Key take Aways in both the Democratic and Republican Parties


Written Sept. 16 10:59 am EST


   As the Mid Term election rapidly approaches, you need to realize both parties had achievements under the past and new administrations, but at what cost to the American public. The American rescue act did provide assistance to businesses, but the extended lockdowns eroded the help. Many business folded with the employees choosing not to work and take handouts. With poor management of money distribution in various states like California and lack of over sight, tens to maybe a hundred billion was lost to fraud. On top of that, the money supply increased.

   The infrastructure bill is a success on the surface, but filled with too many pork projects and side deals. The bill should have focused on bridges and highways that are used, not removed. Neighborhoods did not decline because of separation, it was lack of care. The introduction of charging stations nation wide is no small feat. Electric cars are the future if introduced where society can assimilate them into society without disrupting whole industries and jobs or initiating the relocation and disenfranchising of whole communities.

   On the quiet down side, electric cars can loose almost half their charge if you turn the heat on during extended drives in the winter especially in traffic. A half hour to fast charge a 100 miles, how is that going to work in the cities and suburbs charging stations? The grid would have to be upgraded to carry 480 volts 100+ amp lines. If you live in high rise apartments, how will you charge your vehicle? The danger if one of the stations are hit, it is instant death. What about floods, brown outs, EMP pulses. None of this was or still is considered by your clueless politicians.

   The green new deal is considered as a win for the Biden Administration, but again at what cost. Shortly, you the public will be aware that our carbon foot print is not the total cause of global warming, but it is fractional. I told you to put heat sensors 200 ft. deep into the ground in the western foot hills of the Sierra Nevada range. The ambient ground temperature is rising quickly, just like the ocean floors below the Artic and Antarctic oceans. This is the partial source of the heat waves occurring in the West. Storms will cloud the skies, dust will coat solar panels and electrical transmission will drop. Severe wind storms will paralyze wind turbines and drought will shut down your hydro power.

   Your solution is to dismantle coal and nuclear plants before you have a viable solution in place with backups. This is the problem with your ideas, as you preach this to the public. Ideas may sound great, and get voting levers pushed, but will destroy the country by design. Where is the common sense? Yes, something has to be done, but please think it through. All that you were told about a rosy future, is false.

   The stimulus payments set up by the administration seemed like a good idea and it was on the front end. The problem was again fraud and it promoted a marginally paid work force to stay home and collect those checks. Again this increases the money supply. So now prices rise to equalize the supply of money to available goods. The result, an increase of thousands of dollars a year for goods and food. Was it worth the checks? Then there is the price of gas and heating oil. Millions now may have to replace oil and gas furnaces for an electric heating system? You can be sure Congress and their families have stock in those electric and renewable industries as they get rich and you are poor. Is there a backup for brown outs or a grid collapse?

   The defund the police movement caught fire after the Floyd murder. Almost every Democrat and activist was on board and was backed by the media. The idea was to curb police brutality, reduce the lost of black lives, as they say it matters. Divert investments stripped from police budgets into communities with money siphon from alleged reckless police forces. This seemed like a no brainer, so they ran with it. Two years later with hindsight, the view is very different. I ask you again, are your elected politicians, leaders or followers?

   Your Democratic Party brought this to light, and it did change the public narrative, but at what cost? Community policing does not work in the inner cities, especially against gangs. They will just shoot you and your activists will run like cowards. Theft at businesses, looting, car jackings, murder and robbery are brazen now. It is out of control while you down play your policies you enacted due to the up coming election. You have taken no responsibility for your wrong decisions. More people are dying on your streets at a far greater rate than wrongful deaths by the police, which under any circumstance, is unacceptable.

   Minority criminals have targeted their own for decades, and you have changed nothing as children die in parks and strollers in the neighborhood. You let them loot the stores until clean and when they leave in some cases they burn it down. Insurance does not cover looting in red lined areas, so it is a total loss for minority business owners. You let them steal from those frequenting high end stores and restaurants when they reach their homes, but now they are going after high profile rappers and singers. What’s next, your expensive gated communities? This is when politicians will act, which is so sad.

   Trying to erase the injustice of the past, by enacting a policy to look the other way is insane. To not prosecute minor incidents like selling cigarettes, loitering, small fights among friends, minor traffic infractions without warrants is what you were suppose to do. Not let robbers, rapists, murders run wild and when they run do nothing. Where is your civic common sense? Congresswoman Bass’s house was buggerized and she feels safe. She is lying. She has guns, but is against them, because she now has police protection outside of her home. Politicians only change when they are affected, so be it. As the Almighty now releases His Raft against those who allow harm to come to those they are suppose to protect.

   One thing you need not question is your border. Kamala lied to America’s face, as the border is sealed. But it only takes several thousand illegals to cripple Democratic cities, yet millions pour through and you and Southern border states pay the bill. Hotel and busing fees in the high 10 of millions for about fifty bus loads for a few weeks. You do the math for 2 million caught and for years to decades last year alone, not counting the ones that got away. A crisis created and a Democratic solution offered. It is not working.

   Immigration is not broken, as we have a way to legally enter the country. The point is, many want to skip the line and fees under economic duress, not for political or religious asylum. And this policy was allowed to fill an underground cheap labor market that is a fraction of what it was. And now for the Republicans.

   Lets establish a past base for the actions of the Republican Party. When we speak of Republicans they have political issues too. Just look back to the 2000 election of Bush and Gore. Trucks carrying ballots from the polls got lost with a police escort. Days later ballots were found discarded in the Florida swamp. This action orchestrated from the highest level in the Florida government over turned the state of Florida from undecided leaning to Gore to a Bush win for the state and election. Not to mention the deliberate shift on printed ballots for Gore to another on the same horizontal line.

   A war was started over WMD after 911 to where a trillion dollars was spent and more than a million people total on both sides died. Rumor has it that certain politicians wanted control of Iraqi oil, but we will never know. NATO was allowed to ignore paying their fair share. The Bush Administration continued to allow jobs to be shipped overseas and with NAFTA, corporations moved to Mexico and Canada continued unfair trade practices.

   It was Kissinger by design, who allowed China to become the Great Dragon under Nixon, but working as an arm of the new world order, betraying this country. This was the start and the source that allowed China to rise again by design under the orders of the new world order, which Kissinger enacted. Present day Bush and Cheney are still new world order and Cheney, like father like daughter, all answer to the global plan.

   Remember globalist Romney who tried to destroy Obama and the Democratic Party in the 2012 election. They allowed the sight of a rope around Obama’s neck and supported the radical tea party, and few of you complained. But today Romney is a Democrat in a Republican costume. He was in charge of that underperforming Olympics in Utah. They shot down affordable healthcare, not that it would have worked, but the sin was, no alternative. They could have started with Medicaid fraud, over prescription of drugs to the elderly, unnecessary tests, double billing and increased screening for common medical issues. But no, but this takes common sense.

   The worse part for Republicans was to fall into the insurrection. Trump called for the march on the Capitol. Outside instigators sent by those at the highest levels in the Democratic Party edged the crowd on. Never let a great disaster go to waste. Trump knew Pence was not going to follow what he suggested. Pence had made his decision to abandon a sinking ship, as no evidence of a stolen election was available to reveal to the general public. He caved to the new world order with Pelosi and let events play out at the Capitol that would and has yielded enormous benefits for the Democrats in media optics. The underground Capitol is impenetrable. Even if the crowd that was let in was heavily armed. There is an escape transportation system below the Capitol to whisk all away in seconds in the event of a nuclear attack, so a slow moving crowd is no threat. This why Nancy did not authorized additional police or troops. They were safe. No police were killed at the Capitol, but those willing to talk about that day were as alleged suicides. The question that should be posed, is why did Trump call for this when there was no chance of success of a overturn? He is not dumb. All is not what it seems.

   You were told how an election could be stolen in past posts by tapping transmitting voting data from existing internal wiring. It is not monitored, because the tally always arrives and matches that sent from the voting precinct. Clamping a charge to line item sensor that drops off from a Bluetooth command inside of the scanning machines. It is simply a no charge, charge that affects the registration of a line item vote. Thus allowing the true overall vote to be unaltered, but changing one or two line items that count. Example, in Georgia the goal was to alter the Senate and Presidential races. Reprinting the modified ballots in real time and roll them in to polling places, as no one is going to inspect what all consider new voting sheets to be filled out. Then switch the boxes after the polls close and the votes match the doctored transmitted tallies. No need for wholesale voting machine switches that can be traced by officials looking for fraud, just one vote at a time. The best part, the makers of the polling machines can deny and sue those who offer theories with no proof.

   You were told, examine the sealed boxes and you will find voting sheets with the same or no finger prints. This can not be changed now. As all are alerted. Will this come out, no. But the poll workers this time will have accidents or just disappear at the hands of the new world order and those politicians that answer to them before the voters that elected them, as they can not be trusted. As for Trump, almost all voters in the Democratic Party believe he is lying and you are wasting your time by design. Keep waiting for reinstatement, as the carrot keeps moving away from you. It will take a miracle to reinstate you, AKA be accepted without question, but is it worth it? America does not trust the Supreme Court by design. The new world order wants civil war and a divided nation and this is the trigger. Then all will look for a global solution, the new world order. This is the goal.

   Trump should have never let his base race bait the media. This was your biggest error no matter what you did for the country. It looks like events are by design. Until you change this, few in the Democratic Party will believe your words., even though your some of your actions are true and best for the country as oppose to Biden. Remember you are still viewed as Manchurian candidate for the new world order and Biden is the weak diversion.

   America, if you want your country back before being sold out to the globalists, vote for those who put America first. In jobs, in criminal protection, common sense healthcare, a military that protects us, as the world will always have problems. You gave almost 100 billion to Ukraine and the country is fu.ked up and half the weapons were sold on the black market. Congress does not even know what or where weapons were sent or even delivered. Do we have idiots running Congress?

   Fauci financed and allowed a Covid problem to be created and spread worldwide. Pharm companies made 100s of billions and you dare not question. I told you, the top would be infected to prove a point like multiple times for Biden and his wife plus Fauci and this still went over your heads. You are being lied too. I did not want to ask God the Father for the next step, the rich, beautiful and powerful to contract Monkey Pox on their facial skin yet, but I am so close to authorizing that selective plague, but I think I will be overruled and it will be released. Change your ways, as time is short.

   I told you, Biden was allowed to win to show you the policies of inept politicians on both sides. 30% of families in America that work are 30 k from breaking even. In your big cities like New York they spend 43 K per homeless person per year, for many of you that is your salary. They waste or steal money, as friends and donors own the shelters. So a homeless shelter for one cost more than an average NYC apartment. All is not right, no matter how the Biden Administration spins it. This is what I expect you to learn and call out the other Party if they do the same.

   Your schools are dumb down, so that those that do not care to learn are not offended. Oh, why not hand out participation trophies for all the losers in sports instead of the winner. Again I am sorry we already do that. Math skills and cognitive creative thinking is the future. You as people have followed this path far too long. Use the voting booth to change this. America first is where all move forward against the world as one. Then you can change it in a position of strength. The narrative of racism that concerns an insignificant few should not deflect from the path. Again education erases racism.

   I hear racist cops across the media, but your children and loved ones die a thousand to one with out police protection. I hear all these changes for racial equality, but the true one, education is ignored. I see the role models on TV, get rich as an athlete, reality star with a porn tape engineered by a relative. Who does that? Lets be a rapper and spend your money on jewelry only to get robbed or killed by your own. We can now rob stores and no one will stop us and the corporations raise prices or leave. Is this the future you want? 2022 is not about a Party as those in charge have been there too long. It is about voting for someone who puts God and country first. I ask each and everyone who cares about a way of life that the world flocks to, as the future for family, as a citizen who cares about the truth instead of what the media feeds you when you have a mind and eyes, as an proud American. If it is so bad, why do they come from all nations? God Bless America.


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