Political Look Back and World Events

November 2015



Written Nov 2

Update Nov 5


    The astute can now look at our political process and visualize how the Americans are herded to back the eventual candidate that represents the interests of the elite by their own choice.

   You were told, Jeb and Hillary are the candidates selected by the shadow government to continue the status quo while appearing as if they care for the needs of the common man. What happens in political arena, are the temporary variances in voter appeal. Hillary was damaged by Republicans eager to destroy her with Benghazi and it was working.  To where Biden was put in (requested) as a standby and the timeline was ticking to siphon votes from Bernie as you were told. Not knowing where this scandal was going to fall in the eyes of the potential voter it forced the hand of the elite. The unthinkable was done. Top Republicans were forced to admit Benghazi investigation was a Hillary lynch mob. The number 2 Republican in the House backed by other leaks does not betray his party for any reason unless it is from those who control this nation. It is here with the backing of the media that Hillary rose coupled with a good debate eliminated the need for Joe to join the race. Thus he dropped out, if family was a concern. He would have never considered in the public eye.

   Shifting to the Republicans, the elite are still in shock behind closed doors that Carson and Trump have the lead in polls even with poll manipulation by using certain samples out of many taken as the numbers are higher than what it seems. Carsonís numbers are boosted in hope that Trump backs off, his staff knows, but this cannot be revealed as all would dismiss him as crazy. They were supposed to have fizzled out, but they defy logic as the element of mistrust has risen so high that Bush cannot get out single digits with all of money and clout.

   All realize as sweet as Carson is with his soft demeanor and his points of unifying and solving the great divide go only so far as Putin will chew him up and spit him out. As he freezes only to take the advice of others on events controlling the world and he has no experience or guide line thus becomes a puppet. Is this who you want to lead this nation?

   Trump does have insight and business sense far beyond any politician and would wheel and deal this nation to control the balance of trade as every businessman would want part of the action. The weakness is he may sell out to the new world order like Jeb and Hillary shall if elected.  

   You say what about Rubio and Cruz? The media refuses to face the ugly reality of the Republican Party, they hate immigrants from our south and the Republican base in the end as they pull the lever to vote many will see only a Cuban. This is what is so sad in America, but it is the Truth behind the curtain.

   Jeb will rise at some point as he is the back up to Hillary. This is the present plan.


The Bear and Dragon


   You are witnessing Russian subs patrolling the East Coast of the United States testing penetration of their new stealth subs under the guise of looking at fiber optic transoceanic cables to severe. The goal is to vaporize cities in a surprise cruise missile attack and disable our blimp detection system, which all saw the tether disabled by any means necessary. It seems they accomplished both as the media and US population is asleep. You were told and again you have not realized how serious this is, as preparations under any label are absent.

   China laughs at the US ship that came close to one of its artificial islands set up as advanced launch and re-supply points. The US cannot attack or place a force in the area there without revealing to the world the intentions of the Russian-Chinese force to deliver WW3 is a real and imminent threat. A move the west will regret.

   The true test will be when Niribu shows in the skies and this nation will realize they have been lied to. You in the media and NASA will be scapegoats as your career not the truth is your agenda as you had a choice. You are toast. Just know this; heads will roll when the public finds outs that the air crashes was due to a magnetic surge from this rogue planet the 12th planet, Niribu, planet X what ever you want to call it. You hid the truth as people died in the skies you knew were unsafe in selected areas. Oh yes, profit comes first. They will sue as the Obama Administration is forced to tell the truth. The Courts will delay and earth changes will make any settlement in the millions worthless.


Update Nov 5


   To the media, do not be so convinced as to the cause of the crash of the Russian aircraft. Communications as with the recent US hacks do not originate in the countries blamed, but is made to look like this. It is too easy to blame ISIS with a bomb without forensics, as the Russians will have to take the word of the West. The Russians were attacking the rebels and this was in your media reports and now ISIS in their wisdom is going to blow up a Russian civilian plane so that Putin can target them instead of their enemy, OK.

   Now if a covert operation in the Middle East needs to be successful, the plan would be to plant the bomb real or pseudo on the Russian plane forcing Putin to attack ISIS in revenge for his people. The CIA wins as the Russians target who they want and the rebels can now again focus on Assad in a low keyed status. The communication planted in advanced real or manipulated as they are perpetrating the attack. The computer records can be altered complete with time stamps and points of origin. It is the NSA. The wreckage blown outward anyway, but the explosive residue would need to be added if false. As the story introduced was to take advantage of an event that cannot be revealed to the world. This would be one scenario created to point away from the true cause or is the truth.  

   I need you to look deeper as the news morphs; the public is dependant upon you for the truth. Now let me address the leaders of the world. Egypt are dependant upon that tourist city and it was shut down by the Brits. Now since when do the Brits dictate a cause that belongs to the tentacles of the US FAA? Where is the forensic evidence to back the news release? They grounded all flights to make a statement as opposed to getting their people with their own baggage screeners. If there was chatter then why were there no alerts to thwart the attempt? Why are the Russians countering your move and grounding all air buses for inspection? This is why the world no longer trusts the media and the governments, they lie. This will escalate and many innocents shall die.

   The Almighty is now going to unleash a series of magnetic pulses to reveal the truth and the world will know the Brits would rather destroy an Egyptian tourist spot than reveal the truth. I say this to all nations under the foot of the West, beware as events rise. They will kick you to curb also to save their sorry asses. You can stand up for the truth even though the first will be killed, but eventually they cannot kill all of you before the truth comes out and then they will fall. This is courage.


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