A Measured Response


Written May 10 11:59 pm EST


   You have been given so many chances, yet you ignore the warnings given in the early 19th and 20th centuries from Mary Queen of the Universe (yes the Mother of Jesus), as hearsay by Jesus’ own Popes and Cardinals. She sent children, the innocent, as if they would lie, shameful. Now in the 21st century you cast off the many warnings from God the Father Almighty, polarization. You could not even handle the Truth of the one sin about abortion, as your opinions from your high perches among men and women taints the many souls on your world. You send your pawns to protest (intimidate) in front of the Justices homes, which is against the law, as to coerce the Justices of the Supreme Court to change. This is tampering not the right to protest. For this, the Almighty states those at the top will pay by His Hand.

   Many of you support abortion, as you believe life starts at the first breath and a woman has a say to what is in her body. So we shall step it up with mankind on abortion. First a woman when fertilized only provides the cellular mass that supports the Spirit of God (life). This is why you exist today, as you are not a random creation of science or by chance. Without the spirit of life from God alone, the human body would just be a zombie. You do not want to test this, because we can. Do you not prosecute criminals for manslaughter and in extreme cases murder if they kill or attempt to a fetus and the mother lives? You can not have it both ways. I have told you so many times, what is given can be taken away. So a new plague shall befall mankind and remember you asked for this

   Now I only deliver the bad news and have little influence on the dispatch of justice from the Hand of the Almighty on your world, but this will change. Again I would have choose to eliminate as opposed to His measured response. That is why He is a God of mercy, I have none, so they temper me. So be it. I told you once an egg is fertilized, the spirit of life that only comes from God is infused with that single cell. Life when created is the greatest gift in the universe, no matter how rape, incest, lust or love. If abortion was available centuries ago most of you would not be walking this earth. Perspective is a bitch. Know this. A mother is a carrier of life that God creates, do you really want to challenge that? If so, I will see you in hell, as I pass through.

   Those pushing the narrative and those behind intimidation will be the first to fall by the Hand of the Almighty. You have no right to kill, what the Almighty has allowed to be created. If the man you are with, is someone that cannot be the father of your child, then pass or use a condom instead of lust. A mistake, your mistake will no longer be tolerated as a bad decision and your choice is to terminate life. As a woman you are not God and as a carrier of life only, you have no right for any reason to terminate. When you cross the veil upon death, you will be asked by Jesus, why did you destroy the life My Father created? Your answer is that life starts when the baby breathes its first breath. Those are the words of satan, which hides the truth of life on your world to harvest souls. Judging the present, it looks like many of you will be hanging with him for an eternity.

   The Almighty speaks, “I am the Author of life and if you My children continue this same path. I will destroy those tainting you and increase the cleansing of your world. You will fear My Raft and you will know who God the Father Almighty is. Change your ways and heed the signs, as death will befall your leaders”.


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