As the Media Lies


Written Mar. 20 2 am EST


   Putin has been pushed into a corner. Now I am asking America, do you want to go to a nuclear war with Russia to save Ukraine from a fight they can not win? Are you ready to die, because of another country was invaded, that paid millions to a certain political family? The Russians also paid them. It is not the Clintons, as their money was already funneled through the foundation. The media tells you that the Ukrainians are losing 1 for every 10 Russians yet few bodies are seen. They have massive amount of prisoners, but where are they? They are lying.

   The danger here, is that real time satellite information from the US military, has allowed and tracked generals and equipment. This gives particular intel to Western snipers to take them out, as it is not the Ukrainians, which is presented by the media. But they are killing the tanks and armored vehicles. How, they have a new weapon that uses real time GPS. Aim in a general direction and fire. It is guided by real time satellite positioning and distance to target is the only drawback. The key here, is that the Russians are not moving, easy targets. Is this a secret, no as the Russians have an unexploded device and have back engineered it. Those controlling the switch blade drones are also not from the country. Russia could flatten Ukraine with conventional weapons and the West knows this. All is not what it seems. So where does this stand?

   America stands fast with the sanctions, but the EU, India, Japan and other nations will continue to buy Russian oil. So you suffer at the pump, Biden is asleep and what you thought was a unified front, is not. But you still get the gasoline bill. Are you being shafted on the world stage?

   Putin sent a very direct message to the West. Back me in a corner and the hypersonic weapon you could not stop in Ukraine, can and will hit your cities with a nuclear tip. This was a directed message primarily for Macron as his country and Brussels, which are the Prime targets for now. Remember Germany has a side deal. The games are over.

   Putin is stating behind closed doors. Do you think millions who die in a limited nuclear strike to test NATO resolve, that their own citizens would not cry out to stop the war, before you can inflict damage on Russia? Diplomacy is your weakness. Putin stated, I will strike first and see the leaders of this world drop to their knees, including Biden. This is the message he sent to your leaders, yet your media would never reveal this and that is the problem.

   You can wave your flags, protest in the streets, send aid, but in the end, Putin can and will destroy your cities. He has nothing to lose, but you do not get this. Then what? Oh your leaders will say. I did not think he would do this. You also said the same thing about Ukraine and Afghanistan.

   If the Saudis, UAE and India are switching currencies to buy oil, it does not sit well for Europe and they are buying also, as they will fall first. Biden will address Europe next week, but I have asked for his mental cognitive abilities to be permanently dampened by the Almighty when addressing his peers for now. Starting with behind closed door meetings as to not frighten American voters. Harris will be discredited due to her shady past (Big Willie) and Nancy, she is just too old and floats off. All requests have been granted by the Almighty. Will Hillary go for it? We shall see.

   Nothing can prepare you for the new world order, so if you won’t listen, then steps need to be taken to save the souls of the world that are on the fence. This will start with politicians being discredited and then move to the elites that bark the orders, who will just die. Heed this.


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