Supreme Court Leak



Written May 3 11:59 pm EST


   For those in the media who are commenting on what you do not know, especially abortion, lets educate you. The document leaked by Politico written by Justice Samuel Alito was an unfinished draft stored in his personal files. It is not so much what was in the document, as the left already feared the reversal of Roe vs. Wade, but the timing of the leak. I always told you, those responsible for the leak are the ones with the most to gain and it is true here.

   The Supreme Court is unaware the NSA has taps on all of their servers and phones. This is standard procedure under the control of the new world order and is outside of the control of your government officials that just pass through over time. Judge Alito gave little access to his draft and security has the login of anyone who would access the draft, that few knew it existed. The closed system would have revealed the culprit, but your leaders are clueless, as the fail to believe the NSA is surveilling their every message, paper or call. This was not an internal breach, the NSA with the approval of the highest levels in Congress allowed the breach. You will find no internal fall guy unless framed, it will lead to speculation of an alleged Pelosi involvement. The key here was the timing. Judge Alito knew what a release would do to the November elections, so again it was an advance draft that many Justices still have to agree too.

   The goal of the leak was to stir women to vote Democratic to offset the current and future losses from Biden policy, not stop an overturn. Second to change the news narrative from Biden failures to woman‘s rights. Not one of you knows how the Court will vote, you assume on a draft? This is how easy, it is the play the American people. Removal of Federal Law does not prevent the States from acting. But you in the left do not state this, why?

   The Almighty will eliminate those behind this and diminish the power of those responsible in Congress. Now He wants to educate you, the Almighty speaks, “ My children when I tell you all life is sacred and created by My Hand, it is true. The spark of life starts at conception, the body one cell or many at birth and death are the same for the spirit I place within you. If communication between the birthing child and the mother were allowed, you would hear their souls cry out as the die from abortion. You will ask why, I God the Father Almighty would allow the destruction of your world in the near future. It is because of one reason of many sins, you choose to destroy that, which I create, life. Just like I created you.” The Words of Jesus are true, “Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.” You have free will, choose, because shortly forgiveness of the harden, will be replace by removal. Heed this.


Update May 4 3 pm EST


   Will this lead to revoking gay marriage? First marriage is a sacrament of God and the Constitution recognizes separation of church and state. The government has no right to sanction gay marriage nor is it valid in the Eyes of God. Men passed laws recognizing gay civil marriage and that is fine. You have free will and you can love who you want, but the Constitution does not back this nor does God. SCOTUS will likely pass on this by not commenting, as their voice will change nothing in the harden hearts of men and women. They already have enough heat.


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