Leaders of the World


Written July 9

   All of you think you have the courage to stop one man from ruling your nation, but the foundations are already in place. Policies put in place that seem careless, now stifle your countries. Not one of you had the courage to change this and now your laws are being altered in the name of justice for all, such deceit that is hidden. Really you say I have always championed the rights of the oppressed, where were you, during the mortgage crisis, the Iraq war, 911 and now voting rights, cowards?

   Legislatures, that cannot agree on any direction in government as the will of the people is lost. Every one of you sees this as the other country’s problem, but yet it is brewing just under the surface of many western nations. All see the division between the sects in the Moslem world, but few see who is behind this. The Middle Eastern elite will do anything for the almighty dollar and their people fight against the same imperialism that funds their coffers. If the oil dollars disappeared your nations would wither in the heat with little food and water, so much for your jihad. The truth again is that you are being used. As the actions of the few will bring down the wrath of the western nations as the dark one comes to claim souls, because all of you are asleep.

   So citizens of this world how does it work in the Middle East and why are your people oppressed? Western corporations driven by greed, offer those who can maintain power and stability within the oil countries. The citizens who realize the corruption, when they oppose, are killed for example by their own, but those involved get sick of the murder for hire as the source of funds is known and defect. It is here that insurgency builds and takes up a mission to expel all that is western. It is all about the money.

    With most of the brutality covered up and hidden and a regime that is about to lose power calls on Big Oil to lobby government officials for “military intervention” on the premise of nation security. The point if the government changes a new player may take the oil fields. It is about maintaining wealth. The American and British people are not your enemies, like you, we are all pawns. The elite care nothing about its citizens as you know 911 was an inside job killing their own pointing to you all to secure oil fields before the pole shift. Journalists, you keep laughing, but some of you have the pictures of the World Trade Center where you can see the standing steel I beams many cut at 45 to 60 degree angles, enough of the lies.

   The western elite use you, as terror creates fear, fear creates a defense industry and weapons which create wealth as a fearful population gives away their money and rights to protect themselves from you, but really your money and funding for your side are from these same elite, as greed corrupt almost all at the top. It is a terrible game where people die but there is a great transfer of wealth. When it is not working fast enough there are false flags and more bombings to herd the population. Change comes from the national resources of your country going to help lift your entire population, not just the few. This is your enemy, not the people of the western and Jewish nations.

   War will escalate and it will be the Middle East the may pay the ultimate price. Is there any cause worth seeing millions vaporized, burnt into shadows of death or worse suffering a slow radioactive death? You are being herded with hype, step back and examine the total picture.

   Leaders of this world, I need you to standup for what is right, for many of you it will be the first time in your lives you stand for someone other than yourself. These arranged wars will bring fear to the world where one brave man will step up and solve it as all of you are tired of the strife and death. He will have all the keys and almost unlimited Rothschild funding. This is the same family group of bankers that funded America, UK and Germany as one in World War 2. Are we going to play this same game again with new players? Beware; do not give away your nation’s sovereignty for safety. It is a trap for your people and the world. The paid media will rave, celebrities will promote, the Catholic Church will morph to accept all, no matter what the cost and many will fall. It is about building a covert base of support when the people realize they have been fooled. We need you to be that rock on earth that does not waver when the lost are seeking an alternative. It is here you point them home, Jesus. No matter what was done during life, with true remorse He will forgive you. As all hope seems lost, call Him and He will offer a His hand to lift you. It is about saving all of you, but you must ask.

   Israel, when the good of mankind is presented to bring about peace in the world, where all come together, there is a sacrifice. All of your “friends” you think you have as those who believe in God are shunned; you will be seen as the problem. Your worse nightmare will become a reality as the true antichrist will be given control of your nation. This is written and you must prepare. The longer you wait to realize Jesus was your Messiah, the more will die.

   The Almighty speaks, “I am the God of Abraham who seeded your race. You are My chosen race and it has been over 2000 years since I have spoken to you in these times. Heed My words, do not make the same mistake your forefathers did in pride and arrogance. I am a forgiving God as you know; take the hand of mercy My Son offers you in love. It does not matter if your ancestors crucified My Son, if you repent. Return to Me My children and share the glory I have prepared for you, for I am your Father. In return, I will bless with the seal of protection so that the angel death passes over your family. Refuse this offer and you will befall the same fate as the Egyptians whom you ran from. My patience wears thin as time is short, choose your Father or.”  

   The steps you take today will save billions in the future. Apathy kills, action saves. This is your mission. This is what Jesus expects you do to for him, your Savior. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for the world.


An Abortion Update


   Your world has disgraced Father. Exactly how many ways do you want to slap the Creator’s face? Time is up. You Democrats can listen or fall. Yes you care for the people, but I am begging you to step back and let the Republicans, shut down abortion. You have asked to ascend and within this universe is about a respect for life created by the Almighty. There are no exceptions in your feeble minds. You are mental children, with no disrespect where your present life span is measured in mere years versus to that which is immortal, soon to be your inheritance. Now this is to warn you a change is coming starting in the latter part of August 2013. If you recognize the chastisement for why it destroys the earth, then you have made a first step. You have the power to change and stop it.

   Abortion destroys what the almighty creates by His Holy Will and you defy Him by changing His Laws in your human courts. This will stop through destruction of parts of your world or by revoking laws that are against the commandments revealed to you by Moses. The point, patients will die on the table, doctors will have accidents, buildings will be leveled, lawmakers will have lives cut short, journalist will die if you choose to promote. Is this what you want?

   So arrogant are you the people of earth, the punishment in hell, which, you think is fiction, shall be taken away for the sin of Abortion. The Almighty will take your soul as your life is cut short and disperse your conscience about the universe and you will have no life after death. Your soul particles recycled will build a new conscience, hopefully when the Almighty assembles the next life form if sentient, they will make better choices. The purge of all that is evil will start now as examples will show others to save most and all will know the power of God, Jesus. He is merciful. He is just and wants to save all. You have a choice as most on this world have been deceived. Again, if unsure stay quiet until all is confirmed.

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