The Balance between Labor and Management must be Maintained



Written May 20


    All major utility corporations have been fore-warned of the up coming disasters in order to maintain communication and power grids for the security of this country. Some have now decided to profit or shed responsibility for areas of the country that will be devastated in the next few years. Watch as private accounts go long on lumber, wheat, corn and soy futures while planting stories of a good harvest this year, thieves. The citrus industry in certain parts of this country and especially over seas will be crushed.

    In order to stop the price gouging through the manipulation of future contracts on the CBOT only those firms with real inventory should be able to trade up to what they have on hand or in the field and ban all other trades for profit. Either you will change the rules or once a certain point is reached those who profited will wish they were dead rather than face the ordeal that will come from the Almighty. This is your first warning.

   Now to those utilities that have chosen to squeeze labor for your executive marketing and take over companies that may be billion dollar mistakes. For so long, the cost of labor has been moved over seas as there is no loyalty to the worker; it is all about the dollar. If this was to continue the same foreigners you employ come here and buy your assets. While your ex workers can no longer afford your products. But you do not see this.

   Innovation and a need create profits, a company that lacks talent and ingenuity cuts costs through the reduction of labor and benefits. There is threshold of diminishing returns and then a loss of talent, but by then you are about to close or be absorbed. So what is ahead for America’s utility companies?

   Some utilities have contract renewals and have taken a hard line by removing shifts allowing worker flexibility and cutting wages by eliminating the option for night and Saturday differential, thus established employees are now taking a sudden 10%+ pay loss. So now utilities you can roll the dice or find any excuse to return to your workers what is theirs for you will need them shortly more than you can imagine. Your second warning will be the loss of all corporate call centers in Central America, Tijuana Mexico, India and the Philippines. You can count on this. Your third and final warning will be lightning strikes so close to corporate headquarters you will think it was in the break room in groups of three over time. Don’t listen and storms will crush your infrastructure and you will beg your workers to take overtime. When the truth is released, they will quit for they will know who betrayed them with inside knowledge. Vendors, they will quit rather than be force to work 12 hour days 7 days a week in a national emergency for sub par wages. If you doubt these words then ask others.

   Current labor plans did come as a surprise as the words, “we are in this together”, are just shallow words for your actions show your true nature. Crush labor and the wrath of God will be brought home, again this is a promise. You can change this where all benefit. Infrastructure less affected and market share increases as you are seen as leader where corporate and labor move forward in unison. The ball is in your court as all need to be equal in the coming earth changes. Failure to carry out these changes starts at the top.


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