Insight into the Nepal Quakes




Written May 13


   Exactly what is going on in Nepal and why are the geologists stating bigger events are to come in this immediate region, when the last big quake was in nineteen thirties? Do they know something that the common man is not aware of, but they expect you to read between the lines as so many are in denial?

   Were you not taught that an earthquake is a release of pressure along a fault line that builds up over time, Geology 101? Were you not taught that the continents are creeping apart centimeters a year at the Atlantic Rift? Were you not taught that there is an epic center to a quake and almost all are deep quakes? All of this will change now.

   The time has come for the world to witness the power of the Almighty as He cleans up this cesspool of life you call earth with your humanistic moral rights that goes against the Creator, God Almighty. As the quakes you are now witnessing in Nepal with many more to come, breaks the last holds at the subduction zone of India and Eurasia under the Himalayas. They will increase in strength and frequency as scientists will be baffled and muzzled by the US Government. So what should the public look for?

   The earth is wobbling, but not yet visible to the common man, but will this action take a quantum leap after October 2015 as the fourth Blood Moon passes and a unified magnetic field will create unrelenting surges crippling power in certain areas and lightning not seen on earth since the time of Moses. This is the same wobble predicted in the Bible by the prophets. This motion will force the Indian sub continent under the Himalayas at an accelerating pace, but the common man will not be told. Save images today and compare them to image with geographical reference points that will be leaked in the future for the truth. You ask; are we to just go by images for proof again no one will believe the warnings. This would be true before late 2015, but there will be a new factor not expected.

   Once the Indian sub continent fractures its connection to the Eurasia plate, it will swiftly move under the Himalayas in a series of jerks and pauses. What will be different is the whole sub continent will quake in unison and the northern half will have its water tables rise as a precursor then flood, then to the surprise of scientists sink. Do not fall for a heavy Monsoon season as the cause as you are being told in advance. All cities on the Indian sub continent will be leveled and a migration the world has never seen will take place as country after country will refuse the ships to port and millions will die at sea in sudden but deadly storms that sink overloaded ships that tip as the passengers move to one side to avoid tsunamis on the open ocean, but you will not see this. Just like the Hundreds of millions in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, PNG, and Philippines will drown as all focus on the plight of India’s billion plus population. Those that land in desert areas as no life survives there without established resources will not be able to afford the black market prices as famine now seen in California will crush at least a third of the world this summer. The migrants full of hope will for the most part end in death and the West will turn its back in order to provide for home.

   It is the movement of the Indian sub continent that will sever tectonic plate support with Australia on its western edge and the without it, the continent will slide in that direction to fill the void left by the Indian continent shifting to the north taking some of the seabed in the Indian Ocean. This action will allow the western half of Australia to sink to the seabed drowning again millions who refused to move until it is too late out of denial. Watch as the elite in their greed sell their property at what most se as a steal. If the deal is too good then you are being taken.

   There will be a chain reaction as the Pacific is now allowed to compress and quakes will shake nations or in the US several states as one event. As the Bible states, nations will disappear. Your governments after the fact will offer hope of rebuilding; the knowledge of scientists to explain events and the military to offer order, but you will not be given the Truth. What you see in Nepal shortly will cover 2/3 of this earth; all will know the power of God. Remember this is about change and you only will change when face with death after all the chances you have been given, you chose to ignore. So be it.

   You say why would God destroy life? As children, you have little to no knowledge of the universe or the Creator. Most of you still believe the Big Bang and its expansion is the creator of life in your ignorance. As if an inert chemical combination morphs into self replication, fools. If the world and billions needs to be crushed to save souls, the internal life force, it shall happen. You will call out when facing death for forgiveness. This is the plan and not one of you when Jesus sees you on the other side will you be so thankful. Trust in the Lord for He died for you, so that these End Times would salvage almost all.


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