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The Eve of Change




Written Nov 5 11:59pm EST


   Speculation runs rampant in the media, as posturing takes place to solidify an end result by herding the minds of those who will vote. Events are put in place to increase globalism. Need I remind you of what is written in the Bible? So let’s separate the truth from fiction in the media as the voters have already made their decision and cannot be influence from anything released here. This was a planned delay.

   The ad that was pulled by all networks was from those who control them, new world order. Did it say something that was not true? No. He killed one of yours and you call it racist. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics kill in this country everyday and now reporting this is racist? Yes the ad was distasteful. But it is the truth. Nothing stated all illegals are the same, but it only takes one to change the life of an American family. This is the truth, which you do not understand until it happens to you.

   The caravan was financed by Soros, but the new world order now sees the revealed connections as a weakness, so funds are cut off as it can be traced. Doubt me, and then look at the plight of the migrants as they no longer can count to affect the vote in America. You the migrants were used, lick your wounds and go home as no food, transportation will be paid. So those seen as volunteers offering food, clothing and rides are not getting paid. The point, help will shrink below 20%. You will see the true contributors to the migrant caravan, which has not been paid.

   The continued push in the media about the “brown” migrants as if this is about black and white. If they arrive, they will take away from your Medicare and social services. Heath care will mushroom to cover unpaid emergency visits. The wages will be depressed by demand and rents will sky rocket, but your leaders to not convey this to you. As a teacher in a school system, think about layoff if you are not bilingual? Is this what you want?

   There has been no solution to change the education system and the plight of welfare to rise up for those who were born from slaves on a whole. The few that excel did it on their own backed by a strong family. This is not the norm as we see.

   Trump is insensitive as that is what we need. Actions of change are the truth, not words like every other president. You say he is against women by his word. No, he was taking advantage of women who would put it out to get ahead. This is the truth. Almost every man does this. Is it right, no? But you have a choice and most take it. Harassment occurs when a woman who will not compromise her morals to get ahead says no. It is the women that came before that will lie down for any reason that brings pressure on those who do not deserve it. For the women, clean up your own act as you can not have both ways. He was not in government as Bill who rolled through several interns, but only Monica ratted.

   The Senate will hold for the Republicans as for the House, this is in the hands of the voters and the margin will tell a tale.


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