The Line is Crossed



Written Apr 13 7pm EST


   All of you have seen comment after comment come true here at the Chronicles except for the full brunt of the chastisements and you still believe you have control of this world. I sanction by the Almighty have shown you some flaws in your political and banking systems and few are listening. What is worse, nothing has changed since Vietnam War ended.

   Bernie who was never supposed to win and his candidacy rose only to show you how those backed by the elite win. The media that slants, polls that mislead, political lies, special interest PACs and the use of super delegates when all else fails. Influence peddling crushed, now Obama as you were my man speak of no prosecution. Just what threats did the elite use against you? Did you call on the Almighty for protection, no? This was your final mistake in the eyes of God besides not telling the world what is about to befall them. You have no heritage as only cowards run from the mission they were suppose to carry out. You have a chance to make things right. I hope you for once leave the politics and stand up for God, this nation and its people. Healthcare is useless if there are no hospitals and drugs. Corporations defy you as they continue to move jobs over seas.

   What is so sad is you know I am protected against many assassination attempts and I thank you for taking and removing the heat that was under Bush, but I can not depend upon you as they have started again including the last one with that tractor trailer running the red light on Thompson road that failed. You were protected and this has been revoked. You are on your own, good luck. You can reconsider. All that go against God will seal their fate. For the media heed this for you are the tip of the spear that pollutes the minds of those who just listen.

   The Republican elite have told you by their actions, no matter what the voter states, your opinion does not count. So Trump is worst than Hillary. The trade deficit in March 2015 was 51.4 billion alone with China. So this year we could have a trade differential of a half trillion dollars and no one is concerned. It is here a super military with the same cheap labor this country put in place shall develop, but you donít see this. You have allowed corporate greed based on the dollar that will soon collapse to finance the army prophesized in the Bible. All that money is given to an enemy who pretends to be a friend. If not, just what would a trillion dollars buy in the US?  Currency manipulation to make it more valuable and these are the leaders you voted to guide this nation.  It is all about the gold; just ask the Clintons and Bushes. Paper money is all about faith. The Chastisements will destroy that faith in your monetary systems. Off shore accounts are toast, but those of you acquired gold will hold all the cards as they still manipulate the market futures south.

   When they march and millions at first then billions die, you will cry out why? Trade war is a joke when you are losing 50 billion a month to just one country. What you refuse to realize is that a fraction of that money given to the workers here would save jobs and reduce dependency on other nations and more important buy your products. Managers just how long do you think this will last. When the jobs you send overseas reduce demand for your products. Then with the money you give them they buy your homes in your neighborhoods. This is the bottom line, traitors.

   Corporations have forgotten how to innovate. Those with the ideas are crushed as a threat. Those who make alliances and have the gift of gab continue to put forth programs that fail with no penalty. Few of you pay attention to the laws of God. He has told you he does not tolerate homosexuality for any reason, but he loves mankind. You are so stupid as to ignore the rights of women for those that pretend.  If there is a first rape in a shared bathroom then what? If you are a transgender then cut it off otherwise use the menís bathroom or unisex.

   The Almighty has given power to reign down on the earth to destroy evil and that time has come. You have no clue as to what is coming and as the Bible foretold all of you will wish you were dead and this is a promise.

   The media backs the elite as they delicately promote some truth. Your candidates continue to lie and nothing has changed instead it is worse. The goal from the new world order is to damn your souls, which few of you thinks exists. Hey, the Almighty would rather you die in your physical life during a cataclysm praising Him than lose your soul to the dark one. So it shall begin, the cleansing of the earth as your leaders are cowards and as you see they hide their money stolen from taxpayers. This is the Truth.


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