The Mid Term Vote


Written Nov. 07 1:45 am EST


   As the nation goes to the polls, it is not that Democracy that is in peril, but those who influence the process for their gain in power. Everyone has an ID, so why do you make this a problem. Everyone can get to the polls, only the lazy canít and mail in are vulnerable to fraud. This is the truth. Extreme MAGAs or the extreme BLM & Antifa are less than .05% of the population. Those who attacked the Capitol have or will be prosecuted and had Zero chance of success. Even with help from the Democratic leadership. Capitol police told to stand down. Protesters allowed in the building and the refusal for aid from the National Guard and DC police. Agitators placed by design egging protestors to storm. All this allowed to happen, again by design and signed off by an high Democratic official. On the other side looting and riots defined your cities. This is not the Democrats, but a select group allowed to exist to divide this nation.

   When you vote, it can be about a failed insurrection pushed for political reasons, as Biden did not lose power. While in power you are on the verge of nuclear war. While in power you can not afford to put food on the table or gas in your cars. Those allowed to invade the United States under the guise of asylum ( not allowed for domestic violence or economic reasons) can not find jobs or housing. Your 401s, I need not say anything. This is what affects you.

   Now you can vote for the ghosts of threats, which affect the few or those you can see and feel. The choice is yours. But remember, which ever way it goes, the people have spoken. All who vote a different way is a God given choice in this country. A different vote does not make you the enemy. You want an enemy look at Russia and China who want this country. Those who made business deals with them are traitors to this country. And your division, pushed by the new world order will make it so. Republican and Democrat is the new North and South of the middle ninetieth century and you do not see this. If the poor and minorities have made little movement since the sixties in urban areas, then those in charge are responsible for holding them back. Money is a diversion, (like offering money to buy heating oil rather than solving the problem), but education sets you free.


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