Message to Obama



Written Sept 4


   This is a message you should heed as I never thought I would be delivering this to you as you are favored in the Heavens. You are in difficult times and need to make a choice on the world stage and I have prayed that you do it right. You are not the world’s policeman and it is not your mission to lead this nation against another when the international community is on the side, like you should be. Yes the red line has been crossed, but no one is stepping up but you, do you see something wrong with this picture? Brave is how you picture this is your mind due to an outside influence, foolish as father time reveals flaws you can not see now. Oh they bait you, if we do not stand here then what? They are killing their own and they need to step up to protect the innocent as this has happen before. Where is the threat from others watching Iraq and Iran gas attacks that killed thousands as the world watched?  There is nothing, but hype to the uneducated. If Congress authorizes an attack, not an option for you as President to choose as this is a trap, it is on them. But if they don’t, follow the will of the people.

   You were told Syria is the trigger point and action that promotes this flash point is support for the dark side and you know this. Yes there is evidence, but you know the Truth and what you and the Senate Arms Committee were presented was a tightly controlled intrusion on the population pointing to one source when they were others. Thus they are not lying, but it is far from the Truth. This is a game you do not want to play for it is all going to come out.

   Know this, everyone of you who sides with the dark side, is against the Almighty. Those who are protected and you know who I am addressing will lose this and you are on your own. I don’t care how you spin, how much you fall, do not be the one to pull the trigger. You are wise and took on a great mission for this world and country and I am grateful, now lets not get side tracked on an event planned to get a desired result, for you are above this. Now act on this with your true advisor your wife.

   For those that have been watching, the chastisements have been held back due suffering and prayer and a group of people who will not let this world fall to the antichrist due fear as this will now change. Remember it is the Almighty that controls all and the dates given to us change due the actions of mankind. It seems all of you only make choice when your loved ones die when this could have been avoided and still can be reduced if you listen.

   I fear nothing antichrist, false pope, CIA, assassins and many have tried and died as this is not a game when protected by God, but war to save everyone including your sorry ass sinners that should have been kicked to the curb. Alien intervention, no as this is a lie. It is intervention by the Almighty who created the universe and all life that is within. This is the Truth. What you will see may be harsh, but this must pass otherwise billions would be lost in vain. It is up to the leaders of this world to stand for their people no matter what you see. Here you will establish your legacy in the Kingdom of God.


Update Sept 7

Addressing the Nation Tuesday 9/10/13


   As you prepare the nation for this cruise missile strike with almost sure casualties, know that it MAY lead to war. You speak that America is war weary, yes but you miss the point, they are wiser. No longer do they trust intel just because you line up the ducks. No longer do they see aggression as only an answer to that which disgusts the world. No matter what you do in front of the world, you have only one Master, the Almighty who knows your reasons. You have reservations, but present a façade to the world as you deal in the “real world” wishing you had definite proof as this will not save you. It is not about you by standing firm on your past statements, but to admit your mistakes and change, as if you did not think they would arrange events to trip you, but you think of setting a precedent to the world on this event. Just how are your actions justified without the complete Truth, is going to further this cause?

   Shortly earth changes will cripple this nation and the last thing you need is a foreign diversion. When you speak to the nation tell the Truth and if any part of Congress backs this, but not the whole, drop it. The world has been given a gift to see past the lies as this will occur in phases. Don’t get caught in the down draft. Events in Syria were engineered by the antichrist and your Harvard education and world culture as president will not prepare you for what you have to face. The end times, is a battle with a clear division. It is not about winning support, a compromise to achieve a goal. The battle of the souls chooses right from wrong, now which side do you stand on?

   On Tuesday you can present fluff to all Americans as a "politician" on the national stage, under the guise of promoting human rights in the mist of chemical warfare or you can advance this the nation by telling the Truth. I have not steered you wrong in the past so heed these words, your actions are furthering the dark side no matter how you and your infested advisors spin this. This is not a game as you listen to these messages as shortly they will have consequences that even you as leader of the world will be brought to your knees. Then what? I stand by you holding back the the Almighty, please tell me this is not a mistake. I see the concern on your face, you are a lame duck, now act with courage and do what is right for the world. The deceit is so deep that even you have been fooled, wakeup. Do not cross the line the Almighty has drawn for you and this nation or face His Wrath. But you have already backed your self into a corner, think about the innocents, because this is the brief quiet before the storm. Again I strongly ask you to heed this message with humility little one as this is the Word of God.


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