The Release of the Mueller Report


Written Apr. 17 11:59pm EST

   I have told you, the Mueller Report is not going to go in the direction, that most of you think. This is why Barr is holding an early press conference by design. Yes it is a trap. As you in the media, can not help yourselves. So lets clarify, before you make fools of your selves in front of the American public.

   Trump wanted the report to be completely released to the American public. Did it ever dawn on you, to ask why? But the Democrats were fighting that the report would be heavily redacted, again why is that? Now that the report will be lightly redacted sends fear through the halls of Congress and the Democrats. So they are pushing for Barr to cancel his press conference. Why? If the report crushes Trump, almost all will welcome it. But, if it reveals something else, all will have to commit against it by design, before seeing it. This is a brilliant move. This just like Trump sending illegals to sanctuary cities as the true feeling of the Democrats were revealed. They can come in, but we will not pay for it in our districts. This is what America heard. Stupid ideas and your voters pay under the guise of compassion, which you have none by your actions. I told you, they lie.

   The mistake for the Democrats, is that they thought Mueller would be a patsy for their cause, like Comey and Lynch. Mueller is a man of the truth and cannot be bought. His report did show no collusion with the Russians. It will also show that in no way that the Russians over seas could have hack our voting system, that is not connected to the internet. Those in your media are idiots and you listen to them. Social media ads (a few thousand dollars worth) were placed, but completely ignored by the voting American public and this is your media spin? The plot was hatched and coordinated by the DNC and Hillary to win the election shall come out. But most of all, Manafort who worked for Podestas to secure influence in the Ukraine was a mole among others in the Trump Campaign. Who is also guilty? Those that recommended him to Trump, follow that trail and the money. What will not be revealed, is that Seth was killed, sent by certain people in particular party for hacking DNC servers as a message to all never try his again, as this is too much for America to be revealed. The NSA as a record of the file transfer from within their offices. Those behind this, will now just disappear or just have an accident. I will be watching as the dark one snatches your souls. Allow them to live and you shall replace them.

   Obstruction, some was considered by some on the Mueller team, but Trump never fully acted upon it, to protected those who he thought were his allies. But, he allowed them to fall as to their deceit and greed. All crimes that were prosecuted, was influence peddling long before the Trump campaign, and this will also be revealed. Had you elected Clinton, the foundation would have taken in billions for influence, but she lost. America is so blind.

   I told you, the Mueller report would reveal the sins of the Democrats as the Donald, is no saint, but he is not a traitor to this nation. This is, what is important in your small minds. Your best would have never won in 2020 if it was to occur. As for CNN and MSNBC, you have time to change, by stop being the mouth piece of the new world order (devil) or quit. Continue and The Almighty will bring you to your knees, by any means necessary. I am just the messenger.

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