Late Term Abortion

The New York and upcoming Virginia Decision



Written Feb. 2 2am EST

   In New York State, the governor has signed into law a bill that allows late term abortions up to the point of birth. You have been told, the gift of life is when the soul, what you call as your living conscience, which separates you from animals as sentient, fuses with a human cell at the point of conception. Do you really think, you as man have an understanding of the creation of life? It is God the Father that is the Author life. Only He has the authority to take life or by those carrying out His will. So you shall see.

   Andrew exactly who are you serving? As a Roman Catholic you have a faith. That faith is based on the teachings of Jesus, as He established the religion with Peter as His first. Now again, I ask is it a womanís right over her body that you back or that which is taught by your Lord, Jesus that has the right over life? I already know your answer, so I have deemed it to make an example to the world, that this will not be tolerated. Your primary city will be leveled in certain sections as an example to the world. Millions will be lost and with this, as written in the Bible as Babylon, maybe some of you and other politicians that have been corrupted, will change. I truly hope so. If so, we save millions of souls, as many has ask for God to save them as death is eminent, so be it. But to lose millions as you kill life, this is a no.

   I told you, you really think life begins as air enters the babyís lungs. Is the baby dead without life in the womb? No. The baby uses the mothers lungs as oxygen passes through the placenta into the blood supply of the baby, until it is on its own. When a womanís water breaks during the birthing process, the baby gasps for air within the womb, but there is none, as it is still being fed air from the umbilical cord. Any fluid swallowed goes into the stomach. Your water breaking is by design, so that the baby does not drown in the motherís fluids. This is the mystery of birth designed by God. Only once an air supply is available either by caesarian or natural birth, does air fill the lungs of the baby, and upon an exhale you hear crying. They are conscience, and alive, as brain wave patterns in the womb and outside the womb, do not change with passage through a vaginal canal. This is where your scientist are idiots.

   You will be given 3 signs, heed them, or I with the power of the Almighty, will level the city I once loved. Andrew a tip, your partner with the same agenda, the Virginia governor has been taken out by design, as many states were waiting to follow like Vermont, he will resign by force, your fate will not be that easy. Your brother was given a pass, you are given an ultimatum, heed it.

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