You have been Sent a Message

But Most are in Denial


Written Apr. 14 11:59pm EST


   Over the past 2 years, the few, (prophets) that represent the will of the Almighty, have given you so many lessons, to learn. Few ideas that could change the course of this world have broken through, and that was better than none as the dark one wanted. The Russian collusion was hatched by the mind of satan, carried out by his agents, you see this as politicians, names you all know. Evil from the dawn of time, and you under estimate the danger. There are Russians who do work, to forward his agenda, but was not initially put in the mix to discredit Trump. Yet, they did not hatch the plan, those who wanted power in your nation did. This is where the general population is blind.

   The goal of the new world order, was that one of his own (Hillary, McClain, Bushes, Bill and newcomers, yet to be revealed (except the 2 newcomers) would lead your nation into the new world order under him. You hear of no borders, a global solution where all are one. This is the new world order. This is global domination under one, but you do not see this. This is the time of the antichrist, and it is not Trump. The antichrist is polished, speaks many languages, and brings all together. This is why he will rule. Trump is hated. Why is that, if you think, he is working for satan? This is written.

   What you in this world do not understand is, few will put their lives on the line for what they believe, in order to push the Agenda of God the Father Almighty. This is why as in the past, and now today nothing changes. He sometimes picks sinners or those, who are not what you see as perfect. When the Jews saw Jesus, He was not perfect in their human eyes, and they crucified Him.

   Let us bow our heads during Holy Week for His Sacrifice to save all of us from sin.. You are so fixated with who delivers the message and their flaws, but not the message. This is why your world will go through a rebirth, as the old fades away, and you drop to your knees, over and over again in prayer. The goal is not one soul shall be lost.

   The Mueller investigation is over, and you assume, you know what is in report. I told you, it was a trap, but in your small minds in the media, you are still in denial. Thursday will have a bias in the media, as all point to that which reinforces their narrative on both sides on both sides. You were given a hint, spying. You say, where is the proof. And for some, they will get it, as that is part of the Mueller report. Some excerpts of the report will not be redacted by design, to the horror off the Democrats. Just like you could not wait for the Mueller report, as you thought, and for many, still Trump is guilty. This will only continue as doubt is allowed by design.

   All will know of the Podestas and Hillary are part of the design of the false collusion. The moles planted in the Trump Administration, like Manafort and insignificant others revealed. The Democrats and some Republicans, have allowed your country to be destabilized by allowing anyone that flows north. Those that control the purse strings cannot continue to throw money at a country that is crooked, and think, something will change? You are idiots. Only more will come, as the gangs tighten their grip on their nation. The sad part is those in power, control the gangs. This is why they exist, but you do not see this. Prostitution, child abduction for sacrifice at their satanic temples in our nation, ask Hillary, and you are going to change this? You have not for the last century, why now? Lying, I think not, as faces on milk cartons over decades back my word.

   Currently at this pace, 1.5 million will come into this country, this year alone. Costing over 50 billions of your dollars for of their care and protection. The Democrats say they welcome them, as they will protect you in Sanctuary cities. When pressed by Trump‘s words send them all there, most turned their backs. It will destroy their budgets, yet thy care nothing for our Federal budget. These events was to show you, how your politicians lie and make promises, as they never hope to be called on. This is your world.

   Universal healthcare, where is the money? Oh you spend it at the border and subsidizing emergency room visits, unpaid. So your leadership, who are clueless, state we need millions more for unskilled labor jobs, when AI (artificial intelligence) is eliminating your jobs. Trillions proposed to fight climate change, when all in power know it is the approach of Nibiru causing earth changes. Again you are lying

   I told all of you, those that guides mankind, as politicians or the media, you have a responsibility to bring His children home. If not, those impeding that process will taken. You have a choice, choose wisely, as time is up.

   Pelosi will slowly crush Omar and AOC, as she seems o consider them as a threat to the direction of the Party. In her really old age, she leads, not a young PR with all of her followers. America sees it, and as I speak to you about it, AOC, did you really think, you were going to change DC, and you have all of the press (intention)? Freshman rarely crush the seniors, and a fresh face does not cut it. OK as a PR yes, you may garner attention, but open your mouth, you pose a threat to manhood.. The clue always be a lady. Tip, if we are 20 trillion in debt, and your solution as a rookie is to spending more, what ever the reason, is not your best idea?

   Most have solidified their position on Barr. This was by design, but you still do not get it. No one would state spying, unless there was proof, but his tactics is to show nothing. He saw the report, and reported what he saw from Mueller. You doubt, but no one would make the statement, unless they have proof, when called on it, only when the report has been revealed. This is why you are fools.

   You were offered every opportunity to change this world. You chose infanticide, infuriating the Almighty. You fixed the polls to show a homosexual may run your country due to false rising polls. You destabilize your Southern border creating hate, when there is a process. So please, do not wonder why, I will not delay the Almighty’s plan to destroy what you see as your world. I am sick of this, as you have days, not weeks to change this. This will play out, just not in the way you expect. Do not be fooled by the calm before the storm.

   Your last chance is when Nibiru appears in the skies, for all see, then shortly after, a comet strikes your Earth’s atmosphere and billions die. All will fall to their knees,. when a cross of Jesus appears in the skies for redemption. Maybe then you will wake up if you are still alive?

   The Bible states, you will still be in denial. This is so sad. You in the media can change this subtly. Is there a group of you, that will stand up beyond, what we see today? You may lose you careers, but you will save souls as for the others, they will be destroyed. As it is just time, that saves their asses.

   You have been told changes will come quickly, once started, they will not be drawn back. Know this.

Update Apr. 16 11:59pm



   As all morn the loss of Notre Dame, what is to be noticed, that many in Paris got on their knees and prayed. Faith was revived due to a tragedy. Do not cry for a building, for which money can rebuild, but one that represents faith in God. That is the bottom line.




   As the left races to protect Omar, yet most do not see the big picture. Omar and AOC, you are being played. Yes you are the fresh faces of the Democratic Party, but Pelosi has at every chance under minds your crew (party of five). None of you will serve on a committee with power to can change things for those you represent in your first term without help. As you are a threat to the very old school. Your ideas were presented to you as designed to make you fail. The Green New Deal was not your idea, but it aligned with your agenda, by design. Welcome to the world of politics. Heed this message.

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