Militarization of the Police Force in the US



Written May 18


   Most of you in this nation are blind to the message Obama gave in an Executive order today. All of focused on the police will not be able to acquire certain weapons like 50 caliber machine guns, they used the term weapons. Tanks with treads, bayonets and grenade launchers were also banned for transfer, but police forces could still buy these weapons from the arms manufacturers of this nation.

   There has military transfer of weapons for over a decade and all key departments are fully armed and are only in need of replacement parts if depleted through engagement of the population. What Obama is telling is the type of weapons they have stock piled. The key is the news release and Executive order is that bayonets and grenade launchers have been acquired. The stop order was only a warning to you, for those key agencies needs no more and the Executive order means nothing if you have what you already need. Exactly why do you think they need it? Those in denial will dismiss close range crowd control. This is your wake up call, when selective Marshall Law is declared due to the earth changes your rights as a citizen will be super ceded in the defense of this country by any means. This is the law of this nation.

   The mentality you have if food and water flows to a trickle due to severe drought, which is here, you will riot. The mentality that you now have a true voice and your voices will be heard by the nation in sympathy. The paid media will crush your voice as no one will hear, but through word of mouth. The mentality that you can demand change through violence shall be meet with the full force of the US Military and Civilian Police forces to protect the innocent, the children who you put in a position of facing death will initiate a severe response.

   Obama gave you a covert warning, I hope you in the communities and your Black leaders who are in the know and dependant on government, when your safety net is taken away and many in this nation have prepared, know that will you live and die by your choices in life. You will get no official warning until you see the signs in the sky. This is it, take notice those in the media.


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