Need to Know

America and most of its Leaders are in the Dark



Written Oct 12


   As this nation moves further into turmoil, know that no matter what you are told it is just beginning. The continuing problem is that the common man has little to no evidence of change to this earth removing almost all that you see today as home, so this message except for those in the know falls upon deaf ears. The floods that just washed away homes and lives in South Carolina now has been labeled a 1000 year storm, but soon will be the norm or worse a small squall. When the earth changes that began over a decade ago, they stated a 100 year storm then escalated to a 500 year storm, what next a 5000 year storm? They are lying as they deem you the population and civil leaders not within the circles of need to know. Threats of riots, populations running on banks, paper money and stocks dropping until, they are just worthless paper. This is what your leaders fear as they protect the investments of the elite to the lives of those in the areas subject to the up coming disasters. You do not need to know, but you can die.  Remember these words the weather is just beginning to become wild and these will be the good old days as the calm before the storm is about to turn.

   The media is nervous as the unthinkable may be true. They understand the earthquakes and tidal assaults are going to escalate quickly as quake swarms in Turkey, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, and Puerto Rico are now constant and the South America plate is on the move. Watch as the mid oceanic ridges increase in quake activity, but know this the intensity and frequency will be doctored to suppress concern in the scientific community. Suggestion, why donít you the universities use your own money and acquire your own detectors for research? If you want to know the truth, then record your own readings only to be shared within your own scientific circles for discussion. It is a start without oversight associated with funding.

   Whatís, caught the world by surprise, is the Russians and the Chinese are now embedded in the Middle East. The Republicans state there is no leadership, yet they created the problem knowing the president will not put boots on the ground. Isil or Isis is covertly funded by the Illuminati as a tentacle to destabilize the Middle East. New trucks, weapons, organized, well funded and trained by whom? An opportunity filled by the power vacuum due to the poor waged by a Republican war and in the end lead by a Democrat. Now it takes nations to take out desert soldiers? The prime directive put in place by Cheney and Bush was to hold the oil fields during the earth changes not destroy those associated with Suddam under the false flag of WMD.  His capture was a bonus. The All that you hear is not true. They wonder is this move fulfilling Bible prophecy.

   When dealing with an unknown situation and the world is caught off guard usually the opposite is true. You have been told Putin is weak. Putin is acting out of fear of failure of the Assad regime. Putin economy is in financial chaos. Why the sudden need to prop up this idea though in the media as you reporters are not buying it?

   You have been told Putin goal is world domination. He is the Bear of the north and the dragon of the east with 200 million men is China in Bible prophecy. Now you can laugh, but only a fool would discard a warning from God, which all of you in this nation base your faith on. Oh, now only parts of the Bible are true because you are in denial, cowards. Think about it. You have been told Russia has all the finance it needs through Rothschild, the puppet master with over 750 Trillion US dollars in wealth. They have the technology taken from the corporations you thought you controlled. More important the all the manpower they need with the Chinese. All of this is a need to know and you the public will not be informed. In fact you have been told the opposite.

   The goal in the Middle East is to allow the world to believe, they are fighting Isis or Isil. The problem is that this nation has been indoctrinated to dismiss Obama as ineffective through the media and the Republicans, which have written him off and the Russians will creep, but not provoke until a certain saturation point. Rumors of a proxy war are for the savvy with some insight, but the situation will escalate to a direct planned confrontation between the east and the west. Again the goal, create the war (problem) then offer the solution (peace at any cost) the antichrist and the new world order. This is the Truth.

   Boots on the ground by Obama or a Republican Congress are not an option as it is talk but the cowards would never push it or serve before the election and Putin knows this. An escalation in the air against the Russians not an option for Obama as any heighten encounter pushing the world to the brink would crush Hillary. The CIA is aware and shocked that there is a flow of capital from untraceable accounts financing the Russians. Those in the top circles know what is coming and many choose to remove themselves from the conflict to come. Watch as they continue to retire in the political and corporate world. Clues will be the sale of properties in Texas, California, Louisiana, Florida and all coastal beach front properties by the elite. Divesting in stocks and currencies and buying gold covertly while depressing prices for the public to liquidate. This is their plan.

   The only weakness you will see shall be how they respond to Putinís aggression. He will have no mercy as he is the army of the new world order. Oh yes Illuminati, do you really think your god, the antichrist will spare your nations? Conform or he the dark one will destroy you. The problem you will face is that you all agreed to sculpt the population of earth in alternative one. You just agreed at the Bilderberg Meeting a few months ago or have you forgotten? Alternative 2 & 3 are not feasible, so the sculpting through not informing the public of the earth changes has been deemed not effective for capturing souls in fear as most would pray to God, counterproductive.

   The goal is war were hate festers first towards the leaders of this nation for not seeing this coming and no plan to combat it. You speak of Isis, yes as if you the Republicans who initiated this war under the guise of greed can walk away. Know matter how events turned ISIS or Isil would have been formed to create the need for an American response and then the Russian. This was the plan. You as the world has been herded and on top of it, millions have the resources to leave for Europe are creating extreme distress and instability among the governments of the EU.

   What about the allies of the US in the Middle East like the Saudis, Egypt and Israel? As the earth changes increase those of you in power in Saudi will face a severe shortage of water and food. You the elite will not move or offered refuge for no country will accept your white slavery to please your inept men or absolute rule. When your people are starving they will hunt you and the US now with their own oil does not need you, now what? Egypt, turmoil will doom you from within and aggression towards your own will force America to walk away. You are on your own as resources dry up in the earth changes. Israel, you have been told America will always protect you, but in its protection of your nation with rogue moves by Netanyahu will dictate a new path for Russia to crush your vision and nation, a great portion of the world will be destroyed in defense of the children of Israel and most will say for what, the Jews. It is here that once peace is proclaimed, you will be betrayed by all, including America and given to the antichrist as foretold. Your second holocaust will make the first look like a misunderstanding. Millions of you will die.

   So how will the agents of the Illuminati feed the media and what will Putin do to further a world conquest as a puppet of the antichrist?

   All governments are under attack as confusion undermines public support. The group of you who were recruited to further mankind has been lied to as if the dark one could ever tell the truth or cares for you the children of God. Fools! You have been told if war breaks out you and your family will have time to reach the shelters, again this is a lie. You are his targets to harvest, the dark souls when caught and faced with death you will and shall sell your souls to survive a nuclear holocausts.

   To the media almost 50% of a certain group and a lesser number in another has pledged allegiance to the new world order in our government. This is who they are loyal to. This is what our nation will face in the turmoil as those appointed by vote answers to another and it is not the people. You are being some details are much is being withheld, but will be released as needed to protect this world under God.

   Tonightís debates in the Democratic Party shows the power of influence as to suppress great men with ideas. Only here did you here their plan for America, but not in the news or the media. This is the power of the Clinton machine. They all speak about climate change. All of them are lying from Obama, to Clinton, to Bernie and most definitely the Republicans all know of the planet Niribu now within our inner solar system is now outbound. Only when it is visible in our skies will you know the unfortunate truth. You don't as you are not part of the need to know America. This is the stark truth.


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