Mid Term Aftermath



Written Nov. 15 11:59 pm EST


   There were 3 factors that affected the Mid Term elections outside of the issues, as both sides are blind. First, you were told not to believe the polls. Second, you under estimated the affect of early voting in certain key races. Third, fear was the greatest driver of voting results, not the issues. The tempering of the out of control American electorate has begun, as no party has total control. So lets look at the issues affecting America before the vote and see if the voting trend got it right.

   I will address the Democrats, old Jim Crow first, as they have not been cancelled. You led the Black minorities to believe, that racism would rise, if the Republicans were elected especially in Philadelphia. Now as an outsider to the Pa. Senate race, you would rather have a medically challenged leader, who will not function correctly in the Senate, no matter how you spin it, in place of a doctor that has Pa. issues first, not a partyí. If he entered a fund raising party, spoke, mingled and not one of you knew him, then what? Not one of you would back him or most even talk to him. That is who you are. So with that said, who votes like that? Media influenced.

   We heard and minorities believed MAGA Republicans would crush your voting rights and threaten you as you went to the polls. Be careful Jeffries, as you may fail before start with your present rhetoric. The Right would never accept the election, if they lose. None of this happened in the Mid Term elections. Think about that. Both parties took a beating at the polls. And the lesson, Stacy got her ass kicked with all the hype and backing. She is a politician, not a tool to improve the lives of Georgians. The voters finally got that race right. As for Beto, his personality trying to be something he is not, sunk him. Kathy squeaked by and Kari talked too much, so much so, she lost the job, Humility would have went a long way, yes like winning. But Fox news has to share your in defeat, as a pretty face sometimes does not translate into votes, just ask Tulsi. Those who put that arrogance in your voice, need to part ways. Hochul has 2 years to clean up NY State crime or the Westchester Congressional district will fall next election and Kingston moves to toss up. Big money is already on the move in New York City and after the up coming disaster, you will have no funds, then what? You will not be given timing, no matter what the USGS promised you..

   This election was about inflation. Does the general public have enough money for food, gasoline, heat and for others rent? Temporary stipend checks is not the answer, as 20% of the money is stolen due to fraud. The general public has watched for decades, sent their children to inferior schools by design. A lack of education is what holds minorities back, but this takes a generation of young souls to reverse this trend. Nothing has changed in 60 years and minorities still do not get it with their voting patterns. With an education, there is no lack of opportunity, because opportunities are made, when you have an education, not given by affirmative action. Housing opportunities only exist if you break out poverty, then you are still red lined. Free health care comes with long wait times and a lack of nearby facilities to support the population. Then you are rushed out after treating the immediate issue, not long term causes that needs support. This is what you are offered, because they can not afford extended support, just look at the mentally ill walking the streets. Your eyes do not lie..

   Biden, do you really think, a new windfall tax on oil companies wonít be offset by carry over tax credits or other loop holes? Your Congress passed that law to keep the rich, rich. Or the Biden Administration will make them drill in open low yield areas. The execs with added drilling costs, really are going to cut prices to the American public? No. They will just sit on existing supplies and let the rest of the world demand dictate prices? The Saudis see this, but you donít. I guess that is why you graduated 10th from last in your class at SU.

   Abortion is about womenís rights or so it may seem. Yes a woman has control over her body, but the fetus is a separate and viable human life form with the spirit of life, that only God can instill. If the life of the mother is at risk due to the baby, abortion would be allowed only for self preservation, otherwise both die. This is a common sense solution sanction by the Almighty, God the Father. Without a spirit or God given soul, you are just an animal. Heed this.

   Abortion in 73íwas approved by the Supreme Court and backed by the Democrats and some Republicans. This Landmark Decision was not to advance womanís rights, as the general public perceives, but for a far more sinister reason. After losing the battle of Jim Crow in America in the late 50ís the push back from Republicans forcing through the Civil Rights Acts in 64Ď, which most Democrats did not vote for and the failure of the assassination MLK in 68í to stop the Black movement, a new plan was hatched. That was the pinnacle of racial hatred at the time.

   Letís mentally herd the general Black population into creating self genocide by their own free will, was the plan. Millions of other White babies were allowed to occur just to get at you, Black people. America was and still is to a lesser degree a Christian nation. It is here that we (the powers to be) do not have to worry a influx babies encroaching on the white majority by design. Dumb down the school systems in the inner cities, introduce poor health habits through fast food, poor nutrition and food stamps used in Bodegas, increase promiscuity through movies and music. Then destroy the Black father through lack of education, drugs and lack of opportunity.

   Abortions are and will be the choice of the educated Black woman and those with means, for not being trapped by an unborn child, that has little hope of support from a father. Just sometimes just say no instead of giving in the heat of the moment. For the men, you need to take responsibility. If you do not want to be seen with her then, keep your d..k in your pants. It is not worth it. Learn self control. As for Hispanics, they were not seen as threat in those days, but now they are.

   Did it work? Look around at your schools, obese children, and more important look at the suppressed population growth of Black people, that has almost remained stagnant for decades. Blacks account for 13% of the general population in the United States, but have over 50% of all abortions. And those are the numbers they want you to see, as the true total is higher. Back door abortion clinics with cut rate prices serving the poor communities do not report. All of this under the guise of promoting womanís rights, but achieves a desired goal that no one should ever envision until now. Many powerful Senators and leaders backed this covert plan back then, some are still in power. There is your Truth.

   Student loan forgiveness, no, again more free money. Lower the interest rates for those who pay to near 1%. As long as they pay and donot default. If so, the interest rates are restored. It is not about gaming the system. It is about taking responsibility for your poor decision for a major and the school you went to. State Universities offered the same opportunity without the high cost. Remember, it was you that begged your parents to go to a particular school all of you knew anyone could not afford. Lower interest rates helps all to pay off debt. A giveaway just extends debt, as most will still have rising debt due to interest rates. Many schools cost between 45 and 70 thousand a year. How is 10K going to change lives?

   Remove predatory student loan companies who borrowed at the prime rate, that was near record lows (less than 2%) and resold it at 5 to 9% above their costs on the principal. So lets put this in English to where everyone can understand. The loan companies get 100k for less than 2 thousand a year in interest and the offer students a 100 k loan where they pay up 10K in interest per year. The parents have to cosign and the loan never goes away (excluded from bankruptcy). Who wins here and does the government care? But, you wonít do the common sense solution, as influence guides your decisions.

   Home ownership can increase with low cost government loans in addition to minimum 20% down to where both parties share the risk. The GI bill to advance home ownership worked in the past and transformed this nation. A new plan will work again. Again a common sense solution. But, you wonít do that.

   Negotiate drug prices, I thought any one with a brain was already doing that. I guess politicians do not have a brain, just personality, which helps no one but themselves. The answer is buy the drugs in bulk from the EU and African suppliers, as American are charged a premium price to subsidize the EU and other nations around the world. The point, the rest of the world will pay their fair share, as our prices come down. Again, Biden wonít do that, as it will expose the corruption between American politicians past and present and the drug industry. Just know, politicians get a covert bonus every time a new Covid mandate comes out. The key here is, Pharmaceutical companies give Biden a reduction in drug prices and he looks good in the political eye. On the back side, they can make up the difference and more on Covid vaccines and mandatory programs, both sides win and you are none the wiser.

   Here we go again, raise taxes on the corporations. So with all public corporations and Wall Street, earnings and net profits coupled with the stock float determine their stock price, which all executives have a vested interest in. The more shares outstanding, the more dilution of the stock price. Hey that sounds just like inflation. Shush, lets not wake up the general public. The government gets more tax dollars to spend and waste. You will suffer layoffs now sweeping the high tech industry. High paying jobs lost, but a whole lot of low paying jobs offered. Corporations will also raise prices on all goods and services to bridge the gap. Again sounds good as a media sound bite (tax the rich corporations), but for you and the nation, you lose. The jobs being gained in the jobs report are the ones that most Middle Class Americans would not take. Illegals will. 15 dollars an hour with few benefits, as a politician, you need to stop the smoke and mirrors.

   On the international front, the big problem is Taiwan. China has said so many times, that Taiwan is their sovereign territory and will be integrated as one China, which you yourselves have stated Biden. They have told you, this is non negotiable point in World and China Affairs. So why did you say war is not imminent. Oh, because it is not in the next few months.

   The Chinese will attack Taiwan or they will surrender and you ask how? First Biden, you can do little, as most of the Westís manufacturing base is located their. The stock markets will crash and the American 401s are toast. What about your sonís alleged promises to China, will they want their money back? How is that going to work? This will not be Ukraine.

   With world opinion against an all out invasion of Taiwan, there are other options. The primary one being considered by CCP is a total blockade of all ocean traffic cutting oil and other necessary supplies, as it is their right to control their territorial seas. Allow passenger air travel controlled by air traffic coming and going to present numbers and schedules. The point, cutting foreign air lifts with supplies, but allow citizens to relocate. New abandoned apartments provided for the Chinese people with room.

   If Taiwan attacks the blockage, it is then a war that they started. If the US attacks the blockade or airlifts troops in, it is war. Then we started it. If the world applies sanctions, the Western financial systems will collapse. Bidenís promise to protect Taiwan is a lie, as he cannot deliver any protection to the island without destroying the world financially and or through a world war. He did listen to create chip plants here, but the process needs to accelerate. Xi told Biden quietly in private with no oneís ears listening at the G20 yesterday, as Xi understands enough English, he will not attack until after 2024. His son will be rewarded. But, Earth Changes will push Xi to renege on that promise and Taiwan will fall. This your leader.

   You ask what about article 5 and the missile strike in Poland? Missiles hit by Ukraine defenses maybe, when most are near Russia, is a lie. Putin tested NATO resolve and confirmed the West will stand in an attack to gain intent. Now they will exploit this in an ultimate first strike in the near future.

   Now lets address the Republicans. In this past election, being cocky when the polls seem to turn in your favor, came back to bite you in the ass. I told you not to believe the polls and you thought they would only slant Democratic. They didnít by design. The media coverage of a Red tsunami did suppress many Republicans from voting, as some candidates were labeled canít lose like Lake. How did that work?

   You have the House, so what are you going to do? In fighting for control of the House and other key appointments? Continue the Trump - Desantis rivalry putting a distaste in the voter mouths? Or are you going to stand up for the American people. Now you can waste your time with Hunter, the Democratic voters are blind. He smoked crack, banged hoís with pictures, slept with his brother wife, took money from foreign entities and the Bidens still are like Teflon. Few minds will change with the media barrage. Let it go, God will take this one and America will see results.

   Focus on changing America for the better. Work with the Democrats, it will be few at first, but will change over time with action and disasters. Remember the Democrats are not the enemy, though it may seem like that. It is the new world order who is behind political division and hate in this nation. Your enemy is the Chinese and Russian no matter what they say to your face.

   With 2024 on the horizon, all will be looking at what gets done from both parties. If you had won the Senate, Republicans would have been seen as obstructionists, as you have harden against Biden stopping all progress and he would just veto your bills. Is that what you want? It is about America first, not the party, remember who you work for. Heed this. If no progress is made, the Almighty will and He always starts at the top.


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