Leadership Crumbles in Democratic Cities

Riots uncontrolled, do you want war?



Written May 29 11:59 pm EST

   What we are witnessing in Minneapolis, is shameful, and where is Ilhan or Pelosi? Governor, are you that weak, that you can not control your state? Just who gave the order to abandon the police station? I ask again, who are the *pu..ies running your government? You are out of control, and now the Almighty is going to step in.

   You let outsiders burn your buildings, incite looting and you run. You are such the coward ordering your police to evacuate. This is not a sign of strength, but I guess you spineless politicians when put to the test, fold. First, charge the 3 officers with accessory to manslaughter. They will still be angry, as what took so long, even though this is the first high profile case of many, that got an arrest in days. Protect the stores and prevent intentional arson.

   The order for the National Guard, looters may be shot or prosecuted. The few are destroying the whole. Stores will not return. Insurance will increase for businesses, homes and autos, but the mindless roaming the streets, do you not see this. You will pay. America sees this, and when you have to move populations, it will not be safe in rural areas unless on a military base.

   The officer and Floyd worked at the same club in the recent past and knew each other, as there was bad blood between them. They hated and taunted each other, race was secondary. No one has an explanation of why Floyd was not placed in the back passenger side of the police vehicle. How did he wind up on the driver side past the front wheel? The officer called his own to bring him around and words were exchanged. In anger, Floyd was forced to the ground to beg for his life.

   The officer saw an opportunity and shifted his weight off of his neck, and applied pressure at an angle to his windpipe that could not be seen in the heat of the moment by the street. Cell phones did not show depth, but a general 2 dimensional recording. The attending officers were wishing this would just end. It did to their horror, in death. The autopsy will reveal a partially collapsed wind pipe and oxygen and blood deprivation to certain areas of the brain. The police vehicle partial blocked one view, his back the other, and a side view by officers, and others told to stand on the sidewalks. This is why, I recommended 2nd degree murder, as the officer was well aware, he could die, but others were caught off guard. He rolled the dice hoping to send a message, and when he died in the street, they panicked. The cover-up, the attend paramedics knew he was dead at the scene. The officer then conference all officers off site, so all were all on the same page. Arrest them and shut this down now. This is not an issue with Trump, as you Democrats control the cities. Racial hatred has been embedded in society for decades, party of Jim Crow. Obama and Biden had 8 years to change the mindset in Democratic city police forces. They failed. Let it play out in the courts, as all is not what it seems.

   I warn all of you, to get your house in order before the Almighty destroys your world. You need not ask why, just look around. Shut down the violence in this nation or the Almighty will. You have 7 days, tic-toc. Yes, this is a threat from God, as I am the messenger. He starts always at the top, of which is rotten.

   Arrest the 3, no one loots, no one burns buildings, no one profits, you want to peaceful protest, so be it. The ugly truth, it is your Democratic cities that lead their police forces that kill your people, just when are you going to take the blinders off? They offer welfare, not jobs. They offer subsidized slums, not homes. They offer sub standard education with debt. You are fools. If you do not change those taking advantage on both sides, He will …?



Update May 30 12:30 pm EST

   A warning for those seeking to promote the Russians and White Supremacists especially the media. Now you can not be that stupid to think, a neo-nazi is going to walk into a rioting Black Crowd and be on the front lines of violence? Russia wants to create dissent in Minneapolis as part of their global scheme? You are idiots.

   The outsiders broke the glass of the stores to encourage looting by the locals. They burnt the stores allowing corporate to collect insurance by design and destroyed neighborhood jobs. But this will never be proven. Those using people of color to incite the crowds are deep state. Get paid to riot, only in America. Did you not learn your lesson in Baltimore? Now you bring in Civil Rights leaders hoping things change?

   The young Blackman has no respect for civil rights leaders of the past. Again, nothing has changed for them in decades. Wake up, these are the same leaders and Democrats that have controlled your lives for decades and you expect a different result? Your Democratic mayor and chief of police set the tone in the city of Minneapolis, but you do not address this. Continue to push back with Trump and this will blowup in your faces. It was not an outside white supremacist or Russian responsible for what you see after a white cop got caught killing an unarmed Blackman. Anger pent up after decades of abuse, low wages, little hope of a future and the pandemic, exploded. The deep state saw an opportunity to exploit this and you are none the wiser.

   This needs to stop, the action of one with on lookers does not mean the whole force is bad. Do you want the nation to say all people of Minneapolis are looters and arsonists for the actions of a few? Step back, and be careful of how you present this to the media and the media to the general public. I will be watching.

Update May 30 7 pm EST

   In you’re your minds, many asked about white supremacists, and if they are behind the attacks in Minneapolis? The answer yes and no, yes, as it is the those in power of your nation who where kkk hoods like the Governor of Virginia, but no for low level racists that had no part, but the finger of blame points to them. You have been told racism has declined especially under Obama and Biden. This was a lie, as labeling Trump as a racists by the media will backfire. Your attempt in the main stream media did activate low level racists, as it was you that promoted this, just like you promoted views of Obama lynching’s. Do you remember? The white supremacists are here since the Civil War and the neo-nazis since 45‘. Some democratic, republican leaders, justices harbor these same feelings. This is a fact of life. As an oppressed race, you offer some advancements, allow few of their own to rise to save, but never allow true change. Promote obesity, poor health care and in an pandemic natural or planned, they will be the first to die. This is a fact you see today, but ignore.

   White supremacy hides behind those that offer hope at the highest levels, but nothing changes and you point fingers at the pawns. Look to the leaders you vote in over decades, change if you want a future. Again, all is not what it seems.

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