Leaders of the World




Written Jan 6


    Leaders of the world focusing on home, you have begun to feel signs of worry as you cannot trust those who have advised you, so now what? All of you thought you would come out on top of the precursors of the pole shift as the population of earth is none the wiser. What you fear is your own population discarding your leadership and replaced by popular demand a Charismatic leader, the foretold antichrist. Know this; when he takes power all in power presently not with the “agenda” will be eliminated by his appointed oppressors. Look at how the Vatican has added cardinals aligned with the pope instead of the Truth.

   The current oil gut was not predicted as the shale reserves were to replace the loss of Middle Eastern oil as the up coming quakes delayed, but will occur over the next 2 years will plunge the Middle East and its countries into despair and broken infrastructure beyond repair. The plan was to force those aligned with Moslem religion to explode against Israel as loss of income and famine ravage the desert countries. Israel per secret agreement set up under the Clinton–Bush administrations shall receive food per agreement with the US as millions in their own Arab countries die; this is what is being orchestrated as we speak.

   Fracking was approved and covertly assisted by the US government in order to have a self sustainable energy source as the Middle East is destroyed via great quakes. It is no mistake that the semi geological stable area of North Dakota was chosen instead of Pennsylvania and New York, where just a some wells was established as a backup. Now the leader of the Free World shall be faced with a choice. The Environmental impact of an oil spill would impact aquifers, but this is known.

   The current plan is for you to oppose the pipeline as I did in the past. You are being played. The proponents of climate change are thinking the world as we know will change over the next century impacting our children. This is a lie. This is who you are listening to. The world will change this year. Events have changed. The dark side never expected the US to become the world largest producer of oil as the earth changes were delayed by the Almighty and the Saudis know the break even point for shale is far below what is given to the media. Reduce the source of money and the local terrorist agenda is crushed.

   The new world order expects this and will allow Israel an upper hand to quasi control the Middle East, at the tipping point, war will be the only choice to survive with Russia and China backing the oppressed all will look for a scapegoat, the children of God, Israel. This plan was put in place years ago was to crush the US economy and stifle its source of energy under your watch as there would be not enough time to develop the industry in North Dakota. Remember what Kissinger said years ago, “Obama would be perfect as president in order to usher in the new world order” and this was true if not God had not stepped in to lessen the effects in the political process. Although, lessened, the new world order will still control most of the world for a short period of time, focused in what is left of Europe and the EU. This has been foretold in Revelations.

   The Republicans are shocked with the drop in oil prices as they know what this will mean in 2016 if sustained. Now is time to stand up for the American people with what you know. You have been told this world as you know it will experience a pole shift within the next 5 years. This is the Truth.

   The new world order hopes to divide and conquer this country, but not on the watch of God. Obama, yes your name is used only to send a direct message approve the Keystone project and accelerate the project and put in safe guards as if it is in an active fault zone.

   You will use the Army Corp of Engineers to establish the safe guards and negate the out side of personal gain of the corporations already promised the job by the Republicans and the need to protect this country, which is your elected job. Automatic shut off systems that are manual, impervious to hacking and magnetron streaming from outside sources during quake activity and valves strategically placed near aquifers and waterways. Use the self sealing technology on all joints as a cheap safe guard. Establish refineries in North Dakota as the pipeline need not carry such a volume if refined. Tires have it and you tell me that the US with all of its technology cannot apply this technology on a static pipeline? This needs to be in place within the next year as a strategic priority on a level as if this was war, for shortly the world will be in war. Never depend upon another nation as the world turns dark. Never be influence by another by something we can prepare for in advance, in secret. As leader of this nation first, it is up to you to take the heat to protect those you serve. This is what I do in the name of God and you know this. What is your decision?

   The Gulf Coast and inland will be riddled with storms lasting weeks and little time to recover, earthquakes already active in the Dallas area will only increase misery, sinkholes and damaged infrastructure. You need a backup as national security and the oil refineries that fuel this nation are in jeopardy. This is your hands, force it.

   Europe, Russia and the Middle East will suffer and their needs will open the door to be a beacon of hope. A leader that needs to take control no matter what the consequences for the world when on the brink will not forgive those who stood in the perceived safety of being on the sidelines. You, the world so caught up in a polished look, perceived charity, works of peace as he tells his minions to stand down, most of will be fooled and turn over leadership of this world to satan, incarnated as the antichrist. Like Hitler he will show is true nature when all submit and instead of just killing the Jews like his pawn Hitler, he will start WWW3 and kill billions.

   It is very very important that this nation becomes a Christian and Jewish haven where those persecuted around this world has a refuge. As individual rights are gaining respect, this is not the problem. It is when you put individual rights in front of the Laws of God.

   You were created by the Almighty and you as a creation have no rights in front of God, this is why you will face His wrath. This is why the earth will be cleansed. This is why there will be a new beginning for those who adhere to the Laws of the Creator. Know this; what you will shortly witness will not be climate change for all is in the Hands of the Almighty. Do not fear, for all that you see is wrong with this world shall be swept away. Billions lost temporarily in the eyes of the living, but life is eternal. This is the key.




   Almighty speaks, “I have watched all of you that, hides in the shadows proclaiming justice, kill the police, burn, which hurt others. It is your actions that the families of innocent policeman will never see their families. You have been told never place all in one group, just as you have been abused over time. Now what you faced in prejudiced over centuries and you want the whole police force to face for the actions of the few, hypocrites. Black, White, Asians, Policemen and Citizens, you are all My Children. You stood up for Furguson and Staten Island, but where are the leaders when I the Almighty lost one of MY children, innocent Tamar. He was a child and not given the mental time to process a threat from a policemen intent on killing anything that offered an “opportunity”. The video does not lie. Where was uphold the sanity of life unless proven guilty or imminent threat? Where was uphold justice when there was no threat except in his mind? Where is the answer from leadership as they try and spin this? Has your nation sunk to such lows that those appointed to carry out your laws, that those you train as protectors of the community cannot differentiate a child with one of your toy guns playing by himself in a park and a criminal? Do not lie. This is hate. This is indifference to life. There is a need to change as Tamar is with Me in all of his glory. Many of you who are associated with this lie of justice will never see My face.”


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