Political Status: the New Hampshire Primary




Written Feb 8 11:59 pm EST

Update Feb 10 11:30pm EST


   As the New Hampshire primary is tomorrow it is your job in the media to point out the flaws of those backed by the powers to be. In the end you will be saving our nation, but also your own asses, as they will betray all once in power. So what will resonate with the American voter and for now those voting in New Hampshire?

   It is your job to point out the Truth on Cruz, Rubio, Jeb, and Hillary for now. There are others. Cruz states, he represents the views of evangelicals, but is was his layered Teflon authorization to his staff to state Carson was out of the race and then only apologize after he won is deceit of the lowest kind. CNN called him out on the lie. Exactly how is a Cuban Canadian who lies going to spin in rural Republican male America? Am I missing something here?

   The Republicans laugh as the promises made to the faithful when they leave their office, W did it in the Oval office, just as Hillary will do when the Blacks leave, if elected. Promises are made, but little is delivered as their votes are guaranteed over decades and nothing has changed, wake up. Cruz used a lie to secure a win and another lie in the apology to Carson as he meant to deceive the voter to win. Carson held his tongue as told. He is ineligible to be president as Canadian born of a non military family, not delivered on a US military base. This is in our Constitution. A vote for him is a wasted one just as you told the Carson voters. This time it is the Truth. More important, if he gets into office, he is already lying and manipulating for his own interest, not America, as he does not trust the voting process, your right to choose.

   Rubio as I stated, is the new world order choice, but the debate performance revealed flaws. Programmed to stick to the scripted theme, he had no clue when to move the backup. As a puppet, when put under pressure they fail, unless directed covertly. In a third world war where seconds count Rubio will look to the Illuminati for direction. What if that line of communication is blocked by design? This nation will fall. Is that what you want? Rubio is their man. He will deliver their agenda while promising scripted change for America. You have seen this over and over; it is time for true change.

   Jeb, who thinks, he is so crafty. As he presents America with his moderate views and will not further the agenda of the Bush family and their goals of world domination. He is in denial. Yet his hands are dirty as those of papa Bush and W whose strings are still pulled. Only out respect for CIA Bush, is he still a viable candidate, but the money from the new world order is on the line and some one will pay. Remember, it was he that gave the order to secure the Florida vote in the stolen election for his brother in 2000 in Florida. Is this who you want to trust to lead this nation? He answers to another. His brother destroyed a country to secure oil as he thought the end times were in 2003. His brother spent over trillion dollars in a war and it spawned ISIS as he had no exit plan. His brother allowed Wall Street to create a mortgage bubble of fraud and our economy collapsed. This is the Bush legacy of greed and power and you want to return to this, a puppet in control of your future?

    Hillary deep inside does want this nation to move forward. Health care for the nation was her goal, but what has changed? Her husband Bill so smooth is long time member of the Illuminati and has ensnared his wife. She too has canned lines. She too has applied pressure to the Democratic Party to suppress irregularities with the Iowa Caucuses. Mentioned briefly, but now has been crushed. Se too is a puppet for the new world order, the elite. I ask you, Obama to stop the same fraud that stole New Hampshire from you in 2008 when you were ahead in the polls, to making it look like she has a surge in New Hampshire. You stated you want to bring change to America and you have. Now finish it by making sure there is no tampering with the New Hampshire results. We will be watching and you will be held accountable as you were told.

   Bernie you asked how can you appeal to minorities? First donít lie or offer a token response. We as a nation needs to rise together, there are no favors. It is about removing injustices and roadblocks. The Democrats have lied as they help, but little has truly changed since MLK, nothing in fact it is worse. The Democrats put in place token fronts like Acorn, Job Corp, methadone clinics, sub standard schools. Examples of achievement are flashed to this nation as all have this chance, yet America see Furguson and Baltimore. Why is that?

   Bernie you want to bring true change, then reform what is hope. Hope is to give a chance, but with it comes responsibility. Offer the hand, but the person must also lift themselves. Give to those who truly want to learn a separate school. I am tired of hearing how are the weak supposed to learn among the smart. Bullies, curves so that the weak graduate to retain funding and jobs. It is a game. The best in minorities who could raise their families as a true example are held back. Enough of the smoke and mirrors as you see the result. Tell them it is you the parents that spur change. If you donít do it; then donít expect paid employees, to do it. Why, if some of you wonít do it for your own blood.

    It is you the preacher that brings change to your community. Do you have free daycare for the women who choose to work instead of a hand out? Do you have tutors for your challenged? Do you have computers for the children? Exactly what are you proud of and your accomplishments to raise your people? When the preacher fails to change, you elect a representative.

   It is you the politician voted in to invoke a real change instead meeting in a back room and being told how and what you will do for those that elected you.  If those you represent you get caught or setup by greed, you still vote for them. This is the painful Truth. Only then can we all move forward. Remember, present the changes to get elected without dividing. Reveal the Truth when you are in. You have seen the enemy, make a mistake and you are done and Biden and Warren will take your place to face Trump, Kasich or Christi. You ask another question as to your safety. Change is countered with assassination, but when the soul is near or pure they are protected from martyrdom unless this is what you want as a soul to move millions after your death. This is your choice. Choose God the Father Almighty or balance yourself between two chairs. Choose the latter and you will fail. Heed these words.


Update 8pm


   Judging from the the numbers coming in from New Hampshire, they may or may not be true, a solution later. I am ashamed of MSNBC when they projected Bernie to win. It was not the announcement that was of concern but the number to lead America that Hillary was close. Now either you consider Americans to be stupid in math or pushed a deception like Cruz to give momentum to Hillary in South Carolina. Bernie 52% and Clinton 40% exactly where is the missing 8%. The total is Bernie 60% and Hillary 40%. America you have seen the deception and not one of those whiz reporters can add and you trust their advice. How many times do you have to be slapped in the face to know it is time to choose another path.


Update  11:45pm   


   Thank you MSNBC for correcting the mistake (deceit), but all know your network is bought and paid for as you support Hillary. Notice how the Republican totals have run main stream, yet the Democratic results for over an hour is a bottom line ticker. Your decisions have influenced millions as a fair representative of the press. We who are watching are not satisfied? All see the power of the elite as Jeb pushed forward. We have seen the backlash of politics as usual, but few covered Rubio robots. Why is that?

   Your political system is corrupt. As most candidates answer to another source and do not care about this country. They offer hope with their speeches although nothing changes as you shave off small slivers with programs for the poor directed to organizations owned by the rich over decades by Democrats and the Republicans just take through Wall Street. This is a tactic of the new world order and their control of your Fed. All stand behind the military as engineered wars like Iraq flow your money to the rich under patriotism. It has bankrupted our nation. It has destroyed our surplus coming out of the nineties and worse the blind listens to the media. This will shortly change as your arrogance as a nation will be crushed in the now escalating earth changes and the public has no clue. Homes destroyed, stock market crash, hyperinflation, famine and pestilence. Just how will you explain when a cruise ship sinks with thousands during a sudden storm as your warnings are done. This is what you face shortly, but you doubt these words. You will eat them, like your controlled elections.


Update 11:30pm


   As the Republican field shrinks, this is what the Cubans needs to consider. First Cruz you will never carry the North East and West Coast exactly who is backing you and what do they want in return? The evangelicals know that you lied in Iowa to secure votes, now what?  Rubio, who is backing you? All insiders know ďtheyĒ donít trust you to speak or think on the fly, but have required you stick to a script as the nation saw. You are only as deep as your message, a facade. Damage control again crafted will not work as you stated you want to repeat to stick to their message. Now after your loss you were directed to change and say this will never happen again where the applause was planned. Notice how long events to response take, days. Why is that? Ask yourself, are his strings being pulled?

   You will be exposed like Hillary and Jeb. You take orders from the elite as a sad best hope. This is the hope America does not need. This is the pressure you will face when flirting with the dark side. You will undergo a massive learning process to appear normal. The problem is in a crisis, ideas are confused and it is here you will slip. Trump will exploit you as he has done this on reality TV for years and you are just a young pup.

   Christi as a man in control, since when do you listen to advisors. South Carolina would have been tough, but move on to states you can win. You have played two and soon three put in place to eliminate a person like you. This is your mistake for you have faced far greater battles and you should have reserved funds for this, since you say you are prepared. You skirted the GW bridge affair as all know you pull the strings, but the nation knows almost all politicians do the same thing, but you got caught or betrayed. Carly if you cannot run HP, how can you run this nation, hype goes so far and now you are out, so much for the old boy network. Carson, please just quit. Bush commented on the sailors captured by Iran. Before you point fingers look to who programmed the GPS that allowed the navigation into hostile waters on a training mission. This was arranged and you would have wept if captured, oh I forgot, the Bush children do not serve this country in harms way. I have no comment on Trump and Kasich.

   Bernie if you want to win the go after the votes Hillary takes for granted, the Blacks. She offers no change as her husband did little, but put on swag and they were satisfied. Present a real plan for all minorities that will move away from dependence on all fronts to self reliance. Do this without stepping on white America as they just want a good life and would welcome minorities to have the same values as they, essentially becoming one. Diversity that is equal. Change the image from taking from one and giving to another. There are other ways. This is your goal since you accepted this mission.

   You in the media need to take heed. It is the small changes that bring down nations as you think they are unimportant. That which is against offers your job, clouds your judgment. It creates doubt instead of action. This is how civilizations fall.


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