Media Update on the Coming Pole Shift




Written June 17


   It is important now that you in the media discern the Truth amid all the lies for time is short. You have been told by those in power who want to remain anonymous maybe 500 days are left until passage and the few will prevail in the protected bunkers. Where is your pass? You have been told here wars would break out and this is now reality, but only beginning. Did not Putin cross into the Ukraine with his tanks while talking withdrawal and building up troops on the border? Peace talks or just a ploy to freeze responses in the name of false hope? Just why did Obama send a billion dollars for NATO defense and a token pair of B-2 bombers if they believe in the peace process? The Russians have and will play the bluff of the West as not one of you believes they will invade Europe by invitation, which they will to your surprise with a new ally Germany. When all of this befalls the EU, it will happen with such speed all will be caught by surprise and this is by design. Now advisors in Iraq are needed in the same country that produced the feared Republican Guard without American assistance, and rag tag militia groups with little training over run bases and take all the equipment. This is by design, but your minds refuse to believe this. All of you who cover the journalism on this world, are you asleep?

   Look at the rise in mass murders in the US, even children are killing each other. Look at the rise of child immigrants on our borders by the tens of thousands. Do children leave their parents? Why would families send their innocent into harm’s way? Where did the money come from for transport? You are asked in these times to look below the obvious surface ploys and media events. Why now?

   There will be thousands of events in on the world stage that will mold mankind and world opinion. To think not is foolish. Stop looking at the radical Arabs and false flag events, pay attention to the bankers who are financing the NWO. This is the real threat as millions will die by their hands in future events. You the savvy were always told when the public has forged a strong opinion over time, they are wrong and their opinions have been molded over time to be exploited, “Wall Street”. The point is to divide this nation through war and mistrust and you in the media are just reporting it instead of investigation. Oh, that’s right you signed a contract of disclosure not to look or talk about. You sold out your world for money.

   The weather is telling you something has changed and it is not global warming. Red rainbows, dual tornadoes, spirals in the sky are being observed and this is just the quiet before the storm. The storms now occurring are like a slow drip as events spread out. These events are soon going shift upwards in phases and shortly look like a runny faucet and then escalate to a constant full blown stream of events. In late August, the long delayed earthquakes due to the prayers of the faithful and the will of Father shall no longer be held back as this is now needed a counter to the greed, murder and the NWO now darkening this world.

   The NWO has many hidden tentacles and is geopolitically connected across the world as they control both sides, which you see as enemies. Have you forgotten that the Bank of England through a member funded Germany in WW2? They have proxy control of almost all major corporations through hidden stock ownership acquired over decades by buy at the bottom of market collapses engineered through manipulation of availability of capital to finance industry through the banking system and the Fed and the World Bank, private banks controlling interest rates on this world. The stock is controlled. Where the free market is herded into preplanned expansions and contractions and it is here during contractions that the greatest transfer of wealth is accomplished and you think the world is going through economic woes and blame your leaders. Your pockets were picked as the media rants to the fools.

   They will constrict you food supplies as famines sweep this world. Disease will ravage the poor and weak and medicine needed to stop the loss of life. They will inoculate millions with a cure and some will show improvement. But most will receive a different concoction containing a slow release infection leaving no trace over time killing millions, but most will overlooked the dead as earth change take out the strongest of the weak as natural. Those assigned to investigate if charges are brought forth have already been picked and groomed, but you will see them as independent from the drug makers. They will be out spoken and all will choose them to find an answer. Do you not think the dark one would have a plan beyond human comprehension? Delays will push it to where the investigation will be halted as saving the earth moves to the forefront.

   Destruction of the family structure is presently the top agenda while to lower the perception of morals among mankind as human rights. This will be backed in time by a trusted organization, which shall seal it in the public eye. A flood of children abandoned by their parents of self serving agendas will befall the earth and how so many will taken advantage of. The complexity of the plans of the NWO are so intricate, all intertwined yet  shall appear as separate events to the general public. This is the plan. With the media shaping the minds of those who trust them, all are vulnerable. You will be none the wiser.

   You are being asked to trust these words maybe not now, for the harden, you will realize the Truth at the Warning. You are being asked to be prepared, for most of humanity will be taken from this earth in disasters, tragedy or war. 90 percent of humanity will perish before the pole shift and those left behind will not survive for you have not been told the Truth.

  There is a sites stating 90% will perish during and after the shift. This is a lie. As it is inferred, that the pole shift is the point of passage and not the total encounter with earth which ends with passage. 90 percent of humanity will pass before the shift. You were told Jesus was not the Son of God, but a prophet from a higher dimension. This is a lie. Jesus is a separate spiritual conscience that shares the same universal grand soul that is God Almighty the creator and the Holy Spirit. As Savior of this world who had humbled Himself to incarnate as a human all to bring the children of God back home. This is the Truth. You were told no assistance will be given by advanced beings. This again is a lie. The dark side will offer assistance to the elite to escape the earth changes bringing them to a new world in saucers where they will be slaves or worse. No being can assist more than the Triune God your loving creator of all, but sadly you do not look here. You were told this earth would ascend in about 100 years. This again is a lie. Nothing will live on earth once the Second Coming is concluded. The old earth will pass away for this is written.

   Look closely at what you have been fed. You were told here a set of disasters that were suppose to happen around 2010 would not occur until the appointed time and 2012 would pass by uneventful.  This has occurred. You were told an announcement would be forth coming from Obama to the world so that all of would rise above men as they seek you for answers. You were told years ago wait for it. This has occurred as you are still waiting. Only when the disasters are upon you will all know and then your words of preparation will fall upon deaf ears as people try to survive. What will you do when people seek yours supplies and help because they are starving and sick well before the shift? I thought so. You were told the earthquakes were halted by humming boxes of advanced technology, but humans stumble upon one. This is nonsense. Earthquakes are controlled by the hand of God and you will know His power when Russia then China gets hit with His wrath.

   The site unknown to most of people who run it is covertly controlled by the CIA where there is a mixture of truth which did come from an advanced source and fiction injected, standard tactics. Telepathy delivers the messages of both the light and the dark and as human you do not have the gift to discern the Truth. Again you are being warned if you lead the people of earth in a direction away from their spiritual inheritance the wrath of the Almighty will come down upon those responsible. It is better to say nothing. Let me make this really clear no alien being or race can protect you from God if you willingly choose to destroy the souls of His children. The pole shift is only a tool of God. It was used to free the Jews in Moses time. It is now being used to free mankind from the influence of the dark side, satan. This freedom will be realized at the Second Coming of Jesus where all who ask shall be saved and the rest will perish in agony.

 This is why all of you need to prepare now for you never know when you shall be taken. For the faithful, now is not the time to question as God Almighty is telling you to prepare for King who is coming shortly like a thief in the night. The Bible has warned of these times, but your earthly intelligence states it is not now. You are asked, are you that sure? What is your plan if you are wrong? I thought so, you have none. You are being asked to take out insurance on the life of your souls; just in case it does exist for those in doubt, this will be you best advice if or when society collapses. Heed these words.

   The second half of this year will seem like anomaly after increasingly anomaly, but many will not connect the dots. Only in 2015 when the earth is ravaged by quakes, tsunamis, unusual storms and wars are everywhere that you shall cry out for help. The Warning will bring clarity. Know this; when facing peril or death, which you should not feared, for it is a transition, call out His name Jesus and say, “Jesus, help me. Jesus, forgive me for all my sins” He will extend His hand of Mercy. Few in this world have prepared you for what is to come. And we do not want to lose one of you to the dark side. Not one.


   The Almighty speaks, “Do not be fooled by the agents of satan who masquerade as your leaders of faith and government. I have warned you through the scriptures, but your intellect, which I bless you with, is now your greatest enemy. I told you with the gift of free will, you are told the truth while at the same time deceived. Not one of you is immune for you are My children, prey for the devil. In order to save your souls, which is everlasting, and presently beyond your knowledge you think as children in an adult universe. I ask you My children to listen to just a seed of My everlasting wisdom, which is beyond all concepts of your world. Watch as your world is destroyed only to strip all that is of satan, a disease that needs to be eradicated. Wealth, pride and greed as will be taken away. The glimmer before your eyes is false and is not even equal to a grain of sand on all beaches spanning your earth for what I will reward you. Do not trust the words of leaders of your world for all lie at some point, all. Some a little to gain trust while others just create hate. I, your Father, God Almighty need you to prepare everyday as if My Son is coming tomorrow for many will be lost in the disasters. Prepare your souls to see Me for I do not want to lose one. As your Father I love you beyond human comprehension and let no man tell I do not exist or My Son.”


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