The Hope of the Super Elite


Written Mar 9


   All the talk is about Mars. We need volunteers, best of the best on a one way trip. NASA is looking for companies, private to bare the cost in this new race for the stars. This country is bankrupt. So these companies will see little in government contracts. So why have so many have joined the race?

   You have been told they hope to be operational by 2017, but they are lying. As with anything secret the public is the last to know. Those in the position of power have cheated their way to the top. False grades, resumes and achievements this is their way from the days of college. The elite have others take their SATs. The elite have someone else write their papers. The elite fund the universities with gifts and the relatives who attend get benefits. This is the way of your world.

   The elite are paying for this research as no one is that interested in space exploration or rocks. So why is there a sudden interest in Mars and more important the money backing it?

   The elite and their money are pushing the best minds in the world with promises of safety to establish a colony on Mars of 10,000 or more. This is their plan. The basic research was provided with tax payer dollars, yet you will not be told of this plan. You see as a one way research plan of brave souls, but it is an escape plan for the elite who hope to survive the coming earth changes. When they intensify within this year, they will have disembarked to build for the main group to follow. Those promised a place and travel to Mars will be halted by the intermittent rain of debris assaulting the earth from the tail of the 12th planet now called planet X to suppress internet searches for the truth. One only has to research this on the Z alien site to see this sudden change in name and reference, yet no explanation is given.

   The elite had no intention to bring you with them as you are a strain on resources if an emergency arises. So what you designed the arks. So what you organized resources outside of the public eye with great risks. So what, they lied. You ask; what about essential building supplies that seem to be missing from the cargo you see being lifted secretly to space? They are planning on landing at the New Caledonia site abandoned by the Annunaki and living in the pyramids found on Mars, but you believe the lies. Again you ask; they cannot return and how will they breathe? This again is where you have been lied too again. Mars has a fragile atmosphere to support marginal life, but not a world. Gravity is just a fraction of earth and little fuel like the Moon will be needed to leave Mars orbit. This is the difference. Water and shelter this is what the elite hope for as any thing is better than what is coming to earth.

   Now the dark side has a plan to capitalize on those left behind. You the elite have been told an advanced race will help you leave and this again was a lie as you knew, thus your escape plans of today. But when all seems lost and the majority are left here and you, but more important your family see billions die you will cry out for help at any cost. This is when off world craft will come to save you as disclosure is now in place, even though you were told otherwise. Step on that craft and your world will change forever. There will be no hope. There will be no peace. There will be no God, as you have chose another to save your ass as you are part of the dark side and will suffer unbelievable torture beyond that of the human mind. Do not enter the ships, as you are warned.

   For those of you who land on Mars with all your technology, your fate will be the worse. You used the resources of your world to escape and those, “left behind”, congratulations to your arrogance, power, manipulation of the masses and your knowledge. You will be allowed to succeed. As this is your choice a desert planet designed to support your life, to survive only to return to an earth that has little light as your Sun will fail.

   Did not your “advanced race” tell you within a century this earth will not exist in its present form. “If” you were to return, there will be nothing to conquer. There will be no new lands to exploit as all are constantly wet and swampy in low light super mushrooms will bloom. The skin of humans will soften exposing open wound that do not heal. There will be no sex as the wall of the human vagina breaks down to a thin membrane when touched yields extreme pain. This will be your life, wives and mistresses. There will be reminders of death as skeletons in the millions litter the landscape, destroyed cities which you will never rebuild no matter what you bring to the table. The smell, the despair and the thought hits you I would have rather died like a real man than cheated to only see this. The human life that is still left on earth will be diseased, frail and useless as laborers and too far scattered to capture and control in mass. This is where those, who have any humanity, will turn against you and rather die, than be a part of your plan. Most will be your wives and children. Live with that.

   Those who refuse to leave Mars will find the Annunaki coming down as they remember their human slaves on earth. The Almighty removed the Annunaki from earth so that all of God’s children could choose their own destiny. Mythology told you of the false gods like Zeus and Jupiter who were aliens that used humanoids not related to present mankind to be enslaved. This new opportunity will enslave all who stayed on Mars to the moon of Phobus mining gold, the weak ones sent to the arena to provide entertainment by fighting to the death just like the old days.

   Their removement from earth by disasters was a plan of God. This does not apply to Mars and you assume as a new neighbor with your feeble technology you will be seen as peers. No, you will be seen as slaves or worse. Don’t even think of bringing nukes as they will detected 50 million miles away with their technology a half million years in front of yours and your fleet will never make it to low orbit or stealth missiles directed towards the moon in a preemptive strike which will be suicide. Reinforcements by the millions are in the inner solar system or have you forgotten.

   To the super elite, I have no reason to lie to you unlike the many that you surround yourselves with. But you say, why should we listen to a nobody? That is funny, because many of you do in secret along with almost all governments in the world to get an edge. What is your hedge if you are wrong? All of you are shocked that I still walk this earth and this will not change when your master rules most of the Western world with his armies from the north and east. Yes it will seem as if you won when you crush the Word of God to billions for it is written. We will rise. Know this; this is the power of God and those that try and suppress this mission will meet a sealed fate.

   You have a way out. If you are facing death or worse before you pass, call out His name and you will be snatched from terror beyond imagination. He does not care what you did, who you murdered, raped or destroyed a nation, just ask. God forgives, not mankind. This is your hedge.


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