Mid Term Election Results




Written Nov. 8 2:30 am EST


   As I told you, the House will go to the Democrats, but your blue wave that is the norm in Presidential Mid-Term elections is seen as a ripple. There is nothing new to see here. Senate has increased in the Republican favor and this is your clue. Your blue wave has no backbone except in the media hype. I have told you, few that have voted really know the issues, but they follow the media. When they enter the voting booth they just flip the levers or check paperwork in the same column. They are all puppets. Exit polls show the main concern was health care and not immigration, a lie. So how will this pan out?

   Little in the media regarding politics is true as the influence is far less than they had hope. Open your eyes and judge, listen to no one, but watch events with common sense. Do not be fooled. This election has not predicted, Black governors back by the new world order have fallen, despite the manipulation of the polls. Learn from this.

   The new House will try to unleash anything against the President by design as they are new world order. This will fail. Remember side with the new world order against this nation and you will be destroyed. The polls were fixed and promises made to the candidates. For Gallium and Stacy as the first, they were crushed by design. Play with the new world order, they lie with consequences. They sold their souls, I ask now what.

   The future of this nation will become more divisive. All saw the reporters questioning on nationalism when it was explained many times. You were told Democrats do not like what they see, but do not comment for fear of reprisals from family and friends. They voted how they feel. This is what you need to understand.

   We as a nation will not make 2020, but if we did, Trump would win in a landslide. He states all immigrants with skills are welcome, but come legally. He states we take care of our own before the rest of the world. He states unfair trade costing American jobs are not to be tolerated. But you have a problem with his past as a man. You are idiots.

   Do you ask why the caravan no longer has buses as all are looking at who funds them? So poor people in Mexico who live day to day can afford to clothe and feed thousands, but not themselves? The caravans were by design to affect the mid terms. Sympathy was expected, but those on the left under estimated hidden fears. All put on a faÁade and talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. Your election has revealed this.

   I told you Pelosi, you will wish you were never Speaker of the House as the Earth Changes unfold. Just what help are you going to offer America? I know more lies.


Update Nov. 8 11pm EST


   Events have now sunk in as the Blue ripple has taken hold of America. Pelosi is seen as an old fossil in the Democratic Party. Repeating your past is not the future. Today you spout the best won. This is not true. Almost 70 of the opposite gets kicked out in the Mid Terms over the past few decades. Did you reach parity? We all know this did not happen; again the wave subsides to a ripple. It will get worse in the next months.

   Will she get elected as speaker, I will not comment on it as she twists arms. In my opinion choose new blood as opposed to an old woman. This is the truth. I have told you, that the Democrats will wish they never were elected or control the House as Earth Events go south. They will offer no solutions.

   When Pelosi was asked about securing the border, she switched the subject on Cuomo. By the way Cuomo, I was so proud of your diverse panel, great job. Correcting Pelosi, there are over 40 million illegals in this country. The numbers you quote, are from the sixties, check it. Health care, exactly how when the premiums do not cover what is being paid out by companies. We been down this road before as the young see themselves as invincible and will not buy insurance unless you force them. How will that work? It didnít!

   The last thing you want to do with your new power is open up the same investigations. The hidden vote made your wave morph to a ripple. Is this your plan for 2020? Republicans are not attacking your homes and families, but you are. The attack at Tuckerís home has angered the Almighty. Watch as those responsible will just drop. I told you taint the Supreme Justice system the Almighty will take another. That fall was a warning, next time; the Father will call her home. Heed this. Please test me.

   Democrats are silent on the border and caravans. You hear from those looking for a better life here state that they are cheap labor. Why are they rejecting us? Ask who is telling them this and promoting it? This is true and the affect is to suppress wages and jobs already here. But what they do not say is their wages if they work is so low if on the books will pay no taxes, crushing revenue. But their children will cost thousands per child in school systems. Some will be on social services and subsidized rents and food stamps. Medical is free as those with no insurance must be treated and released. This is a negative return on illegal immigrants, but your Democratic leaders have no clue on fiscal responsibility. They send you a deficit. But the Democrats offer no plan to curb this even today with Pelosiís words. You pay America on the inept decisions of your leaders.

   Attorney General, Trump this is easy give to Christi. Be careful in Florida corrupting the vote for the Senate and Governor and the Almighty will sink the peninsula. This is not a threat, but a promise. Let it go.


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