The Attack at Kabul



Written Aug. 26 3 pm EST


   All of you assumed, you had time to safely evacuate all of the Embassy staff and families. You were wrong by design, as satellites showed the Taliban advancing on Kabul with no resistance. Biden did nothing. I told you, if Russia or China attacked, he would do nothing. You think events would change with Taiwan or America? You were given this glimpse, heed it.

   Biden who could be on life support judging by his actions, for those left behind in Afghanistan, sent the CIA director, in what was suppose to secret, but leaked meeting. He knew, the Taliban was advancing with little resistance in the outskirt provinces before Kabul fell. He knew, sensitive data was left, advanced hi tech weaponry and did nothing. He knew, once the Taliban controlled the capital, he would, have to negotiate. The CIA was sent by Biden for one reason, for those who think, he is in control, you are idiots. His actions are those of the new world order, no matter, how you spin it. He told the director, to bribe the Taliban leader to allow us to save face and withdraw our citizens safely. This is about the next election, safety of our people come second. Can you understand this?

   What was promised, no retaliation within 6 months. You can keep the technology and the tens of billions dollars worth of weapons. A back door source to funnel rare earths to American Corporations. On top of that a billion plus in unmark US currency to make this work. This is your government. You say where is the proof?

   So the Taliban have Kabul under control, and they are now in power that suffered massive loses in the pass. They are just going to allow the Americans retrieve their own outside of the perimeter they control? Your Administration will and has given away everything, as you are not in the loop. This is why those 2 Democrats flew there, to see for themselves, as Pelosi felt, they did not need to know, what is going on? They are now muzzled. Who is going to talk at the State Department? If they do, they may end up like those 4 capitol police that committed suicide or worse like Seth.

   The Taliban has embarrassed the western forces and it was by design. The Biden Administration withdrew protection knowing the Americans would be under siege. Satellites observed the movement of the Taliban forces as they drove on roadways with little civilian population in proximity and the order to stand down was given covertly just like Benghazi. Yes some of the Afghans were cowards, but not all. Key points leading to the city were abandoned. This is a fact. Your eyes do not lie. The Biden Administration left the weapons so if America came back, they would put up a fight with our own weapons. They sent the troops back, to cover their blunder, as if they are in control. Did they just do the same thing with defund the police? Then you had the CIA agree to allow Taliban to remain in control, but made seem like a secret agreement. Money promised, as a transfer of wealth from the New York Fed was facilitated. So where can this go?

   The current plan is allow the showdown with Biden to expired, the Taliban now infiltrated by ISIS, (invited) carry out a terrorist attack within or outside the Kabul airport. Now this is a fact. What is key here, is the placement of the bomb, while your media states suicide bomber. Was there an announcement or surveillance to back this? A piece of luggage matching almost all left between 2 blast walls enhancing the damage was exploded remotely. Look at the site, the crater is there. Of course they will hide the true number of deaths, but you know how tightly packed they were at that location and if Americans on top of the wall were killed, the destruction on the ground was far worse. Now does this smell of ISIS or a well place false flag event? You decide. The secondary target was the hotel, it was needed to point the finger of blame.

   This was a new world order operation and that is what you face. This will allow contractors like Blackwater to increase emergency evacuations at lofty rates and you pay. Is the safety of the Americans left behind some under deep cover important? No, if it was, they would be safely at home, but they are hiding like desert rats, calling on their cells phones pleading for help.

   The Biden Administration created this disaster and now offer a tepid solution. Biden states there will repercussions for those who attacked the airport. Really paper tiger, just how are you going to do that, as you withdraw? The Taliban and ISIS are blended with the general population, so are you going to shoot them all? Sanctions will only hurt the Afghans. You know who pulled this off, as you work for them. You can not bite the hand that feeds you. The creeping truth is to undermine the leadership of this nation by design and back this with your lapdogs, the media. You can not go back to Trump, as riots will envelope the country, but promises of a return to power keeps the opposition in place with no action. This puts in motion, as things go south, to consider a global leader. This is the plan.


Update Aug. 31 5 pm EST


   The Biden Administration a month ago stated, there was no ISIS threat in Afghanistan. But after the airport attack, now they can find them in Eastern Afghanistan with little to no ground intelligence in a couple of days. The only answer is Biden was lying or not informed by design. Individuals met their demise via a drone, but no footage of the strike and little chatter. Why is that? Then we have the attack striking suicide bombers in route to the airport. No verification of who or how many was hit. The issue is with the explanation of the secondary explosions giving justification, that does not sit right. So what may have occurred?

   The official explanation of secondary explosions, does not seem to fly. The shells of the vehicles burnt out shown, but does not look like anything exploded from within judging from the video show on network news. Then exactly, how did they identify those inside the car as they would have had to observe them entering. If they did, why was not the site hit? You can not say the drone was not in the area, as it would take hours to fly there from the base. Why did you fire a missile into a crowded civilian area? Did it take Biden that long to comprehend the situation? More over where is the media backlash over 7 kids and baby dieing? What does not make sense is the blast zone of the missile, with little collateral damage to surrounding buildings and the damage sustained by the vehicle looked nothing like the missile attack by Trump.

   Now my eyes saw a low yield weapon that must be new and those explosives the suicide bombers were carrying must be gunpowder. The explosion at the airport would have destroyed those homes seen in the videos with multiple bombers. The damage and smoke plume again on video, makes no sense. Maybe the car just blew up and the Biden Administration put a spin on it. The lies we have been hearing, just do not make sense. Would he lie to deflect blame or be seen as handing out vengeance? I am sure of that? Nothing you do, will set things straight with the American people or the world. Plus no brownie points in Dover, next time stay home and send Harris, at least she can fake it.


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