The Lack of Reality Among Your Leaders



Written May 2 11:59 pm EST


   A few years ago, Elon was the darling of the elite and still is. This is how he amassed his wealth through shady deals and cooperation. All of you know how free speech is the foundation of this nationís citizens rights to express their thoughts without censorship. All you hear reports of the stolen elections in 2016 and 2020, but nothing has been presented. What has been presented was the Russian collusion. The plan was executed under the orders of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. What the media refuses to look at, is that Hunter extorted for profit from nations by proxy (jobs) for pay for play access to his father. The payoffs are documented. He access is still alleged. The sad part in the media, is there is nothing to see here. Laptops that e-mails incriminate and witnesses discounted, but was crushed by the FBI. Lets not disturb the flow in politics.

   All search engines use algorithms to suppress or promote the truth. Google did it for 20+ years to this web site. You need to ask why? Now Elon Musk was a tool of the new world order and you think they would allow that take over as an option if not wanted? Yes he states he will bring freedom of speech, yet Mike was just banned again.

   Now, I am no fan of him (the pillow guy) using false doctor testimonials to advance his wealth. The fall guy for the Trump voter fraud. If Trump did win and was waiting to take over, the problem is, he waited too long as Biden has destroyed the nation and we are on the brink. As I see it, he is part of the plan. What, pick up the pieces after a nuclear strike? The new world order is already in command and you are a worthless pawn playing the by design hero. Trump, you can stand up now with proof or donít, but you wonít. You have been played and you know I do not lie. There always will be a carrot just out of your reach by design. They are lying to you.

   Pelosi grand stand in Ukraine Sunday past, but she is late to the party. Boris was there and the UN leader walking the same walk. You looked a little nervous there walking through the streets, who does that and why? But, told you to go there, as I know, it was not your idea, Blinken? You have learned nothing by your visit except US troops protected you and the Ukraine force absent, as they could not be trusted, but you think you got a great photo op. Really as many saw the fear in your body language with hesitation. The Almighty protected you as a sniper had you dead to right. Please thank Him. But you wonít, such the loser. Zelenskyy is a paid puppet of the CIA working for the new world order. The only thing he cares about, is the unwatched flow of money and arms so he can get rich, f..k the Ukrainian people.

   Domestically, Biden has an opportunity to do something about student debt. The wise thing would be to lower interest rates on all loans to the Prime Rate, but you will not do the common sense solution, but offer a one time forgiveness that is a kick back to the banks. Financial slavery will continue to crush the students who seek education, but found little to no jobs that paid a wage for the education they got. For once, stop thinking about what this will do for the Democratic Party in the Midterms and instead, concentrate on what this would do for the American student. This is your failure.

   So over the past few years, I have watched your response to the issues in minority communities. You let people riot and destroy inner city businesses own by minorities. Let them vent as an excuse? Youíre an idiot. Minority businesses loss millions and had no insurance, as their neighborhoods were redlined. You let them steal without regard to the law and major business wrote off the community and left. You let activists who only care about getting rich bend your laws and opinions. Was this your plan?

   Bush slept in the streets of St. Louis with guards and media, knowing she can go home to her mansion. Your narrative is a farce. You have no spine to change things. Present a bill in Congress for true change and you get push back. Not now pup, if you want a committee appointment. This is the game you play, ask AOC. You only drift to the whims of the polls, which are fixed. These are you leaders.

   By the way, shout out to both Joe B and Noah at the Correspondence Dinner, you crushed it. It was a good time.


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