The NATO Conference

Prelude to WW3




Written Mar. 26 12:59 am EST

Update Mar. 26 4 pm EST


   People of the world, you need scrutinize every move your leaders take, as it is your lives, that will change. Putin attacked Ukraine for many reasons, though unjustified. First, because of the Russian sections of Ukraine would not fold under the control of the puppet comic. Second, the election that put Zelenskyy in power was arraigned by the CIA and key compromised polling places. Hunter saw a payday that would enrich many powerful people. The big guy with the invisible KKK hood made sure Obama would not get paid like the Clintons or himself with influence money. The plan of NATO was to make Ukraine a quick response base if ever nuclear war was to come, conventional forces would then invade Russia. This was and still is the plan.

   Putin choose to invade Ukraine to preempt this, but the timing was based on the New Madrid Fault rupturing devastating the US and the EU. This is still to come. So he chose to move before winter ended where the ground would not unfreeze.

   These are the key things you have to realize. You were told, this was a test of NATO resolve by Putin. Fear of nuclear weapons pushed, but Putin paid his loans payments to prevent financial default to the West. Why is that? We heard from Biden that NATO resolve is as one. Yet Germany and your European countries are still paying for Russian energy while the US goes it alone with sanctions. How is that working?

   There is a build up of US troops on the Eastern flank, but it is the US that is putting men, the money and the materials, as most NATO members are in standby mode waiting for others to step it up. Exactly how much money are the other nations contributing? All NATO countries together are providing only 500 million in aid to the US contribution of over 16 billion dollars to start.

   Poland, do you really want to send planes, then send them. You can pay for the replacement planes. Do not volunteer to help when you are not willing to foot the bill. You are only doing it to get upgraded jets from the US, so stop lying about helping. Also is Europe going to ask the US to replace the arms they donated to Ukraine at our expense? Please ask Biden.

   Germany where are your 350 troops hiding? Macron why are you constantly trying to broker a back door deal with Putin for your country? You are speaking for one, not all. And Biden, you want to improve infrastructure for liquefied natural gas storage in Europe at our expense? They need it, let them build it. What about gas supplies? Are you going to increase production here, as to not increase prices to the American public? Probably not as the American consumer will pay through the nose, when you divert supplies from home to Europe. Again you are taxing America just like today’s inflation. Joe you promised no new taxes, but as all can see, you lied.

   This is what America faces as all NATO stands together in pictures only and you the American citizen pay most of the bills to protect Europe. Yes Democracy is worth preserving, but the leaders in Ukraine are thieves, criminals, exploit women, arms and drug dealers. This is what you are protecting. As they could care less for the Ukraine people. When protecting all must stand up equally, as that situation in NATO is not going on now.

   This is a proxy war fought by NATO and Ukrainians are the pawns. It is only a matter of time before Putin may strike Europe with several tactical nukes. Then what? Civilians carrying weapons and you ask, why are civilians being killed? Because they are armed. What about the casualties reports coming out of Ukraine? NATO estimates are from 7 to 15 k yet CNN is reporting 15,000 and the Russians report less than 2,000 someone is lying. Reports of the words children on the ground, as if a jet bomber going 500 mph on an attack run or a cruise missile would see this. You are idiots and are playing America for sympathy. Yes is a tragedy the building was hit, but not for the media presentation.

   Reports of the Russian advance stopping, It stopped weeks ago as the distance to the city has not changed. The Russians can flatten Kyiv, but for some reason has chosen not to and its is not the Ukraine courage. Covert teams of western forces are doing the major killing. There was a Russian ship hit and in flames. Not by the Ukrainians, but by a stealth US missile. They do not control the coastal regions to fire an advanced weapon. Who gave the order? Biden did, as he thought and was advised would not lead back to him. Heed this.

   The new world order agreement was for Putin to play bad guy. Destroy Ukraine to a point, to gain world sympathy and increase budgets for the military complex from all nations. This was achieved. Then allow peace to come as Russia takes the eastern parts of Ukraine and some new areas of the Black Sea access.

   So you in Brussels figured you would back stab Putin, as the war campaign seems to favor the Ukrainians, but they are lying. Putin sent a direct message, but did you listen? A Hypersonic missile that can not be shot down and hit a target with precision with only a few minutes warning. A sub in the lower North Sea could hit Brussels before world leaders could make it to the bunkers. You do not want this, but for some leaders, good ridden. What about Xi and Taiwan? He is waiting for the New Madrid Fault to break and then he will make his move unopposed.

   All of your leaders agreed in order to force the world’s population to succumb to the new world order, war must devastate the earth for all to freely choose one leader in the name of world peace. But Putin sees your treachery and is willing to move first. This has forced the Russian-Chinese-German-Indian alliance against the West. Do you really want to force him out of the G20? Think about the long term issues. A trapped rat fights. You know this and what can you do?

   You can not take him out. Keep pushing in Ukraine and he will strike certain European cities in a limited response. Then what, you can choose to hit obsolete Russian military bases already planned, as you cannot hit civilian targets in response, checkmate. Chemical and biological weapons, no nuclear if you are going to take the fall. You continue to press and trap him, then he has no option. Do you really want that? Let Ukraine fall, agree to peace and live to fight another day. He knows you are planning to replace Russian energy to the EU. And you think he is going quietly? An agreement is your only option until planned war comes in the near future. This way, you can crush the info on the bio labs, that if released, would hurt the US and China.


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