So Easily Manipulated




Written Apr. 5 1:00am

Written Apr 6 12:30 am


   All of you offer opinions on abortion as if you are wise in spirituals matters and understand the gift of life. As spiritual infants in your short appearance in this physical universe you think you have a grasp that considers all. You donít. You have no clue that good and evil have equal access to the minds of humans and from where I stand, you are losing. Do you think because he dark one influences womanís rights is more important than the Laws of God the author of life. Oh, do you realize if you go against the Almighty then you support the dark one. This is the Truth. There is no middle ground. He created your body and allows you partake in creation. He did not give the right to terminate as you lack an understanding of life and it shows.

   The soul is life and the flesh is just the temporary vehicle. Destroy the flesh after it becomes one with the soul at any phase of development, you destroy a creation of God. He sees all from love to rape, there is a lesson. You have been told one violent act does not justify another.

   You do not understand the process of life, but another allows you to thinks this. Did you not learn this lesson long ago in Eden? You have a choice to listen to a movement and politicians or follow the Laws of God. Choose wisely as many who choose wrong will be wiped from the face of this earth. This is a promise.

   Do not believe the endorsements of groups that are seen as evil. This is a standard ploy used by the CIA and now the new world order to divide. Anyone can promote who they want, but if this was pure, they would never go public unless they want to hurt a campaign. Once you win, then you let your views known. What if lesbian women suddenly backed Hillary as sympathizing with their cause? What would this suggest as her husband seeks another? This wonít happen as she is the establishment and this tactic is used against those who still are not bought.

   You heard from Governor Brown that he is raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars, but it will not occur until 2022. That may not cover inflation. Again what is celebrated is nothing more than a sham. You hear the words, but never analyze the results with its time frame. If you want change then raise it now, not complete it in 2022 when your efforts are diluted.

   Hillary states her victory would influence victories in the Senate and the House. We have seen this in 2008 and she as Secretary of State did nothing with the majority of both. Bernie tells you Hillary is bought and paid for yet again you in the media refuse to see the truth. Bill, when president had a great run as he created jobs and the deficit evaporated on the bubble of the industry in the stock market. Did you forget this? As his administration was in bed with Wall Street, and allowed those who were selling short when the market collapsed to make a fortune. It was all the rage as investors poured their assets to support a rigged game.

   When are you going to tell the public that when the market goes down the public loses with their hold strategy as short sellers borrow their stock at the top and replace at the bottom and they kept the spread, trillions. The market collapsed on the next president who offered hope and GW had to clean up the mess by allowing the banks little oversight in the mortgage markets and the promotion of sub prime derivatives and the housing bubble is created as a seed to be fed upon by greed until it bursts. Regan did it in 1987. Yet you are to expect us to believe this again and again and again. When will America awake from the fog that clouds their mind?




   What have you learned America? How many times do you have to hear from the Republicans your vote does not count? The delegates choose hand picked by the party elders to choose the nominee. So smooth with the tactic to reduce the polls in Wisconsin when they knew Cruz was ahead. A comeback kid as if Donald Trump voters change their vote. They donít, but you were led to believe this. The undecided all went for Cruz?

   If there was an influence, it was the media. Republicans back abortion, but as they lie, their Supreme Court looks the other way. Just how long has that 5 to 4 majority been in place and they did nothing against Roe versus Wade, Christians. So the samples with lowered polls for Cruz were used and in the last few weeks as true representation replaced the original samples. Who would know, but the source of the polls?  This tactic raised Cruz rose above all in order to crush Trump in the Wisconsin state election. Will this momentum carry through to the East Coast, no? A Canadian Texan does not appeal to the North East as all New Yorkers remember Cruzís comment, but he will lie as if he never said it. Well played new world order as your Koch puppet Walker endorses Cruz. Why is that? This is the level of deceit this nation faces.

   Now all of the party elite, now backs you Cruz as our last Canadian hope, but all in Congress hates you. So you made a deal. Again Cruz you are a pup in politics and the promise of the presidency will be pulled from your grasp as if in your arrogance you really think you had a chance. News flash constitutional scholar, you are not a natural born American, how ever you try and spin it. Your mother chose Canada by choice for your birth and now that power floats about your head, you expect this nation to dismiss this?  The new world order just played you, just like the rest of the world.

   You are correct to win it on the first ballot, but Rubio is bought and paid for, as are the hand picked delegates, they answer to another. Kasich would rather put a knife in your back figuratively, than support you. The result is that you lose and your soul too. You can change your path. Did they ask you to pledge at a black mass and I do not mean black people? I thought so.

   The Panama papers reveal only to a small degree the bribery and hidden money stolen from the masses. You ask why not reveal all? This would destroy your financial systems put in place to allow the common man to make a living. No, it will be reveal over time and just watch the rats try and hide their money again and destroy records already known.

   All of you speak the words of rising against the elite and so quickly in your ignorance claim victory with a 15 dollar an hour wage for the worker with no voice. How noble. They will just raise the price of commodities and housing, which you cannot control in a so called free market. In California by time it reaches 15 dollars, inflation will erode all gains in 2022. This is the Truth. Politicians lie and they tell you what you want to hear.  Just listen to Hillary. Again this is the Truth.

   Bernie no disrespect, but know this; I know Hillaryís heart through the Almighty. You can provide and education and the elite will allow you to go forward. It will be the elite, that collects your tax dollars and offer a sub standard education to all except the best that will be siphoned off. The rich will maintain their place buying their way into the best universities with contributions and letters of recommendations. Even losers that carry a 2.0 at best in an Ivy League and a male cheer leader can become president.

   The Republicans talk about electability. You backed Goldwater and Hillary worked for him. You backed Dole as it was his turn. You will not back Trump as he is not one of you. Be careful as to what you preach to the American public as God will open their eyes and heart.

   You hear the noise that a candidate knows nothing, but you had Perot, Quayle, Edwards, G W Bush, and the list could go on as to those taught on the fly when or if elected. The best jobs go to those from the elite colleges and universities and the old boy network, it those that are privileged that leads your nation and you wonder; why things do not change?


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