Manipulation of a Voting System 101



Written Sept. 1 2022 11:59 pm EST


   In Western Democracies, the new world order allows the natural voting system to proceed. In order to establish trust, when the common citizen chooses a future path for the country they live in. It is our right to choose what ever candidate, that represents our agenda without intimidation or perceived perceptions that goes against the norm. These rights are guaranteed by our inalienable Constitution. With these rights, how can an elite group change an election, where none is the wiser? How it is done and those suspecting be pointed out, dismissed?

   In the United States we have a series of check points that insures a fair election. Monitors are put in place to observe the polling places, voting machines that are impounded to prevent tampering and a paper trail of filled out vote forms sealed in special rooms for recounts. So how could you defeat this system with triple check points and video surveillance?

   Monitors are placed to observe the public voting process, but have been pushed back as if they will not be allowed to see something. It is a ruse, to focus your attention there. They watch when the voter scans their vote the process is accurate and tabulated correctly. The voting machines today scan one vote at a time and needs a paper trail to back the votes as a back up. So where is the vulnerability?

   The system does not allow an overall vote count swap and this would be recorded in the storage chip memory with a time stamp. The current voting machines scan the form looking for a darkened area filled in by ink or pencil or not. There are multiple sensors that detect the specific line item or vote. This an either send no signal or electrical pulse for each line item on the form, which is recorded, then transmitted to a storage device and trips the counters in the voting machines for each electoral field. Those in control of the election transmit the final numbers stored in the machine in comparison to the remitted numbers in storage. The paper ballots are then stored to be used if there is a challenge. This is voting 101. So how could you defeat this system and change the tally of votes?

   The sensors that pick up color, no color off the paper document is sent as a no voltage or some voltage to designate the choice. If a candidate is wanted to win by the new world order, they would be assigned the voltage instead of none when the scan goes through. It is the simplicity of the scheme. Attach a blue tooth microprocessor to apply a constant charge to the circuit that corresponds to a Senate, Congressional or Presidential race and turn it on. It is a clip on release that uses a magnetic field to introduce current without compromising the wire insulation integrity, thus leaving no trace. A blue tooth connection controlling a certain line voltage once turned on no matter the scanned vote, tabulates one result instead of a swap involving thousands of votes. This method is so clean an undetectable.

   Now you ask, ok so you can change the vote. What about tampering of the stored machines? This is the easy part. The device to change votes is a magnetic proximity clip that attaches to the hot wire of the sensors for the desired line item on the form and introduces a charge related to a voting voice. When the voter manipulating task is completed at the desired time, it is programmed to fall off and drop to the base of the voting machine to avoid detention when locked down. The voting machines get hot and has open areas at their bottoms and vents on the side to vent ambient heat. The clips are designed to look like waste to be sweep up when falling to the ground. Thus leaving no trace. Those that fail are never found, as no one is looking.

   Now you ask what about the paper trail of filled out voting sheets that are to be stored securely? This is where you had proof and still do in some cases, but looked passed it. Remember the video showing voting personal attending boxes that should not be there in Georgia? You assumed these were votes to be added and you are wrong. They were the vote scans and printed then returned needed to back up the manipulation of the vote tally recorded by the machines and the real scans removed. Again you ask this sounds like a conspiracy story. So how can this happen?

   As the votes are scanned and thus altered, there needs to a corresponding paper trail. Each machine sends out a scan when a vote is tabulated. It is this scan that is captured at particular nodes unaware of those counting the votes. The system is wired, do you know hidden access point put in place by the company? They have the forms and then reprint them in a secure location with the altered vote. Then deliver them back to the polling places outside of prying eyes when the polls close. This why you saw extra boxes. The original ballot destroyed and replaced by the copies to match for recounts. You have the tape, but what about proof?

   The new world order excepts those in charge to be competent. This is not the case. The replacement documents have the same ink or graphite signature, paper depression caused pressure from vote dot filling process, plus an absent of voter finger prints on the ballots. Check the stored boxes. You will find the truth, as the new world order never thought you would look and wrote you off. Those that are underlings involved, once pressed facing years of imprisonment responsible for switching the actual voting sheets will sing. Killing some to make an example for silence, will backfire. Seek and you shall find.

   This nation was founded on freedom, and no political party can control your thoughts. I ask you to rise up and vote for those who have America’s best interest. Revolution is the absolute last result, although radicals will push this now, as division is the goal. Do not listen.


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