The Morandi Bridge Collapse

Genoa Italy




Written Aug 16 10pm EST

Updated Aug 18 3:15am EST


   Many of have asked is this another one of your conspiracy theories to what seems as an accident waiting to happen. The bridge had many structural defects since it was built and was under repair with support cables replaced in the eighties.

   First the bridge was open to over 68 thousands cars and trucks crossing daily a heavy load, if the bridge was considered to be eminent of collapse, it would have been closed to traffic. It was not, but the term, “this was not unexpected” was to cover the tracks of those who did not want a close examination as flaws in the construction of the bridge may not have been the cause. I told you that accidents are not accidents. So let me provide more details.

   What is unknown to most of the world is that Genoa is a hotbed of activity and meetings for the Illuminati in reclusive wealthy areas. Ask the locals if they will talk. The A10 route and Morandi Bridge is a key link to Nice and the back areas of France where many of the Illuminati live. The bridge was destroyed by the Hand of God as a lightning bolt stuck the bridge and it collapsed confirmed by witnesses. Check it. Engineers will come to a conclusion they are given to say. Where were the pre-existing cracks in the concrete infrastructure? The cables when examined will have not rusted. This is your world.

   Was there an important individual or more of the Illuminati killed in the collapse, yes? But the public will not know as corrections in the death toll take place and a body or bodies transferred to a new location for private ceremonies with cause of death not reported. The point of this is not to educate the world as they will never believe, but those in the Illuminati who will connect the dots as they were the target. The more you try to hide, the purge of your dark souls being taken from earth, the greater the next event. The point is fear God and change. Satan will not save your sorry asses, but he will take your souls you so foolishly have given to him for wealth that does not exist when you die.

   Yes there were innocent victim souls and as martyrs honored by God. They are in Heaven as for the Illuminati that perished or who are still suffering buried in the rubble with a slow death so you can reflect of your life and maybe repent, if not welcome to hell.

  A site has said earth changes has pulled the bridge apart. Look the the ground as that evidence of ground separation revealing fissures will not be there.


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