Fall in Line MSNBC

Show Cancellations


Written Sept 10


   The public has witnessed the quiet expulsion of Ed for his voice against the opposition in July and the Rev, kicked to the curb with an early Sunday morning just as his followers go to church. MSNBC served its purpose and even Obama abandoned them 2 years in a row at the Whitehouse Press Dinner with jokes on their ratings, and CNN. What you do not know is that your ratings were doctored to a point and when told the truth eventually follows fiction. Painted as losers the true numbers were above those that they were doctored. Fox appeals to the id of the true American voter as the façade presented is false, but filled with hatred and political correctness. How is it that liberals far outnumber conservatives, but conservative ratings numbers are through the roof? So who will survive and has a message been sent to all those who want to bring the truth to America.

   First why, Ed you stepped across the line due to pride and ego at an easy target, a trap. If it is too easy then there is a consequence. Rev you compromised your beliefs by putting the rights of a human before the laws of God. You were warned. Worse you sold out for a Sunday show. This you will regret and I hope you did not sell your soul for pride and a show that will eventually get cancelled, just like Ed. This is the plan and you need to move on.

   All of you at MSNBC are being sent a message and all at CNN are watching. Those who embrace all that goes against the Laws of God as being against the rights of gays, abortion will be labeled as out of touch. This has intensified as the dark one is here. Dismiss this warning and you will fall like so many others. In the media you know something is wrong, for once go with your gut and be a man or woman. The brave change this world, cowards just die.

   Since when do your ethics, your love of God get manipulated by a job? Ed bowed out for integrity rather than another carrot, will you? Nothing that affects your lives seems for real when you examine the carefully prepared choices. You are the face of the media and it is the message which you present to world that counts. Yes it may have some truth, but also many lies. There comes a point to where you must choose. Send this world into the abyss with lies or stand up for the Truth as this was the reason you became a vehicle for the news. The world remembers those that stood for the truth and the cowards’ fade away. Which will you become, those of you at MSNBC and CNN?


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