Written Sept. 22


   All of you are starting to get nervous. You now ask how come the opposition has not been eliminated.  Money silences those that have blocked your path, have things changed?  You now realized the playing the game has changed. It is not about bringing you down, but it is about bringing you the truth.

   Romney has been allowed to proceed without interference until recently. You the elite have been promised safety, preservation of your wealth in a time that now seems uncertain. You have listened to speeches and the closed door promises. Romney told you if you back him with your money, he will deliver. When you put down 50 thousand dollars you expect results and most important allegiance. All of know how you feel about the poor and middle class as you call them useless eaters behind closed doors in your elite clubs where no cameras go. This how he truly feels and he is a bishop. You watch as he lies to the press when caught on promises to you the elite. If a bishop can treat the needy with distain and project that same stiff smile while reversing positions. Where is his backbone when pushed?

   You always have been savvy weighing the odds and how one candidate or the other would advance your personal causes and now this. Will he turn on you if pushed? Will he deliver on promises that may be leaked and more important, talk? Your bribes, I mean political contributions are to bring a return and more important safety in the bunkers. Ask yourself, does he respond like the man who will have control in this country in a crisis or second guess every move costing millions of lives, maybe yours with that late phone call due to panic? This is the choice that you will have to make.

   Know this, all be revealed with all of its deceit and cowards talk. You are surrounded by them and this is way the elite will fall. Save your money as you have learned this lesson before do not throw more good money after bad money. Adelson how was that talk you had with Paul was everything you said or innuendo safe from the American public? There is a lot at stake in China, be careful. What was so embarrassing was his wife telling you, the republicans to stop it like if you were children, are you?

   Events are changing this world and we want all to be a part of it where those that have the least will be better off than the best the earth has to offer, the puppet master with all of trillions in wealth. This is the promise Of the Lord and as His worker I aim to deliver for Him. You can listen to the empty promises of a sinking ship or step up to the glory of a new world, which is as we speak the greatest and most beautiful planet in the universe beyond the comprehension of your small human minds.

   America needs to smell the coffee as most are still in denial. You heard the words, those people as most that make below 100 thousand gets some kind of aid. The greatest redistribution plans paved American roads in rural America. Built there schools as the population many times under a hundred can not support a school system.

   You in the southern Bible belt, a hard working people, who like conservatism, now what? What does Romney have in common with you except that he is white? All of you are equal in the Almighty’s eyes, are you equal in Romney’s eyes as you watched the video taken from the waiter’s area. He was talking about you and you need to step above denial? Intercession was given to you to show you the level of deceit, but it is up to you to learn. The truth is harsh when shown, because it can’t be truth, but it is.


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