth. I am love. I am compassion. I am your Savior. I incarnated as God creator of all life into your human form died for your sins, that is so vast that only My Holy Life was the only balance that would save you, the children of God. So when you past those gifts among each other, just remember the gift I gave you.”

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