As Covid-19 Defies Logic




Written Cinco de Mayo 11:15 pm EST


   Much has been written as to the source of the virus, and how it spread. The media or intelligence agencies do no not confirm or deny the wet markets in China, was the true source. Why, there is no evidence to collaborate it. DNA sequencing and local sampling does not support a single point of origin. Further testing on site by the CDC was blocked on orders by Xi. The Trump Administration by design, is stating the new strain originated in a level 4 Wuhan bio-lab. This was a compromise between the new world order and this administration. Knowing it was not the Truth. Trump takes the hit again by design. There is a balance on earth between good and evil to allow a free choice. The truth would shift the left on words, instead of their true actions, so this will play out.

   I told you that the Almighty took part of mankindís viral work and mutated it. I told you, the virus would bring Xi to his knees. It did. He eliminated millions of his own to curb it. It was a threat to his planned world domination. But an opportunity did open up. Vials of fluids from the dead mixed with solids containing Covid-19 were given to their citizens as lip balm, sun screen, and liquid form in tinted bottled water before flights. Unaware there were the carriers of death to the Western world. Your leaders are gullible, as they would do this, but they did. You can not spin the deaths. Just know, watch as the Asian hornets decimate states. Do you have a pattern of infestation spreading? No, they were planted. Good luck.

   So how did this virus spread in certain areas? It was the hand of God that cursed New York City and New Orleans, more to come. In other areas, it was spread by design, elimination of the useless eaters. The goal martial law preventing the population from moving, as the earth changes escalate. Look at the explosion of cases in your meat plants, but countered by the weak dying in nursing homes. Hospitals under siege, but on the brink of bankruptcy. This is their plan.

   What is coming will shock this world. Few of you, thinks that God the Father Almighty will not destroy (cleanse) this world, yet it is written in your Bible. Did He not do this in the time of Noah, as all laughed, and sin is now greater? Oh you ask, He said, He will not destroy earth by water. That is true, it will be by fire. That time is shortly upon you. New York will suffer a great quake, and for good measure level the Jehovah Witness Headquarters (near Ramapo NY) by design. Quakes will rip the mid section of our nation (St. Louis, Memphis, Chicago, Detroit), but where will they go, as millions have injuries? Tidal waves will wash great portion of western Europe away, now what? The rebound will assault the US eastern coastline. Power surges, at first unexplained, will start fires in homes, when all are asleep. This is just a taste of, what is to come. Prepare your soul, before your body, as that will return to dust. No man, no religion guarantees salvation, it is up to you, to atone for your sins, or beg Jesus for forgiveness.

   Your leaders are our out of control, and offer nothing. When the shit hits the fan, look for them. They will no where to be found, mentally unstable, or have no real answers.


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