The Responsibility of the Media and Activists



Written June 2 11:30 pm EST


   During the end times you were told years ago, the light and the dark would be divided as the dark one reigns. This guidance is in your Bible for a reason. You were told, that what you see as right will be wrong, and what you see is wrong will be right. Did you any of you even hear my words? What is so sad, you freely promote the agenda of the dark one, and you think, you are guiding America. What I see is a dark world and you are in charge. Green energy (Nibiru) and the poor cannot afford heat and the Middle Class gas in their cars and this is just the start. You know when the New Madrid fault breaks, the public will suspect you of lying. Millions will be lost. Little warning, no relocation plans, a designed virus in place to stop migration and you think America will listen to you?

   Letís start with the media, did you not get the push from your superiors to play the race card against Trump? Are not certain event off limits of being discussed, but you hear the rumors. The affect was every racist coming out of their holes, as you painted Trump supporting them with out proof. It did work, but at what cost? You have proof of Biden hanging with KKK elders. You have Biden passing legislation against Blacks. You have Biden spewing racial hatred with not in my schools and neighborhood. Just yesterday Biden spoke how the greatest threat is white supremacy, I guess he forgot the Russians, Chinese and the attack on the World Trade Center. Biden you were a white supremacist, remember Byrd and now you change your spots? America, just who are you listening to?

   Bidenís message has divided America by design. Trumpís message was engineered by the media to fail. You, Biden accuse others today for your same crimes in the seventies. Change, no, you did not, you just hide it well, like the Democratic Party, as nothing changes. What about Harris? No different when Kennedy picked Johnson who despised the Civil Rights Movement, but had to pass it. She is a deflection.

   Every night the media elevates the hate level. Now I am not about raining on your parade, but you sold out your own. Hate white skin, as if the general white population are responsible for the crimes of England slave traders and your ancestors. But you are responsible for the slave labor Mexican nannies under threat of deportation. You are guilty of glass ceilings today for those in control and those leading your cities, that dumb down the Black education system. If minority children can not understand basic math, how will they compete in the 21st century where calculus is a starting point? They wonít. Your media feeds you lies.

   Black people on the most part, know that all white people are not racists, but you in the media make it seem that way. I ask why? In fact it is a minority, just like in our police forces. Why not focus on the unions protecting bad cops, but Democratic leaders wonít touch that, cowards. Film at eleven shows rioting, looting, beat downs and this is ok. What message did you send to America? Who lets their son out at 13 with a gun after midnight? The parents should have went to jail. Who allows a girl to think she can take a life of another over a dirty room? Since when is ok for criminals to fight back and run and not suffer consequences for their actions within our laws? Since when do you concentrate on several dozen bad cops when your own kill dozens a week in your primary cities? Exactly what idiot is running things? If Black Lives Matter then start in with your own, again but you wonĎt.

   I heard the family structure needs to be dissolved, so children and women are now on their own. Do you hear your own words and people are following you? Your executive director somehow found millions to buy not 1, but 4 houses. So greedy. Resign yes, but check the bank accounts. As a people, if you can not trust yourselves and each other, you will never get ahead.

   Voter suppression, just how many do not have an ID? Cannot the churches provide transportation to the polls. Either you are lying or lazy, which is it? You need ID to get a job. You need ID to drive a car. You need ID to cash your checks and have a bank account. You need ID to rent an apartment or buy a home, but requiring ID to vote is suppression. The only suppression I see, is with your intellect.

   The Almighty made it very clear. Those given much responsibility are held to a greater standard. And from here, I see few of you in the media have the balls, to truly lead those that listen to you with the truth. He will hold you responsible, I will just watch. As for the activist, most started with the best intensions, but somewhere along the line, they chose power first, then money. This clouded your mission and mind. What is given can be taken away.

   You have a choice. America needs leadership in so many ways, as those at the top have sold their souls to the dollar. It will take over a generation to undo what the Democrats have put in place in the cities, poor education, obesity and a complete break down on the family structure and morals. For once open your eyes to the truth. In case you have not notice, the Police kills several dozen of you, ( just one is too many) and your own kills thousands. Where is your focus, the police are the least of your problems, but the media tells you otherwise. Policing will not change Black communities, the people must. Take responsibility for your own actions, then others on the outside will truly help. Otherwise the leaders will throw money, arrest some cops, who need to be, but nothing will ever change like the last 60 years, and the politicians will continue to get rich or steal. This is your future that plays out over and over again, just like Groundhog Day. If you do not change, there will be a race war, where so many innocents will get hurt. Is that what you want?


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