The North Carolina Murders Feb 2015



Written Feb 11


   All of you seek insight into the murders that occurred in North Carolina, but you were told murder would increase and now you are outraged? On the surface this seems like a hate crime as anger against the Moslem community with recent European events has created a black lash. This was a subconscious base for anger, but the parking dispute was ignored by housing management and more important the male that was killed. There was an ongoing dispute and those abusing parking did not get message when the alleged murderer showed up with a gun at his waist at their door several times. He was sending a message. Was it the right message, no? Yes, there were words exchanged between the alleged killer and wife stemming that “they” do not understand our culture or respect the basic rules of neighbors. This was true for those that abuse the parking spaces, but does not reflect the group mentality as the opinions of women were discounted. Hatred against Moslems was not the agenda, but it did not help with recent violence in the news. It was the disrespect of outsiders having no respect to the rules of parking and what he perceived as what is important in America. This is what he hated. This is what goes on in many homes now, but few revert to violence. This is the Truth.

   In this case, the alleged killer snapped due to an outside influence and took it out in a rage of emotions that were pushed beyond his ability to say no. Thus killing human beings was the result. This was a tragedy on all sides. No one has the right to park in the selected spots without permission. No matter what your reason is. To those who mourned the victims, the three you care about, would still be alive if permission or respect for another occurred and what is sad it was the men at fault. Prosecute the alleged killer for his indifference to life for no one has the right to take a life, but change the culture that led to this. This is what you must do to stop what is escalating on earth now before it is too late.


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