A Paradigm Moment


Written Mar. 15 10:30 pm EST

Update Mar. 22 11:59 pm EST


   The vision of your leaders as to the future of your world is warped. They assume years from now, they will still be in power, yet change is around the corner. Addressing the American people, you have a power shift in world power and your leaders, the media are afraid to tell you. So where do we stand as a nation on the world stage?

   Everyone is so concentrated on the Ukraine designed war. Biden harden his stand as to not waiver on one demand from Putin. He saw this as a power play. Putin saw it as a bluff and attacked. The weak one crumbled. Macron opened a back door to Putin speaking for the EU with the backing of Germany. A side deal is still possible and Biden was pushed out of the loop. We have China helping Russia evade the sanctions and the US threatening China. How is that going to work? India just agreed to buy Russian oil, so are we going to sanction them also? So you have a pact of 3 countries that control almost 3 billion of first world citizens against the EU 600 million and America 340 million.

   This is a two fold problem, as the Chinese are pressing to devalue the US dollar by design. The EU are using back door negotiating with Putin, as he has a strangle hold on their energy, traitors. So in this world struggle, what is the plan of the Chinese?

   All know that Saudis and the UAE see the handwriting on the wall in the halls of Congress. This is why despite the media push back, their prime leaders are not taking his calls. Biden pushes we are talking, but it is the subordinates with no power to change things. It is just optics to save face in the public media. This is why the Saudis are taking to the Chinese to sell their oil. If or I should say when they flip with the UAE following, the EU will fall into crisis. General supplies will be cut. Putin will not have to fire a shot or invade a country, as the EU will just fold due to lack of energy. Ukraine is just a diversion peace or no peace. This is the plan.

   Now what is in store for America? You were told the Bear and the Dragon never intended back down, but use words of peace to freeze the decisions of your leaders to usher in the new world order. Heed this.


Update Mar. 22 11:59 pm EST


   Today Biden mention the new world order and most anchors played like they had no idea on both sides of the media. The new world order is world domination, one leader, one government with one religion and it will not be led by the United States. The new world order shall rise in Europe and then infest the rest of the globe infecting every aspect of your lives. It is the elimination of all national sovereignty and borders, where a group of elites rule the world under the leadership of the antichrist. He will mask as an educated leader in the form of a man. Remember Jesus walked the earth in the form of a man and He is God. So can another.

   This is the path Biden is leading you down. It is dark and wreaks of death. Billions will die to bring the world to acceptance and reduce general populations of useless eaters to less than 30% of today‘s world population through a great war and other calamities. This is the plan. Your world is so naïve, like little lambs being led to the slaughter, as you squabble over petty differences. Remember it may appear to be two sides, but both have the same agenda. Beware of what all governments are selling to the people, because it is not peace.


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